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  1. Well I appear to have fixed it and there were a couple of issues. I bought a little usb to 3.5mm audio adaptor. The mic didn't work but I did notice the audio level going up and down for the first time on the mic when music was playing. So out put was registering on input. Obviously incorrect but hadn't done this before so finally signs of life. Then plugged it back into the sound card and got the same result. Then shouted into the ear piece of the headphones and this was showing a mic level. Now at some point I also uninstalled the Logiteck G15 software as I noticed the macro keys (which I don't use) were randomly flashing. Hadn't noticed this before but as there are audio controls on the keyboard I dumped the software. No idea if this had an effect but wasn't taking chances. Then tried yet again another old headset into the sound card (which I have done sooooo many times by this point) and the mic worked. So it appears for what ever reason the USB mini jack connector helped to trigger something back into life which enabled me to start re working the fault. The same mic that does not work on this PC works fine on my phone. This has been a bit of a nightmare so thank you again for your help on this guys.
  2. Just bumping as I am still really stuck. Hope that's ok with admin as the battle with this issue continues.
  3. If anyone else has any ideas please feel free to chime in.
  4. That was what I was trying to do last night with the sound blaster card. I have one other card which I might dig out and give it a go but not holding my breath at the moment. Thanks again for trying to help though.
  5. Hi anothertom, Well I started from scratch (uninstalled drivers etc) and under recording devices in the realtek audio manager I can't deselect both options. either or in this section. In recording devices I see 2 options for front panel and non for rear. The front panel are Microphone and line in (both with red downward arrows). When I plugged in the rear mic mini jack the mic option has a green tick but shows as front panel (even though it is rear). In the realtek manager it does then show the pink rear highlighted. This was with the "Tie up same types of input jacks" option in realtek manager. If it change to "separate all inputs" the rear mini jack is selected in Recording Device (mini result). Either way the mic still is refusing to work. For info I have checked the mic by plugging into a phone and called my wife in the next room (smothering onboard phone mic) and audio was fine so think that is probably ok as a test. I have also tried my old headset with the same result or lack there of. I have also tried plugging the mic into the front panel. It recognised I was plugging something in and asked me if it was line in, mic or headset etc. I selected mic. In recording devices it recognises front pink jack is connected and the is reflected in realtek manager........... Still no mic level though Don't think I have missed any steps and playback via DAC is ok. Still at a loss on night number 4. BTW I have a second Win 7 drive installed and when I booted on this I got the same result. This was one of the reasons I installed the 2nd sound card thinking the onboard sound was on the way out.
  6. If you mean the front header connection. It can only go one way due to blanked off pin. Other than that I'm not sure which connection you mean.
  7. Hi anothertom. Should have mentioned i tried reinstalling the realtek drivers last night from the Asus page. Sound blaster removed already as I just used this to check if the onboard had died. I have run through the above and it shows up the pink jack as highlighted but still no sound via mic. I will run through it again tomorrow in case i have missed anything (1am here so getting late). Thanks for the efforts and 100% double checked mic switch and which connector goes where (first thing I check as I have fallen fowl of this before). Cheers again Krash
  8. Hi All, I have one of those losing the will type issues as my knowledge has now run out. At the weekend I transplanted my existing PC into a new case. Pretty straight forward except my mic just won't work. My audio setup was as follows: Audio Out via optical S/PDIF from on-board sound to an SMSL powered DAC and then to headphones via jack connector. Audio input from headphone mic (v-moda boompro) directly into the pink mini jack on the motherboard sound. I am using Windows 10 64 bit an on an Asus X58 lga1366 P6X58D Premium with a Xeon X5670. The only things I changed during the build were: 1) Added some additional HDD 2) Removed DVD drive as I don't use it and my case has no space for one. 3) Got a shiny new optical cable 4) Plugging in front audio connector The front audio connector was the first thing I disconnected when I got an issue. I have tried an alternative mic. I get no levels showing on Windows Sound (green bar not moving up and down). I have removed drivers several times. I have now installed an old PCI-E 5.1 XFI Soundblaster in case there was an issue with on-board sound card. I have tried several configurations which include taking the DAC out and putting both input and output via the sound card. Strange things I have noticed include: Under microphone properties/General "Jack Information" it shows a blue mini jack and not a pink one. When I go on TeamSpeak, other uses can't hear me but if if I have HD Audio off in the BIOS then when they talk my channel lights up and they can hear themselves. Troubleshoot is no use (no surprise) but appears to think I am using speakers (and shows 4 jacks under mini jack) and won't detect a headset as it says "The Speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged Not Fixed". Any ideas would be gratefully received Kind regards Krash