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  1. So i have an Asus U57A (running windows 7), which has had a broken screen for a very long time, however it was used with an external monitor for a very long time via the VGA port, however after a decent while of not being used. The system will boot and when enter is pressed the system seems to restart until enter is pressed again a while later - whilst pushing the screen there as a glimpse of the windows log in screen with a dialogue box with the options yes/no, however no matter if i press left or right before enter, it still does not output to the external monitor. I dont necessarily need to fix any issue outside of the output to the monitor, i have tried using windows key + P, and FN + F3, F5, F8 and F9 - none giving any results - is there any way to force safe boot to an external screen? this doesnt seem to be hardware related as the cables and monitor work with other VGA outputs, just not this laptop. Please help!
  2. yeah, both times its died theyve been running 2 and 4. but swapping to 1 & 3 didnt fix it. External USB ports are the same. none power the LEDs to my peripherals in shutdown now.
  3. I recently upgraded to the MSI gaming m7 with an intel 7600K and G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM. its been a great choice so far since games that i struggled with are now running smoothly (since they were usually CPU bottlenecked). However ive come across what may be a GIGANTIC issue. so a month or two back i had to sent a Trident Z stick back as all the RGB zones died, i thought nothing of it and assumed it was just an unlucky stick. however having replaced it, the new stick has died in exactly the same way. all RGB zones dead, yet the stick does work fine. moreover now my USB ports do not provide power to my headset and mouse LEDs when shutdown (something i couldnt seem to change but it didnt bother me). now im just worried, if G.Skill offers me a 2nd replacement stick then what should i look at to see if the mobo is shorting out or broken somewhere? i dont want to end up losing more parts. - something to note that i cannot 100% be certain of is that both times the sticks have died the PC was left in sleep mode for a decent chunk of time, normally i use the PC daily. (this recent time i went away so i left it on sleep for near enough 2 days) in sleep mode the RGB zones on the Trident Z kits do NOT turn off.
  4. ive been using realtek on my AMD system with a FX8320 and MSI 990FXA and had bass management enabled in-software to ensure my 7.1 headphones were nice to listen with. today I upgraded to the MSI gaming M7 Z270 and an Intel 7600K and having just finished installing all my drivers, the realtek software wont open, I have uninstalled it and re-installed the lastest version. I have gone to playback devices and there is no advance option for bass management and I have dug through the files. Not 1 single application will open In the driver folder besides the installation one. I saw a thread mentioning that it must be in the boot devices so I checked than and its in there too. I'm pretty desperate now, so any help is appreciated.
  5. So ive had my 970 for just around a year now and for most of its lifespan ive had an overclock using MSI afterburner. The overclock has: mV +19 power limit 105% core clock: +200 memory clock +110 it took me a while to stabalise initially but it has been stable all this time and its just today started artifacting on some games. It is exactly the same style of artifacting i encountered when my OC pushed my card too far (e.g. +230Mhz core clock increase) Im just worried i fried some parts of the GPU since its been this way so long. Cooling wise as far as i know the card was kept consistently below 75 degrees (C) and its been incredibly stable up till now. As we speak i just had the video driver crash error. Once again an error i only encountered when my OC pushed too hard. I doubt it is a power feed error. I am using a EVGA 850 nova PSU with a relatively low power build. does anyone have some advice on how to remedy this besides "turn the OC down"? (which ill will test if helps and update this post) im really worried since i was saving for a CPU upgrade and really dont want to have to replace a 970 because i fucked it. UPDATE: Yes it does seem that removing the OC and re-booting solves the issue. I assume the artifacting is the GPU showing its age then? My question from before still stands as i will apply a rather light OC from now on since all my games were optimised for the OCd 970. UPDATE X2: some games appear to be running the same if not, better? Im extreemely confused. Perhaps it was thermal throttling this entire time?
  6. Would that not cause input lag of some sort? Just wondering seeing as i do play competitive games a lot
  7. Running on the MSI 990-FXA board and i have: USB Controller: enabled XHCI Hand-Off: enabled EHCI Hand-Off: enabled Legacy USB support: enabled Onboard USB 3.0 Controller: enabled im unsure of which to change just incase i make an irreversible change. In device manager the USB ports are all set to allow power after shutdown edit: i have checked all my USB ports and my K30 and G502 are set to not be turned off to save power under the 'power management' tab in device manager. Still no luck
  8. So i lookef at a solution to this a while ago but never got a real answer. Basically i love having a red glow to my room, even at night. And having got the corsair K30 raptor and the Logitech G502 spectrum for the purpose of matching that colour scheme, i would love to have my mouse and keyboard glow even when i am away from my system. The real info: in the past my original G502 proteus core would glow after shutdown and in sleep mode, the k30 however would only activate the backlight momentarily after a keypress. I just want my new G502 spectrum and my K30 being supplied power all the time. Its that simple. My razer tiamat 7.1s LEDs glow when the system is off (however they use the rear USB ports while my mouse and keyboard can only be in the front ports for the time being) any help is appreciated
  9. I cant find the hd600s on sale and to be honest i expect they will need an amp to use to their full potential. I think ill use the pc373d, seeing as they use USB for the connection i dont think they will have issues like needing an amp to boost the power. Unless you stronly agree i think ill do this...
  10. I like the idea of an inline mic plus 7.1 surround sound to be honest... Plus theyre a bit excessive
  11. PC 373D VS Game Zero. Which headset?
  12. Im pretty sold on the game zeros (and WILL be buying them soon enough, right now im saving for a monitor) but at that level do i bother worrying about soundcards, external DACs etc? Or will my motherboard still give me the best ill need. - also is there a software way of boosting my volume? Like i said, i want more volume from my tiamats for the time being.
  13. Hey guys, before i start i knooow the razer tiamat 7.1 isnt a great headset but at the time i wanted 7.1 surround with a mic built in for the sake of ease of life. I am considering buying a soundcard (namely the xonar dx) just to push what the headset can do to its maximum. I want a small boost in volume mainly and i understand that the soundcard will overall improove performance regardless. Is this all the right way to go or am i missing something? One final thing is what pair of headphones can i buy to replace the tiamat 7.1s? Id go up to £200 (whatever that is on dollars) on a pair, but i do really like the use of 7.1 surround. You can suggest a mic and headset below, i just want a rough idea of what to get
  14. I want this card so i can be the very best like no one ever was.....
  15. I would really love a new keyboard as i just finished my build (which wouldnt have been possible without the LTT group) and had to miss out on decent peripherals as all my money went into the pc itself and i would really love to complete my build with the Excalibur V2 keyboard...