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  1. I hope they can get the feel right, they certainly got the looks right!
  2. Nardella

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    Yep, me too, I won't even be able to afford a used one of these in 3 years.
  3. Nardella

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/lg-gram-17-gram-2-in-1 I want this thing so much, I love watching movies on my laptop and a bigger screen would be welcome! Also notable is the 2560x1600 display, 72wh battery, and Thunderbolt 3
  4. EDIT: As pointed out by a commenter below, the test is invalid. One of my favorite small youtubers did a video testing the importance of thermal paste. Turns out that, at least in this scenario, it is not very important! I want to see more tests!
  5. https://hackaday.com/2018/11/30/extreme-pi-overclocking-with-mineral-oil/ "Liquid cooling is a popular way to get a bit of extra performance out of your computer. Usually this is done in desktops, where a special heat sink with copper tubing is glued to the CPU, and the copper tubes are plumbed to a radiator." Glue and copper tubing are both optional and usually not involved at all. Also, the tubing is seldom if ever in contact with the CPU. Boy is this painful to read.
  6. Nardella

    Why doesn't LMG work in 720p

    I've heard this said before, but never by someone from LMG, got any confirmation of this?
  7. So I just got finished watching the unboxing for the 10Gb switch and router. One of the reasons cited for getting it was that LMG writers often need to view raw 4K footage on their computers. And I thought, wow, working in 4K is really expensive, workstations, servers, networking gear that costs thousands and thousands of dollars, wouldn't a software solution be cheaper, perform better, allow remote editing and allow editing on laptops? I'm guessing that the software solution just doesn't exist or is poor quality. Maybe there is some benefit to editing in 4K for the editors (I doubt an editor would create a different video if working in 720p instead of 4K. But I wonder, could it theoretically be made to work well, maybe for a company with a lower budget? Here is what I have in mind: When the raw footage is put on the server, 720p files are created automatically, those are the files that are used to work with, when it comes time to export, encode and such, the software automatically switches from the 720p files to the 4K files so that the resulting product is 4K.
  8. I have been wanting to build a PC that has a completely hidden 24 pin power cable. Below is a video where I demonstrate a working (posting) PC with no cable in the power connector of the motherboard. Instead the wires from the PSU are soldered to the back of the motherboard. I don't really have the budget to complete such a build at this time (I can't afford the risk to the components). If anyone wants to take my idea and run with it, please do. Credit for the idea would be nice. I wonder if a video card could be hidden using a similar technique. WOuld have to be done by someone more skilled than me. My original intention was to remove the power connector from the motherboard and reattach it to the rear. But my skills are not great and I just wanted to prove the idea could work. I actually think it looks better this way anyway. Linus, if you need an idea for a new show (like scrapyard wars) you could have fans come in and help them build their crazy ideas.
  9. https://www.nasa.gov/social/experience-the-launch-of-the-spacex-crs-15-cargo-mission NASA is giving full media access to up to 40 social media users, LTT should apply!
  10. Those fans are each over 500 times as large by volume, 100 times by area and 10 times by side length.
  11. I guess a rule should be added, use only COTS air coolers not intended to be used for passive cooling.
  12. So I just saw this video about a tiny 10mm fan (the host mentioned 8mm fans too). If I had money to burn (or was an LMG employee) I would want to try to build a mid to high end gaming PC air cooled entirely with these fans. I have some ideas on how to make that work and would love to see someone give it a go. An alternative would be to try with larger but still very small fans, perhaps 25mm or even 40mm?
  13. If anyone has any experience modding old systems like this and has advice to share, please do!
  14. I am looking for one of these, the full atx 2 5.25 inch bay version. This was my first computer and I want to use one of the cases from one of these to build my new computer (my current one is a 10 year old Q9450 based system). I haven't been able to locate any of these. If you can find one please let me know! I will hopefully fully document the build here. Edit: I occasionally see them on ebay, but for a total price of over $200, that is more than my budget allows.
  15. Yes, that's exactly the concept.