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  1. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/upstar-m280a1-28in-monitor/prod18580633.ip more info on this product, not sure if i would buy but its a decent price
  2. as an purchaser of almost every game system since the atari 2600 including the old pong system back in the 80's even a 3DO and the philips CD-i(what was i thinking?), i hope that the game developers start releasing games for the PC the same time as consoles, but as we all know certain games drive hardware sales, so i guess i will still have that internal struggle to decide to get a ps4(i have 2 xb1's) just to play uncharted. btw i also own a full set of hyperspin which gets me my fix on old console games, without having to hook the old systems up