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  1. what kind of files are you testing with and how big is the file? if you test by moving many small files this could be the reason for the slow transfer speed.
  2. speeds this low are absolutely not cause by the drives, even one single drive should easily be able to push higher speeds. it could be a configuration thing or a bad cable, have you checked what the Synology says regarding the network, does it show that it detected the full 10gbit in there?
  3. for a realy high end workstation that budget is way too low. When i saw the list of things you wanna do i immediately thought of the Ryzen 3950X which would be the best CPU possible for you here but the CPU alone costs like 800 bucks. Overall most of the programs you listed are very CPU intensive and the main thing you mentioned that would be very GPU intensive would be gaming in 4k. i would say you have to decide, you cant have a high end GPU which you would need for 4K gaming and a high end CPU which you would need for the workstation part on this budget. if the Workstation use it more important id go for a better CPU and drop in a regular mid range GPU
  4. first of all phone tend to have many functions and there for sensors that laptops dont havef or example GPS, a Compass, Ambient light sensors and a bunch of cameras Not to mention all phones come with a GSM module and today usually with support for everything from 2G to 4G or even 5G Especially the GSM and 4G chips are usually integrated into the SOC which is why it is a custom made part just for phones, this is also the case because phones have much smaller batteries and all the electronics need to be more power efficient. all of this adds up to higher production cost but overall you also have to factor in that the profit margin, especially on high end phones, is MUCH higher than it is on laptops of the same price range.
  5. any directional sound is gonna be purely a software thing to modulate the audio so it sounds like its coming from somewhere. for that the headphones dont really matter much, if you audio quality is good you will also have good directional sound. also a big plus for beyerdynamics is they offer replacement parts, i swap the padding on my headphones every two years or when it gets too dirty in between. they even offer replacement cables you can install by yourself.
  6. ive got the DT770 pro vrom beyerdynamics, they are very good and its the 250ohm model. the ohms really make no difference for you at all, the differences are so insanely small that all a higher ohm number means for you is that you need a stronger amp to drive it.
  7. nobody is sitting there waiting for someone to buy the GPU to scream over to Dave from the shipping department "Hey Dave, redbread123 just bought one of the Promo GPU´s go and send out his key" they have a promo and if you want your key you have to register on the promo homepage with the details they ask for and wait for them to send you the key.
  8. yea sadly they dont want we can thank intel for that as they used illegal means to keep AMD down the last time they could not compete with their CPU performance. Sadly at the time AMD didnt know the full extend of this which is why they still bought ATI which turned out to eat up too much of their money later on.
  9. which would be horrible for the consumer just take a look at the CPU market. If AMD wouldnt be kicking Intels ass right now you would still be rocking your yearly quad core with minimal IPC improvement release cycle from Intel because why do more if people have no choice.
  10. that depends entirely on the games you play. if you ask me and play the stuff i play at high details the answer would be zero years as it would already not be able to keep up. Overall its a good piece of tech and will probably play most games on low details for a few years to come.
  11. my idea would be that all of the computers you tired probably dont have enough PCI-e lanes available. so whenever you enter a game and the GPU starts using all 16 PCIe lanes theres nothing left for the wifi card to run off. just an idea and would depend heavily on the CPU in the system as well as what other components are installed.
  12. if DCS is the main thing you play and you want to play online with more than 5 players constantly you will absolutely need 32GB of ram as the game is extremely poorly optimized. in every other case 16GB are more than enough and you should go for the better CPU, its about 8% faster depending on your workload
  13. thats as good as it gets as there is no comparable product directly from google.
  14. one of these behind one of the switches. https://shelly.cloud/shelly1-open-source/
  15. i dont really see this ac concerning at all, it has been in the beta release and companies can decide how they wanna release chrome into their environment on their own. Any good and reasonably staffed IT department will have an extra branch of their VM solutions that is running on betas or they delay the release of new updates to test internally. this is not something google needs to test, this is something a company needs to test before they release such an update. Where i work we get our chrome updates 1 month after they are officially out and only a small number of users get them right away for testing purposes.