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  1. if you want to stream you need to go for i9, Ryzen 7 or Threadripper you need more threads for encoding and gaming at the same time.
  2. how to improve my pc performance(if I could)

    with these parts there is not much you can do, overclocking may be possible but with very little performance to gain.
  3. Help Me Make a Gaming Server Rig

    you will need the fastest you can get, as i said anything below 100mbit/s with static IP is a waste of time.
  4. Bendable screen phones opinions

    i see the only use of it in smartphones if they make one thats similar to the old flip phones but with one continuous screen and in regular smartphone size.
  5. Dual Monitors, multiple layouts

    just place them in one orientation and get used to it, it will be very annoying if you constantly move them around and look to the wrong place all the time.
  6. Is it okay to vaccum near a PC?

    yes it is, the worst that could happen is that the vacuum pulls on some cables.
  7. the 9590 is about 20% faster than the i3 at least in multi threaded stuff.
  8. Ryzen streaming build

    looks good overall my only question would be what kind of resolution and bitrate you want to stream at because that CPU could be your bottleneck there if you stream in very high quality.
  9. Help Me Make a Gaming Server Rig

    no idea who told you about 20kb/s but you will need much more for most servers. i have 40mbit/s upload right now and that is barely enough for some basic server applications, as soon as i run anything that requires downloading files from my servers the others dont get the performance they need anymore.
  10. Help Me Make a Gaming Server Rig

    the big limitation will always be your internet connection check what is the fastest you can get in terms of upload, if its below 100mbit/s with a static ip you can already stop there and forget it.
  11. New GPU on old MB with Q6600

    it should work fine but that CPU is gonna be your bottleneck for sure.
  12. monitor with an output port?

    since you dont mention what exactly would be the purpose of this im just gonna mention that with display port you can daisy chain multiple monitors behind each other.
  13. need speaker for truck!!!!

    you should simply replace the speakers of the truck which will result in a much better audio quality and lets you reuse your current radio. Also building a 4000 bucks PC is a huge waste of money unless its a dedicated workstation that will pay for itself which i highly doubt judging from that you wanna but a new RTX card in it without even having any benchmarks.
  14. Very Slow Network Transfers

    ah that makes more sense so both are directly connected to the gigabit switch and you transfer directly from one PC to the other correct? do you use SMB to transfer this files?
  15. Very Slow Network Transfers

    that should not be happening, if you go through the 100mbit router one side should not be detecting gigabit speeds.