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  1. Compressed air: Is it dangerous?

    id say if you feel like something is wrong with your ear you should let it get checked out, what he did is incredibly stupid. loud noises or more precisely the sound waves of these noises can cause permanent hearing loss, if they are loud enough even after one single time. blowing air into your ear is essentially not much different from a sound wave and is extremely dangerous. Beside hearing loss this can also affect your balance.
  2. the most simple way to save money is not wasting it on useless stuff. many people are under the impression that they need to spend the money they have and saving money would be something special, thats what the capitalistic world around us is build upon that people want to consume more and more no matter what. i dont put any effort into saving money beside putting some of it into investments with higher returns, the only thing i put effort into is thinking twice if i need something and it has a benefit for me or if i just want something to have it. if i only want something i simply dont buy it.
  3. you will probably not notice any difference unless you play old games at 300FPS+ where the CPU becomes more important again.
  4. Addressable RGB

    the real addressable ones will always be 5V, Data and ground, its very important not to confuse this with regular RGB headers which will almost certainly run on 12V and fry your addressable strips instantly.
  5. Help: Streaming Multiple Cameras Live Setup

    the main question for me would be how you wanna stream this, will you use some existing streaming service or do you want to stream directly from the studio to everyone who is watching? Youtube has features to offer multiple camera views for a livestream so you would only need to stream all videos to them and dont need to bother with anything else.
  6. then your CPU fan is broken, if the case fans work on the same header is must be your CPU fan.
  7. so when you plug a case fan into the CPU fan header there is still nothing working?
  8. CPU still heating up!

    also look at that thermal paste, one side is completely squished down while the other side is crumbly thick, it looks like the cooler is not mounted correctly, one side is too tight and one way to loose.
  9. i would say the easier way would be to modify a USB cable to be able to charge and connect a device at the same time. i guess the tablet charges via 5V? you could build a USB cable to connect the 5V input to and also have a port to connect to a USB hub or something to connect devices.
  10. Gaming performance

    the PSU is fine, your system simply is not fast enough for much more FPS or higher settings, even a small CPU upgrade could make a big difference here but if you really want to have a huge boost you would want to upgrade both CPU and GPU but i would give the GPU priority.
  11. CPU still heating up!

    first we would need pictures of how much thermal paste you apply, it sounds like tis too little. Regarding the Fan i have no idea, you could text it outside of the PC if you have a 12V powersupply and see if the fan is working or not.
  12. Can the impossible be done

    well first of all if its impossible i would say its kind of not possible. in this case i would say it could be done if you have all the tool and you can get the exact matching parts for this motherboard but its very unlikely that they sell them separately.
  13. yes what you said could very well be a reasonable thing to do but generally they want to have the permission to block websites so they can charge you extra for them. imagine you dont buy your internet access like you do today, instead you buy access to certain websites and if you want to access another site you need to buy another package and pay more. the ultimate goal is to pull as much money out of your pocket as possible.
  14. it might be that hes old and doesnt understand it but thats not why he is saying what he is right now, its because he gets money from ISP to say what they want him to say.