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  1. Nickadeamus

    What is up with forum

    I don't know why but I just found out that it just will not upload from that folder I had the pic's I wanted to up load. I just put them in a new folder and it worked fine
  2. Nickadeamus


    Here are two things I came up with for my PS 3 Battlefield clan and something for me (G.O.S. Nickadeamus). I then had them made into path-tag's ( little coin's with a hole in the top so you could put it on a key chain if you wanted). I do have a bunch of other path-tag designs but never had them made
  3. Nickadeamus

    random stuff

    random stuff that I might post on this forum
  4. Nickadeamus

    So...I'm learning Japanese...

    I never was good at learning other language but have picked up a few words when I was over sea's. But a lot of young adults (didn't want to call them kids) seem to pick it up faster than we did growing up. One of my good friends son's learned Spanish by the end of middle school. Then learned Korean before he got out of high school. He is almost done with Arabic now and is in his last year in Collage. And when I say learned I am talking proficient in speaking it along with reading and writing it.
  5. Nickadeamus

    North Dakota or Bust. Any advice?

    If I was 20 or so years younger I would do it. But this old and now fat man wouldn't be able to handle it. Good luck
  6. Nickadeamus

    What Does The Fox Say

    I only seen it once that's all it took
  7. Nickadeamus

    Going to make a custom shirt, what should i put on it?

    how about the EA fist bump thing
  8. Nickadeamus

    What Does The Fox Say

    oh god I had to watch that and now it is stuck in my head.
  9. Nickadeamus

    Things that make you go WOW

    Watch a 13-Year-Old Country Singer Bring Even Simon Cowell to His Feet http://youtu.be/11oMu365xYU
  10. Any place I can. When the old lady gives me money and sends me to the store with a list. I'll get the cheapest stuff I can and put the rest of the money in "my rainy day fund" ( that is what she thinks it is ). But most comes from ???? I don't know, it just shows up in my bank account. I, I think I need to look into it and when I find out I'll get back with you.
  11. Nickadeamus

    Looking for CSA approved safety shoe/boot

    go to your local shoe store and try on what they have
  12. Nickadeamus

    My Camo Build

    thanks I think they would also but I have to wait to get them
  13. Nickadeamus

    What to do with a extra laptop

    I have my old PC set up to run SETI@home on BOINC
  14. Nickadeamus

    Forum Signature Problem

    I have not messed with the signature yet, but have been having problems with uploading pic's and nothing has help with it yet. I asked if something is wrong with this forum but it is like I was the only one having any problems