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  1. ILFE


    First, my apologies. I did not have notifications enabled. So, I did not receive a notice of your reply to my post. Just another reason I live where I do. Here, government interference is almost nil in our lives. In our particular area, we may be the only farm with proper internet access, outside of cell phones. I can't say for certain, whether they would interfere with other signals, or not. I would think not, though. In my case, one would be hard pressed to even find another signal in this area. I imagine, where you live, you probably cannot find many areas without coverage.
  2. ILFE


    Where I live, in Cambodia, many areas are not covered for internet access. Here, we are 5 Kilometers from the highway, and the nearest ISP access. Something like these dishes would be a bit overkill. We used two of these, for one of our ISPs. Obviously, these are not Ubiquiti products. But I am sure Ubiquiti offers something similar.
  3. Yeah. I downloaded it. If it works like I hope it will, I will buy the paid version. I really appreciate the advice.
  4. Thanks. There was an 8 gig difference in files copied. I just want as many as possible, to be transferred.
  5. ILFE

    Will this cause a leak?

    Not meaning to be a smart a$$ here. Just ask yourself, which is cheaper, more tubing, or hardware cost replacement from water damage? Electricity and water don't mix well, after all. Definitely replace it.
  6. I have a data drive (1 Terabyte) on a desktop, that I wish to copy files from, to another drive. They are to be copied back to the data drive after I reformat both drives, and reinstall Windows on the C: Drive. Well, that was the plan. Near the end of the copy, which took some time - several hours, I had popups stating the file names were too long to be copied to the temporary drive. Not sure what that was all about. Both drives are the same size. Both are platter drives. One is an internal drive, while the other a USB drive. Anyway, can anyone suggest a better way to copy files from an internal storage drive, to a USB drive, temporarily? Please Note: My internet connection speed would take forever and a day, to back up to a cloud. Thank you,
  7. I have been watching videos and reading about them. But, I am still not sure I understand what they actually do. Forgive me for being slooooow. I mean, is an M.2 SSD supposed to take the place of your C:\ Drive? Or, does it serve another purpose?
  8. I hadn't really noticed the difference in boot times before tonight - err, last night (2:24am here now). SSD's spoil you.
  9. Event Viewer showed no hardware errors. I used HWiNFO64. Unless I am reading this wrong, the drive is okay? (Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.)
  10. Hi All, I have two desktops, one of which I was considering upgrading some of the hardware on - until some of you kind folk talked me out of it. I truly appreciate that quite a bit. My second desktop, which has been at our farm for the past 4 months, shut down and not connected to the internet since then, needed some serious software updates. So, we brought it to the house today for me to do just that, then take it back to the farm tomorrow. Anyway, this desktop has two platter drives internally, one for data storage and the other, primarily for the O/S - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Not sure if it matters, but, I also run 16 gigs of RAM. The C: Drive is a 160 Gigabyte Seagate Barracuda Drive. The processor is shown below: My issue is, while it only takes 18 seconds for my other computer (which has a SSD primary drive) to boot and ready to use, this computer (the computer I'm updating) can take 2 minutes or more, to boot. (Prior to beginning the updates tonight, it took over 5 minutes to boot - not sure why?) Is the boot delay primarily due to the drive being a platter drive? Would a reformat / reinstall help speed it up, possibly? Or, is this just something a platter drive just cannot compete with in speed, a SSD? Thanks in advance,
  11. Does anyone here remember D-Link's DI-LB604, 4 port load balancing router? An emulator can be loaded by clicking HERE. I had one of these years ago. It was VERY simple to set up and worked very well. I don't see where D-Link sells one now. Anyone know if D-Link makes one any longer? Anyway, during the time I had two ISPs coming into my home, I purchased a TP-Link TL-R470T+ load balancing router. It has quite a number of features, but is also much more complicated to set up prior to being able to use it. By comparison, the old D-Link was almost plug-and-play.
  12. ILFE

    Dual monitor setup

    Sorry. Off topic, I know. Oddly enough, Americans can go to Georgia, visa free, for up to a year. I may just have to give it a go. Not quite as far from where I live.
  13. His first tech tip video, 10 years ago.
  14. ILFE

    Chrome = Resource Hog

    It does seem rather fond of it, for sure. Thanks.