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  1. On grounds of right to repair. It wont void warranty on other parts of the monitor, like if electronics broke, electronics would still be covered by warranty. And unless they can proof the damage was caused by new glue installation they cannot void warranty in my country.
  2. Seems like my monitor's surface werent attached properly to lcd panel, on top there is sizeable cap and backlight visible trough it. Anyone else had this kind of issues with curved monitors? Wondering if i should disassemble monitor and "glue" the "glass" back into monitor or should i just send it to warrantly, its gonna take like 3months knowing how the retailer who i bought it from handles warranties.
  3. I guess this explains it. It automatically selected YCbCr420 color format when i plugged it in.
  4. Just plugged in temporary my 4K monitor to GTX760 graphics card via DVI with DVI-to-HDMI cable. I was quite surpriced to see that my monitor worked 4k@60Hz trough DVI-to-HDMI cable. Need dig deeper why its so, as far as i know this should not be possible with any Single Link DVI to HDMI cable. Any ideas why it would run 4k trough DVI?
  5. I have tried stock non-xmp settings that board boots after resetting cmos (2133Mhz) and it does happen with those settings too. Memory it self passes 8+hours test of HCI MemTest (13Gb used) and 8+hours of Karhu RAMTest with 3466@CL14 1.45v, memory also passed same test with 3600@CL15 1.45v. It does not work 3200@CL14 either on this or another memory kit.
  6. I have following problem with my new ITX pc build. Random shutdowns, all screens go blank and go to standby mode, all fans go to max rpm. Happening randomly, sometimes right after booting Windows, sometimes maybe 6-12 hours later. Temperatures are in check CPU temperature max. 70'c on Prime95 load overclocked to 4.1Ghz@1.40v (the issue is there with stock too), mainboard sensors say everything is between 30-45'c, i have got fan blowing air to VRM so it should be also in check. What i have tested : Different PSU's and its happening with bowth (EVGA G2 1000W and Silverstone SFX 650 Gold) Different RAM (16Gb Corsair DDR4 3600 CL18 B-die kit and 8Gb G.Skill DDR4 3200 CL14 B-die kit) Only things i cannot test right now is different CPU and GPU but as GPU works perfectly with friends pc from who i purchased it so i dont think its GPU. Anyone have any ideas? Bios is up to date so i can only think that i got faulty mainboard. Specs : AMD Ryzen 2600 (Stock, 3.8Ghz or 4Ghz or 4.1Ghz does not matter the issue is there regardless). Asus Strix B450-I 16Gb Corsair DDR4 3600 CL18 kit (3466@CL14, Stock or 3600@CL18 does not matter the issue is there regardless) Gigabyte RTX 2060 OC 6Gb Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Win10 1903 64Bit
  7. Exactly what im looking for.. now to find it in local stores
  8. That could be the fan, even tough im not fond of its desing. Ill take look and see if i can find 120mm version of that.
  9. I need the fans as side intake to Lian-Li PC-O11 Air, pulling air from 360mm radiator. I already have 6 Halos frames coming with white 120mm fans and i also have 3xCorsair SP120's pushing air to the radiator so its going to be push+pull configuration. Those deepcool ones arent quite what im looking for. I could probably sell the coolers easelly off tough after removing that one fan if i would go buy the coolers.
  10. Well i checked one review and it clearly has one fan that is pushing to reverse direction. Also in this image one fan is clearly reverse design.
  11. I think i found one cooler that has it but cannot find any of those fans anywhere, i dont want to buy 3 coolers to get 3 fans. Its CoolerMaster MasterAir MA410M
  12. Are there any reverse design fans? What i mean by this reverse fan blades, pushing air to opposite direction compared to normal fans. I want such fans purely for aesthetic reasons, i dont care at all if those fans would be less effective. Fans dont need be RGB as i have Halos Frames in my next buid, that build will only happen if i can find the fans. I faintly remember some CES 2019 video had some similar style fans in display but i dont remember what it was.
  13. Anyone else had any experiences with V1Tech Backplates? I got mine today and im not really happy with it, in all promotional pictures and user manuals the RGB strip looks to be invisible behind the backplate yet mine arrived like this. https://gyazo.com/b73beb34ed3485524e9ac6b99414f9c5 I find that to be unacceptable, its unusable like that, the rgb strip is visible. Also when comparing backplate to graphics card, they forgot to cut one corner where dual 8pin gpu cables get attached, it will not sit flat on the graphics card if i were to install it, my order shows i ordered backplate for correct card. I allready send message to customer support so lets see what they say. Edit : V1Tech support is actually good, in the end all issues were solved. Most of the issues were actually user error, but one issue was not and its also being solved by them.
  14. The equipment to solder ram to board costs 100$ so that aint biggie. For most people the skill needed to use that equipment is the problem along with ram copatibility issues if bios does not support it. I have personally done some ram swaps on graphics cards.
  15. I have laptop with i5 2450M socketed, could upgrade to i7 3630M On that note, stock i5 2450M CInebench R15.
  16. @GMart84 You have very loose timings for 3800, are those Samsung B-Die? If they are you would be better going 3733 CL16, there is post in Asus ROG forums about this for Z370/Z390 mainboards. We will see, i have no problem buying another board if they suck in benchmarks and max oc. I need do research, check overclocking reviews etc.. to see what i should buy. Edit : Update, managed to get it Cinebench stable for one run at 5.45Ghz, had to try like 5 times and 4 times of those the machine just shut down because VRM could not keap up. I'm shure now CPU is capable 5.5Ghz with better mainboard for Cinebench stability. If i just had GMart84's mainboard
  17. For me stabilizing factor was VCCSA and VCCIO of 1.3v above 5.3Ghz. I run Cache at 46x, maybe i could go one step further to 47x, I tried going Cinebench R15 stable with 5.4Ghz and machine rebooted within 5 seconds of starting the benchmark so i think VRM on this board cannot do any better. Im thinking of buying Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Elite or Pro, according to buildzoid those boards have good enough VRM even for 9900K if i deside to upgrade later on.
  18. So close, but so far.. i want that 1800 points. This is 24/7 Stable aka 8hours Prime95 1344, 24hours blend and Linx 0.8 12hours. I can probably get another 50Mhz out of it under 1.5v 24/7 stable but needs tweaking, 5.45Ghz is no go even at 1.5-1.52v. I need better mainboard to go further, i belive chip it self is capable over 5.4Ghz under 1.5v. Specs : - i7 8086K @ 5.35Ghz 1.44v - Asus Strix Z370-F - 2x8Gb Corsair Vengeance 3733 CL16 (Samsung B-die) - Intel Integrated because... brand new RTX2080 Ti broke after few hours - EVGA SuperNova G2 1000W - Custom loop watercooling (3x180mm Rad, D5 pump, EK-Supremacy Block)
  19. I would take 9700K, more real cores and higer clocks stock, if overclocking is done you will need good mainboard like Z390 Aorus Elite/Pro from Gigabyte that has good VRM, check Buildzoids video on Z390 mainboards. Bowth cpu's will do perfectly fine in this task. Ryzen 3000 series should be coming May/June, if rumors are true. I dont think i would be personally upgrading to Ryzen 3000 series since i have 8086k 5.35Ghz 1.4v.
  20. Wait untill Ryzen 3000 series. Annoucement most likely will come in CES and release most likely around May/June For your budget Ryzen 3 3300 will be beast, 6c/12t and clocking to 4.5-5Ghz for 99-129$, if rumors are true.
  21. I would say this too, needs better VRM cooling. Needs monoblock.
  22. Maybe language barrier (not native english speaker) but lets say this way. Allowing someone else than server or person who is using the IP address to view it is illegal according to GDPR. So in LTT's case, allowing forum moderators or admins to view users ip is according to GDPR illegal. Also by EU law, IP address is defined as personally identifiable information so consent is required. I have read GDPR and EU Privacy laws, all these laws have also officially translated version for each EU country (i have read the finnish one).
  23. They can handle the information, they cannot store without consent. Cookies : Store session id, login time, no IP and or no other personally identifiable information needed. Its simple enough.