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  1. When I plug my SSD into my adapter and the adapter into my botherboard, both the BIOS/UEFI and Windows 10 64 bit fail to detect it. The adapter manufacturer says that I may need SSD drivers but Western Digital doesn't seem to have any on their site. What do I do? NVMe PCIe adapter: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07KZN78W2 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370P D3 New SSD: WD Blue 1TB NVMe SSD WDS100T2B0B CPU: 8700k
  2. I never once suggested or thought that geeks3d is not legitimate. For someone that complains about the reading comprehension of others you seem pretty terrible at it. > There's absolutely nothing wrong with what MSI is doing. That is a matter of opinion. > Several companies have done it before, No major PC HW vendors that I am aware of have done this. Someone said that ASUS has done it, but that was debunked earlier. Do you have any examples or are you just making stuff up? > Its already been established that you're just upset that the link wasn't right there in your face. That is only part of why I am annoyed (upset is an overly strong word for what I am feeling). The bigger part is that there is a second download link that is not for the software in question, it is more prominently featured than the software people are visiting that page for and could be easily mistaken as the intended download link (it is under a heading that looks just like the feature headings for MSI Afterburner. As others have stated, this is the kind of stuff that is pulled on software piracy sites, not on the sites of major corporations. It really sounds to me like you are just stretching to find things wrong with what I am saying.
  3. Sorry, I am just so amused about you criticizing my reading comprehension and you seemingly failing at just that as well.
  4. Asus having a version of "Kombustor" has nothing to do with this at all, that is not an issue I have brought up. Sorry about the shady quote thing, my bad.
  5. Okay, that is actually pretty cool. Might have been nice if they had explained that on the site for MSI Afterburner. But, if it is an MSI product why does the download link lead to geeks3d.com?
  6. Well kind of, yes, other companies, like Asus, can do a decent job of making their download link easy to find and impossible to mistake for another program.
  7. The website for Asus GPU Tweak has the download link for GPU Tweak at the top of the page and has no other download links, has this been different in the past? If so, when? I would like to see using an archive!
  8. At no point did I say that Kombustor was shady. I said that the practice of tricking people into downloading something they don't intend to is shady. Then why is the link to geeks32.com a domain registered to a different company? How is it not? It is clearly deceptive, why is the first download link on the page for MSI afterburner for something other than MSI afterburner? It appears to be simply reskinned furmark, thus not made by MSI, as for being used with MSI afterburner, I can use any software with MSI Afterburner that doesn't make what they are doing okay.
  9. I am both disappointed and slightly surprised to find that when I visit https://www.msi.com/page/afterburner there are multiple neigh identically formatted download links, the first one on the page is for an seemingly unrelated benchmarking software provided by what appears to be a third party, the correct download link is much further down the page. It is clear that the link is clearly intended to be disguised as the download link for MSI afterburner. I didn't fall for this deceptive link but if I had, I would not be surprised if MSI got paid for directing traffic to that third party. This marketing practice is contemptible and frustrating for less initiated users. It is unexpected on the website of such a reputable corporation, with good reason, using this tactic makes you look shady and untrustworthy, not a look that I imagine MSI wants to cultivate amongst its target demographic. However, by doing this, that is the exact look they are cultivating. MSI you just got ranked down on my list of recommended companies. Congratulations! I wonder how many other people you have annoyed, probably not enough to verifiably affect your sales, which is unfortunate, because you deserve a small dip in sales. Below you will find screenshots of the page and a description of why I believe that MSI is being deliberately deceptive. In this image you see the very top of the page: In this next image you see part of the setup for the deceptive link. These are clearly features of the MSI Afterburner program: Next is the deceptive download link, it is encountered after pressing spacebar or page down 6 times on a 1080P display (7 times on 720p). If a user is only reading the headings they could be forgiven for assuming that "KOMBUSTER BENCHMARKING" is a feature of MSI Afterburner and that the download link is for MSI Afterburner. The correct download link is only visible after scrolling 2 more times (3 on 720P). If MSI wants to avoid looking shady and untrustworthy, this is where the previous download link should be placed.
  10. Super Time is advertising on Facebook using lmg footage. $70 for a 35 inch curved ultra wide display!
  11. Yep, me too, I won't even be able to afford a used one of these in 3 years.