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  1. since you are using a laptop what you want does not exist, if it would have been a regular PC and the motherboard had Aura headers you could build something based on their SDK to do what you want but without a header to control the LED´s this is not going to happen.
  2. there is a big difference for what kind of hardware you would need in either case, my first idea is to build your own by using an MSGEQ7 chip which can read audio volume in 7 different frequency bands and connect it to an arduino to read these levels, average them how you like and then also use the arduino to control the LED´s in which case i would use WS2812b LEDs in order to have them addressable individually.
  3. how exactly do you want the amplitude to be picked up? should it be a microphone or will you wire this into the audio line in order to pick up the signal?
  4. Pixel5

    Led light strip help

    that depends on your motherboard and if it supports this kind of LED and voltage.
  5. so far i have met exactly one person trying to play on a mac book pro and he was constantly fighting with low frame rates cause apple put design over functionality and it was simply not able to cool the components enough to prevent throttling.
  6. Pixel5

    £500 PC.

    are we talking about 120+ FPS in 720p here and in which games exactly? for that price you are lucky to get stable 60 FPS in any resolution over 720p
  7. yes the flow rate does have a big impact but the order of components does not change your flow rate which again means the order does not matter.
  8. the order of components will make no difference to the cooling performance so do it how ever it fits in the case and fits your needs.
  9. Pixel5

    My NAS is screwing up my workflow

    if you want a quick fix you should provide MUCH more information. all we know right now is that there is a problem connecting to your server which could literally be for any reason.
  10. Pixel5

    3-Pole-Jack Headphone in a 4-Pole Laptop

    the difference between a 4 pole and 3 pole is that the 4 pole has a another contact for a microphone. if you plug in a 3 pole into a 4 pole you will short the microphone contact to ground which should usually work fine but you never know how the laptop has it wired internally.
  11. Pixel5

    Security camera for a data center.

    why does the extended playback time require a new camera? does the old system not allow to save for longer than 60 days?
  12. Pixel5

    Are SSD's Necessary For Just Gaming?

    no it does only affect loading and boot times so for most games an SSD is completely useless. personally i have 3 SSD´s installed right now, one as a boot drive and for programs and two that i use for other programs as well as for games with very long loading times.
  13. thats something you can not really change, you may be able to wash off the top layer but after all it is something that will come back and is something that simply happens with cheap soft rubber.
  14. if you know how to work with SI units you already know metric and should be able to use it easily.
  15. too bad this wont change anything for country's that officially use metric but never actually implemented it beside in the science field. you know, like the USA