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  1. enva_2712

    How hard is it to run a forum?

    If you have code experience I would suggest using XAMPP and just creating the backend yourself. If you are willing to learn then I would be happy to help, but if you don't want to learn then I can't really suggest anything. I don't have experience using a cms. Edit: I forgot to mention, If you meant 20 users overall then the connection will be struggling but functional. If you meant 20 at a time then you will need something faster.
  2. What are you making, a reddit sprite or something?
  3. enva_2712

    Have a HDD with Windows + Files

    you could just slave the drive into the new system.
  4. enva_2712

    I need php halp

    I can do that but I would need to know at least a day ahead of time. Also thanks!
  5. enva_2712

    I need php halp

    I want to learn PHP and I would like to learn from a person. The reason I would like to learn from a person is that learning on my own like I have in the past creates an understanding of the language alone, not the enviroment, configuration, or what is generally considered a bad way of laying things out. If you would be willing to help by contributing 3:00pm-4:00pm (US central time) on 3 Saturdays contact me here: https://hello.firefox.com/fCcXngbX7Vk#4iebeYAZN91dKptecDb0Sw thx
  6. Notepad itself is just a text edit program, while Notepad++ is made for the sole purpose of editing code, in my opinion it is very flexible. I think that if you try it you will like it, but it's just a suggestion. cx