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  1. 1) find out what your download/upload speeds are 2) see if your isp has a recommended list of modems 3) think of what your budget will be 4) do you want a modem and a router or a modem/router combo 5) check reviews on the modems and specs that are aboove what your speeds are(leave space for future speed upgrades) and choose your top 3 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=modems 6) look for the best price/performance 7) search for prices on amazon, amazon warehouse, blinq, ebay, etc, even, lots of cheap used modems because people are upgrading them and have no use for the slower ones 8) if still unsure post another topic and put your top 3 and ask everyones opinion on it.
  2. welcome , i need to start using those myself, i tried but keep turning them off, lol
  3. chrome has a lot of extensions like that just put site blocker in the search box and it should bring up a lot, like stay focused, site block etc.
  4. tell him to turn off the auto save feature, do they still have that option? by the time he writes that much data to the drive for it to go bad he will probably have got a new pc . if he was torrenting(taboo subject but using as an example for eucational puproses) or something like that then maybe he could work it to death but word? does he write novels like war and peace? doubt it. as long as it isnt some chinese off brand then he should be fine
  5. according to the crucial website the specs on the ram you bought should work, but laptops are picky, i had the same problem with my laptop, i had to return sticks twice before ordering direct from crucial. http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for/HP-Compaq/hp-g62-a12ev but i would try running memtest on your sticks ,at least it can get to the bios, mine wouldnt even boot up
  6. add: after doing a little more research on google the intel driver has been known to bsod on win 10, and intel knows about it and doesn't seem to care(typical) just thought i'd let you know
  7. have you tried connecting the hdmi after booting up? is there any conflicts in device manager? have you updated win 10 via windows update? the bad part is that most of these netbooks were not designed to work with win 10 and most of these companies won't support any OS above what was shipped with the pc. that being said the cpu is an atom n2600 with a onboard gma35003600 you could try installing this from the intel website and hopefully it will update the drivers for you, the site itself does not even have drivers for this cpu/gpu above win 7 but it cant hurt to try https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24345/Intel-Driver-Update-Utility i have the 900 series and i didn't update for this very reason. but i hope you can get it to work. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/graphics-drivers/000005526.html?wapkw=cs-034343 note that i have got windows 8 to work on my 900 using drivers from the driver pack solution website but that is at your own risk.
  8. are you connecting to the external via vga or hdmi?
  9. here are some confirmed overclocks and voltages, might be easier to try and copy, i did the same for my cpu but ended up going with an easy 4.0 by changing the mutiplier http://www.overclock.net/t/1411077/haswell-overclocking-guide-with-statistics
  10. i would still recommend the evga over those, they should be similar in price range but like i said im not sure what is available in your area, if those were the only three you could choose from then i would go for the cooler master based on what i read on these sites and some others http://us.hardware.info/reviews/6343/750-850-watt-power-supply-units-39-models-tested http://us.hardware.info/product/234992/fractal-design-integra-m-750w/specifications
  11. have you tried running a long ethernet cable to a second router? before i gut my new router i used this as a quick fix, the second router just act as an access point, there shouldnt even be a need to modify any settings other than making sure you setup a password for the second router
  12. i would definitely stay away from the corsair cx series, i would go for an evga g2, or seasonic x-series, it all depends on your price range and availability in your area. the cooler master is modular but has few connections pending on what you have in your pc its could still be messy same as the integra
  13. late post but idk what bs that guy was trying to feed you, but i have bought a few off lease pc's from dell, upgraded them and resold for a profit, even some slim line ones, maybe he threw in an off brand psu and fried his own pc and is now jaded, some pre-built pc's have better motherboards than some custom built. just stick with a good reliable psu like you would with a custom build and make sure there is adequate cooling in your system(if not thats why there are drills, dremels and extra fans) and you should be good
  14. i know how you feel i have a gtx 960 that is not vr ready supposedly, i want to upgrade but waiting on price drops or someone making a vid showing that it is possible to get a good vr experience with a setup less than required specs.
  15. the new prices for this keyboard had dropped to around $75, but still that price with a warranty is still a good price, especially from amazon with their return policy, i have a k70 refurbished direct from corsair and i couldnt tell the difference from a new one. if i didnt have this one i might have jumped on this one
  16. wait a while, prices are already dropping on some of the lower end cards, even the gtx 960 dropped to $130 a week ago on sale. if you can wait even longer im sure black friday will have some great deals with the launch of the newer cards
  17. are you running any adblockers, sometimes those mess up youtube
  18. ah ok, hopefully i dont run into any problems , this is a newly built system so i haven't installed any games yet my other system i was running about 25-30 mods and never had any problems so i guess i will find out once i install it
  19. are you running any mods? has this been happening since the latest update? steam or physical copy? just asking since im going to reinstall to play the new dlc sometime this week and i have noticed this has been happening to a few users lately
  20. lol, in this forum gotta ask for certainty, unfortunately i have the wireless controller adapter for the 360 and i have also used a xbone controller via a 10' long micro usb that also worked. i think i have that other cable i will see if my son has it and try , let u know if i find something.
  21. did you buy the wireless adapter or the wire that connects the controller directly via usb?
  22. http://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GeForce-04G-P4-1962-KR-GAMING-Inch/dp/B012NOWEY0/ref=sr_1_62?m=A2L77EE7U53NWQ&s=warehouse-deals&ie=UTF8&qid=1459999210&sr=1-62&refinements=p_36%3A9000-99999999 this is the amazon card i was referring to.
  23. this site might help in checking for the length of your card http://graphics-cards.specout.com/ also i would recommend looking at amazon warehouse deals i got my 4gb gtx 960 fior $166 and got a $18 rebate on top of that , there is a 4gb one right now for $160 which is also a compact card or newegg has a r9 380 for $150AR but you will need to check the specs on the above site to see if it fits in your system
  24. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2020688,00.asp i agree that the msi battery life is not that great, i have a gt72 that i let my son use for college and he gave it back and we ended up buying a dell 7559 which has a pretty decent battery life, not what they say in the review here but still better than the msi . http://slickdeals.net/f/8628378-dell-inspiron-15-7000-core-i5-6300hq-15-6-1080p-gtx-960m-4gb-8gb-ddr3-1tb-hybrid-drive-win-10-home-686-at-dell-with-f-s?src=catpagev2 this is a decent deal for this laptop, we ended up taking out the hybrid and putting in an 250gb ssd that was in my desktop and it helped with the battery life a little,