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  1. would this be good for a file nas/plex server

    If you'd like to have a plex server I could also suggest you using an used PC that has at least an i3( i5/i7 will be better tho' ) and some good storage. In this way you'd be able to use the PC as a server and spend less than 200$ for this.
  2. GPU not showing signal and fans bumping to full load

    It is possible that you've fried your GPU. If yes, then it will be a sad moment for you since prices are so high at this time. You should try placing your GPU in another PC and see if it works.
  3. Why not working in dual channel mode if it is the exact same ram stick?
  4. Ryzen APU compatability

    Firstly indeed it is named APU but by default it is a CPU with integrated graphics. If you pair a CPU with integrated graphics to a dedicated graphics card you'll be able where to connect the monitor. To the mobo's display ports or to the graphics card's ports. All in all the Ryzen APU will work with the GPU. Anyways, if you do not use the integrated graphics on that CPU I'd recommend you get a Ryzen 5 1500x that is almost equal to the Ryzen 5 APU(probably the 2400G) and also both have the same price. If you consider comparing these CPUs you'll find out that indeed the APU has a higher clock BUT, (there's always a BUT) the CPU(Ryzen 5 1500x) has almost four times the lv3 cache the APU has. (APU Cache Level 3 - 4096 kb / CPU Cache Level 3 - 16384 kb)
  5. Potential Motherboard problem

    Have you checked the frequency the memory has while the PC in on, in the bios? It might be a frequency related issue for those freezes. Tell him to go and RMA the RAMs and maybe get other ones. PS: The reset button is not working because the connector is placed wrongly. Inverse it in the port and it might work.(been there done that). PS2: Why on earth would you suggest him getting a b250 mobo? Get a damned z270 and give him room for future upgrades. Sounds weirdo that combination with bad-ass ram that costs ~$250 and just a $100-$150 motherboard.
  6. Graphic issue(?)

    If GTA 5 ran at top settings easily at 60fps then the fortnite should atleast get mid 40s to 50s. So it's not a laptop problem. Fortnite along with PUBG had and maybe still have some issues, bugs etc. Have you tried any other games that use many resources? Other games than Fortnite.
  7. Display recommendation for productivity

    Instead of TV you could get a monitor of that size.
  8. Dual Monitor 1440P IPS Dilemma

    I'm not sure if the 970 could handle games at 1440p and reach over 100fps tho'.
  9. Dual Monitor 1440P IPS Dilemma

    Is your setup able to run a game at 1440p and reach 144fps?? If yes then the upgrade is worth the extra 500euros. If not and your PC can barely reach 100fps +/- then it is not worth it and you should go with the Dell U2518D. PS: I am at the moment using a Dell P2717H and to be honest the quality of Dell monitors is above everything I've seen around.
  10. If you want to find out about mobo compatibility with various brands of RAM, SSDs and CPUs simply go on the manufacturer's website and check for your motherboard's support list.
  11. The question is not that dumb tho. I suppose this thing bith bios's goes the same as for the android market. There's an available 'stock' bios somewhere hidden from us (probably) and each company has some developers etc and use them to create a new and more 'intelligent', they say, bios after the base one. That's only my opinion and I'm not sure it's 100% true.
  12. I don't see any issue at all.. That little fluctuation at full load, on the second thread, in that screen(GPU Usage %) looks pretty normal to me. Even my card fluctuates when going 100% from 1911 to 1899 and back to 1911 for some times.
  13. 8700k clock speed issue

    Powersaving might cause you the issue. Mainly it doesn't allow the CPU go at full potential just for some power saving. If you do not care about your electricity bills go full blast on it. Kidding. Turn High-Power on in Power Management.
  14. So did I with mine when I recently built my new PC @Bananasplit_00. Nothing BAD happened since then and I even overclocked both CPU and GPU. So don't worry. @sharperfury If it works, it works.. if not then bad luck.