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  1. If you know Javascript/NodeJs this could be a fun project, you could setup a simple command line program to do this. Just thinking on the fly here: most new websites have a search bar, take note of how they search(most you just post a simple query) to each of these and collect the first X number of articles and dump each article into a folder. Boom, research machine! You really wouldn't need to use any external libraries, most languages have some form of DOM parser/manipulator(thing used to manipulate web pages), and HTTP library for making requests. It will take some work and some fine tuning for sure, but ultimately you could customize it to include thousands of sites and make your own academic search engine.
  2. infamoustrey

    How to choose a element from a formula in a dusk test

    Hard to know without seeing the assertion error, posting that may let me know more to help. You may need to just wait for the selector to be available as not all elements are available on page load. From the Laravel Docs: // Wait a maximum of five seconds for the selector... $browser->waitFor('.selector'); // Wait a maximum of one second for the selector... $browser->waitFor('.selector', 1);
  3. infamoustrey

    How to choose a element from a formula in a dusk test

  4. infamoustrey

    NodeJS how to stop nodemon?

    @G1K777 What exactly are you getting back from the console? @Mira Yurizaki's suggestion should definitely work for a rogue process.
  5. infamoustrey

    Need help with a Python script

    If you are just looking for rando image links try here https://picsum.photos/ Discord uses oEmbed for slapping images in messages on their servers so that ref is here: https://oembed.com/ Discord Docs: https://discordpy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/api.html#message Behold the power Google Fu young grasshopper
  6. infamoustrey

    Add in components into Gatsby's layout.

    Kind of hard to understand what you're asking here, if I understand correctly you'd import your Posts.js file which I'm assuming is a react class then simply place it into your main page js's render method. Something like this(very pseudo as i don't have your exact project): import React, { Component } from "react"; import Layout from '...path/to/Layout' import Posts from '...path/to/Posts' import Bio from '...path/to/Bio' class Home extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); } render() { return <Layout> <div> <Posts /> <Bio /> </div> </Layou>; } } export default Home; However if you are asking how to achieve that specific style of layout then I would suggest checking out css flex box.
  7. infamoustrey

    Good old palindrome in javascript.

    o(n) in all of it's beauty
  8. infamoustrey

    Facebook allows NASA child slave colony on Mars posts

    Agreed, it's up to the individual not a corporation with it's own sets of interests and agendas to determine which information is relevant and factual. If you believe everything you see on the internet, that's your own fault. It's basic common sense to take everything you see on the web with a grain of salt.
  9. infamoustrey

    Github about to be Miscrosofted?

    Agreed, it's not the end of the world. And if people want to go somewhere else, it's a free market and they are free to do so.
  10. infamoustrey

    Github about to be Miscrosofted?

    Everyone needs to calm down. If Microsoft goes evil on this then another better service will arise, but more than likely this will result in more good than bad. Remember, its a free market.
  11. infamoustrey

    Github about to be Miscrosofted?

    It seems as though the GitHub team will still be in charge of operating, with just a focus on integrating with MS's enterprise services. I'm skeptically optimistic.
  12. infamoustrey

    Mastering a Language

    The true master is the eternal student. But more practically, do what others have said here and find small projects to work on.
  13. infamoustrey

    Lenovo to Make the First True Full-Screen Phone

    Absolute. Savagery.