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    bosnian_guy reacted to Bicko96 in Same Sex Marriage? (your view)   
    so as most of you know this is a big change happening all over the world i would like to know your guys views on this situation (please dont insult each other and allow everyone to have there own views) But here are my views
    Why do we care so much? i mean hundreds if not thousands of same sex marriages happen every week and i does not effect our life so why do all of these churches go out and protest what if these people are atheists and not muslim or catholic why should the church have a say when when the couple getting married don't support the religion i mean the bible says how your suppose to love everything and stuff like that so why is it wrong for a same sex couple to love each other we are all entitled to equal rights and i don't think these people should be condemned and harassed just because they are in love with someone of the same sex it's wrong that other people decide who gets married its wrong that these people have to hide from society and its wrong that they are not treated the same in most countries its none of our business what those people do so society should hush up and learn to treat someone equal and the way most of the world views same sex marriage is pathetic in my opinion?
    these are my views i'm an atheist i don't support any religion i believe people should receive equal rights no matter what there Age, Gender, Sexuality or Color 
    what are your views and please don't insult one and other i just want to know what the general majority think i'm not sure if moderators will even leave this post here but hey you never know
    EDIT: also i'm not saying everybody of those religions are against it i'm just saying that is the majority 
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    bosnian_guy reacted to ObeseWalrus in Concern about the livestream   
    Many livestreams I have seen, have had tons of spammers and they are back every time. Even tonight there was tons of this "raise ur dongers" nonsense, and I'm quite frankly tired of it. Is we could give instabans to people who spam the livestream that would be great!
    Thanks for your concern
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Thibaudv in What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3   
    I don't know why but I don't find Samsung's design attractive, and if you just enlarge it, it gets even worse IMO
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Alex Dimitri in Why Are Prices Higher In Europe Than In The U.S. and Canada?   
    Bosnia like many other country`s from Balcans get IT stuff from 4th - 5th hand (everyone takes cut) add ridiculous tax and customs and you get answer !
    I`m in Serbia and it`s same crap.....plus you can`t find the best stuff (more exotic) even if you payed in real gold !
    And ordering from net is out of the question since they use "eye method" to apply customs and tax fees......plus some things tend to dissapear into the thin air !
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Elbstrand in Why Are Prices Higher In Europe Than In The U.S. and Canada?   
    Most likely because your government, just like mine (Germany) takes a huge chunk of taxes...
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    bosnian_guy reacted to IdeaStormer in Cable TV   
    Cable TV, I've done without for years now ~8 years, don't miss it one bit. Than again I own a computer :P