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    Gigabyte Z370 HD3P
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    Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB
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    Genius Deathtaker GX(to be upgraded)
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  1. I'm getting a 5.2 receiver, what good is a second sub?

    As I saw on the internet the receiver you saw for $280 is a good one and I'd totally suggest you get that one for the features it has. Now when it comes to the two channels for subwoofers I could say that you are able to run a single sub rated at 145w OR if you want even deeper bass frequencies you could add another subwoofer so you'll have two pointing to eachother or something like that. So it doesn't matter at all if you use only one subwoofer.
  2. I have a little question that's a little bit off-topic. Why on earth would you pair a 2600x with a b350? Why didn't you use a much better motherboard with a better chipset? A x370 or even x470 as an example? What you did is similar to pairing an i5-8600k with a B360 that lacks of features... Now back on topic. If you will use a splitter, yes you'll be able to sync all of those lights. PS: Some rgb fans / coolers might have different headers, other than the standard RGB header, so keep that in mind when buying your fans. The addressable RGB Strip is a strip way different than the normal RGB one. The normal RGB Strip has 4 pins(12v, g, r, b) whilst the addressable RGB has only three (12V, Data in and data out). On the addressable RGB strip, each LED Diode can have a mixture of colors whilst the normal one has to blend the colors inside that diode so it can light up with the color requested. For that addressable RGB Strips you'll have to use an arduino or something similar to program the lights as you'd like to have them.
  3. cpu stuck at 800MHz

    But during stress testing the CPU is still rated at only 800mhz? You should go into BIOS and load the optimized default settings. Maybe something caused a conflict in your bios resulting in the frequency being modified from normal to only 800mhz.
  4. cpu stuck at 800MHz

    Does your laptop lag or you simply noticed that when monitoring temps etc?
  5. (ultra) Wide gaming monitor?

    Check this out https://www.amazon.com/LG-34UM69G-B-34-Inch-UltraWide-Reduction/dp/B06XFXX5JH
  6. PC Shutting Down Randomly

    I just asked Now since every cable is plugged correctly and the PSU is not the one that's causing the fault.. the only thing in my mind is the motherboard. PS: Have you tried to run your PC with only one GPU and one stick of ram? Maybe there's some conflict between these and the mobo.
  7. PC Shutting Down Randomly

    Have you checked inside the PC if all the cables are well placed into their right spots?
  8. How do i show the average fps on my games?

    Average FPS? Or the FPS that's normally displayed with the RTSS OSD? I am asking this because the 'average FPS' should normally be displayed after a period of time.
  9. If you are mostly playing games you may drop to i5-8600k, the 1070ti to a 1070 or check some other places to buy one(also look for 1080s, in my country 1080 is similarly priced to a 1070) and also add at least 8 gigs of ram. You may also use a normal cooler not an AIO.
  10. New mouse (I play fortnite)

    I know it might be over your budget but I could recommend you G502 from logitech. In PUBG it works pretty well without any issues at all.
  11. That might be the first time when AMD really outperforms an Intel CPU and that's impressive!
  12. Well as @Majestic said, even Ryzen has some issues regarding the memory timings. It's not a big deal though. When it comes to performance, I7 offers a better single core performance whilst ryzen offers better multi-core performance. Now it all depends on what are you planning to do with your build and it also depends on the manufacturers if they decide to do something about this bug. Personally I've used CPUs from both manufacturers(AMD and Intel) and each CPU was performing good enough so I am not a fan boy of intel or amd. If you need a PC ASAP just go with the one you think it suits you the best. The rest of things are just speculations. PS: Atm with a 8600k at 4.5ghz I didn't notice any issues at all.
  13. Will I Bottleneck?

    And the blinker fluid. Do not forget about that!
  14. Which one will be a better deal??

    You are the one who told us that the shop is selling the kingpin for $450 right? (... god dang it, I have to explain it as we're in kindergarten ...) Shops are supposed to raise the prices a little so they make profit out of selling stuff right? YES. If they sell it for 450(and to remind you, that's a STORE) then if you go buy it from a stranger from ebay, amazon etc etc, the price must be lower than that. Meaning THAT 'not that ordinary 980ti' will be sold for less than $450 EVEN THOUGH IT'S A KINGPIN. Now go check the stores around(also e-shops like ebay, amazon etc etc) and check the prices for 1070ti's (which were not used for mining ofc). Are the prices higher? Yes, indeed. Well after this kind of math combined with some logic and computer tech, which one has a much better resale value? The 980ti that's already GONE from the markets(I mean brand new ones) and the used one are sold for ~ 350-450, maximum $500 or the 1070ti which is still being sold in the stores for prices higher than $700 and also sold as used ones for 500-600? I hope you understand now.
  15. Usbs on Monitor?

    Never checked that but I suppose you might give it a try and check. It might take only ten minutes to plug it in the PC check how it works and then plug it into the monitor and check if the latency increased etc. I only used the USBs on the monitor for USB drives, nothing more. Also I had some idea to use the USB to power up a ledstrip but I might've burned the USB port and decided not to do it.