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  1. when i load my h1z1 kotk i can load my game and select my character then when i click enter game, it loads for 3 seconds then its freezes and doesn't respond also i get a g15 error sometimes plz help
  2. My cpu Gets to 90c when rendering and gaming , this is because i have a fan that game with my cpu. do you reccomend the https://www.amazon.co.uk/quiet-BK018-Quiet-Dark-Cooler/dp/B00HPX7IKU
  3. is the any good free pc Optimization free
  4. Intel core i7 860 goint to get cooler maste Haf X £100 below if can get a good one
  5. What water cooler do you recommend which is worth the money ?
  6. My CPU Reaches 90c when i am rendering a video with sony vegas any tips on how to make it lower
  7. thank you, sorry im not good with pc how do i do a clean install with a usb
  8. when i go to remove everything and renistall windows it says that there was a problem while reseting your pc no changes where made how do i get around this so i can reset my pc ?