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  1. Hey guys so I am helping out my cousins fix there pc and every time I got to certain sites it gives me this. The virus I ran into was noad steep tv I have scanned the pc with adwcleaner currently scanning with malwarebytes and using eser smart security antivirus. What do you guys think the deal is.
  2. It's on a don't ask don't tell basis.
  3. Hey guys this is a bit about programming. I need a Tony Gaddis book to be exact this one. Starting Out with C++: From Control Structures through Objects, Eighth Edition. Addison-Wesley Does anyone know any website or place I can download it for free because It costs like 200 bucks and me as a student cant do that.
  4. Okay, thanks. I honestly hope you're not trolling me and the post count are making me believe you.
  5. Hey, thanks for the reply. Can you give me a server with just like lets say like 1 GB of storage for like a week.
  6. Hey guys, I got a brand new SSD from a friend and I'm not sure what to initialize it as do I initialize it as MBR or GPT, I am using this SSD for pure storage of video games. According to my memory, I should initialize it as GPT but I'm just here to ask and double check.
  7. I know but most of them don't allow warez so I was thinking maybe ask if anyone knows any sites that permit all kinds of FTP file transfers.
  8. No this is gonna be a network to network test with my friends. So I have to get a FTP Server but I don't wanna spend money on it because it's just gonna be up for like 2 days while we do testing.
  9. I am Russian myself but umm wait are there any free hosts from that location because I'm not going to be using this program to actually do anything illegal this is just for educational purposes I'm new to it all and I just wanna learn how to set this all up and how it all works.
  10. Hey guys does anyone know any FTP file server hosts that are free and allow all sorts of file traffic? I need it for testing purposes but a lot of sites don't allow certain type of file transfer I rather not talk about it but pretty sure you guys get what I mean.
  11. We did it and there is no unused portion that can be used as separate storage. Is that a bad or good thing?
  12. Lol yea you got that right on the dot it shows up as a 223. Well RAID1 seems to work for us were now installing windows I'll update on how it goes. Thanks for all the help man.
  13. Okay we will attempt to do raid 1 thank you for that tip.