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  1. Pixel5

    DIY Triple Screen Desktop Setup

    powering this via USB will not work at, the power you can draw from USB is far too low for any kind of bigger display. also the building experience here is pretty simple and not really a big learning experience as its just connect cables where they fit and you are done.
  2. Pixel5

    Offgrid battery backup.

    the inverter is not going to charge anything, you gonna need a battery management system and a good charger. Also you should first look for an inverter that fits your needs and then build a battery that fit into the right voltage range.
  3. we have the wonderful story of a GSM tower being built in a town somewhere and right after it was done people started complaining about headache and not being able to sleep. shortly after there was an analysis done and engineers really started to wonder how bad things were going to get once they actually power it as it has not even been hooked up yet
  4. my experience with the surveillance station is mostly based on a two camera home setup but this is working really well and motion detection is working great. viewing on any device should really be no problem and since there are also android app this could even be a simple android tablet. the main things here would be how many of these video streams are they going to record at the same time and which synology do they have, obviously the camera licenses are going to cost some money but the UI and possibilities the system offers are really great. if they want they can just test the surveillance station with two cameras and see how they like it before buying more licenses.
  5. Pixel5

    Different Gpu Multitasking (?)

    yes this is possible and usually done by software, you often see this used in laptops that use the iGPU for 2D stuff and switch to the good GPU for 3D stuff.
  6. Pixel5

    Cheap Server for home use.

    the big question is what is this server supposed to do and is power consumption as well as the noise from the server an issue for you?
  7. Pixel5

    What 3D printer?

    i had the wanhao i3 plus for almost two years and replaced it with the Prusa MK3 in december. Its a night and day difference in reliability and print quality, also after just a few prints you dont ever want to go without auto bed leveling again and after the filament sensor saved your first overnight print you also question how you have gone without it. im so satisfied with my MK3 i ordered the MMU2 last week and really looking forward to printing with it.
  8. Pixel5

    Ways to Get to LTX 2019

    the thing is even if you have the money you are not going to spend it on this, i thought about combining going to LTX with a vacation in Canada but even then each day of being in Canada has a certain cost which would still make visiting LTX cost a few hundert bucks
  9. depends on what you have and play, most likely the answer is no.
  10. Pixel5

    Self Driving Car LIDAR Damages $2000 Camera at CES

    only if the laser light happens to be polarized with a 90° offset to your polarizer. im not really surprised this damages the sensor, you take a laser which is already strong and use the optics of the camera to focus it even more onto a tiny spot. obviously this is going to burn it.
  11. Pixel5

    When will we see 4k 144hz 34 or 35" Gaming Monitor

    the best way it to just get two monitors, one for gaming with 144hz and one for stuff that requires 4k. if the hardware in your signature is up to date you will not get anything close to 144fps in more demanding games in 4k anyways so there is really no use for it right now.
  12. Pixel5

    Laptop slower than expected

    then its a ram issue 8 GB is the minimum you should have.
  13. Pixel5

    Laptop slower than expected

    the ram certainly makes a huge difference as well as the HDD and CPU. the i3 is an extremely slow processor and it wouldnt surprise me if the pentium is actually faster.
  14. Pixel5

    USB Adapters in Cars

    you still need power even if its just a flash drive so yes when there is a usb port in the car it will also supply 5V
  15. Pixel5

    wireless printing, wifi vs. USB to router

    wont make any difference, after all its a printer which doesnt need anything high speed anyways.