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    bosnian_guy reacted to brav3st in Experiences with non-techies   
    I also made the mistake to start doing computer stuff for my friends and family. Everyone i've ever helped now thinks that i'm their personal support guy for everything. My top 5:
    Friend bought a SSD and installed it (he's not that of a noob). Still asked me why it wasn't reading with 450MB/s as promised, so i asked him if he used the fast sata-port on his board (labeled blue). He told me that he used the blue one, so i drove over to him, just to see that be had his HDD in the fast port and his SSD in the slow one.
    My mother told me that she wants a new computer, so i asked her if i should build her one. She said no and went to "Saturn" (like best-buy but in germany) and got a complete system there. She payed about 800$ for a system with an i3, a gtx 540, 4 gigs of ram and 500 gigs of harddrive space....
    A friend of mine made a steam account with a fake e-mail-adress. After buying 3 games with his pay-pal-account for ~120$ he restarted his computer, just to realize that he couldn't play the games because his mail was fake and he couldn't get into his steam-account anymore.
    After i built a computer for a friend of mine, he started complaining about the system bluescreening all the time. While checking his rig, i realized that he had removed the cpu-cooler (out of curiousity) and cleaned off the thermal paste because he thought it was dirty. So obviously his cpu got too hot and made his pc crash every time he booted up. Because he tried to boot up his system uncountable times, his 300$ i7 was broken too. Good job on that.
    My ex-girlfriend got a macbook pro. She turned it on for the first time and played around a while, after about 10 minutes she asked me where the Internet Explorer is because she wanted to surf the interwebz. I lol'd.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to gasho in Experiences with non-techies   
    I was working in a PC repair shop and a elderly guy comes to me and tells me he has a problem with his notebook. He doesn't have no Google on his computer and he asks me if I could install google on his NB. I was holding back not to break out in tears. But then I was thinking for a bit and I put in the browser "google as a home page" . So after that every time he opens his browser the first thing that he sees is google. Problem solved. Man that guy was happy !
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    bosnian_guy reacted to iarejesus in Experiences with non-techies   
    I built a PC for my younger brother. Worst mistake, he thinks I owe him a lifetimes worth of customer support or something.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Maddie Duggan in Experiences with non-techies   
    My grandmothers cell phone shut off for the first time ever, she thought it broke and didn't know what to do. We go her the cell phone 11 years ago, and she never let the thing die.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to HyperMac5 in Experiences with non-techies   
    The best one I've experienced is when people call any form of internet "wifi"
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    bosnian_guy reacted to LuukvanA in Experiences with non-techies   
    A couple of years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to look inside a computer, the bad thing was, it was the pc which every person in the house used to do his or her work on.
    After looking for a couple of minutes i somehow decided that it would be a good idea to get the heatsink of the graphics card and put my finger on the actual chip to feel if it was hot, by doing that the thermal paste sticked to my finger and burnt so hard i had a big blister on it for more than a week. Second bad thing was the fact that the graphics card died so i had to tell my parents. instead of telling them what actually happened I told them that probably the fan of the heatsink got stuck and that would be why it was broken. My dad decided it was time for a new for a new PC anyways so a wee later we had a new pc in the livingroom:P
    I Still think it wasn't worth the pain but yeah.. a new PC is never a bad thing...
    Lesson I learned of this, never remove the heatsink of a chip while the machine is running...
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Kev in Experiences with non-techies   
    When I fix something for someone they usually blame me for any future problem but only after uninstalling the anti-virus software. I am now beholden forever to fixing that shitty laptop.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to ManOfDisguise in The sexiest of them all   
    I love Luke(full homo) but Logan from Teksyndicate is also pretty handsome . I can't choose between the 2 tbh. Sorry Linus but you're 3rd.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Puppet in Is the Canon 35 - 80 mm worth 25 $ USD ?   
    It's an EF so it will work on full frame too, but I'd be asking questions to anyone who sticks a plastic mount lens on a 5D or 1d :lol:
    Couldn't find any info on Dxomark but I don't think you can go too far wrong with it for the price. Max aperture is pretty bad, its essentially a kit lens with a nicer focal length for tele stuff like portraits etc.
    Had a look at some sample images and it looks quite sharp, definitely seems a bit better than the 18-55. You might as well grab one at the price they go for anyway.
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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from James_AJ in How often do you lift?   
    I lift cookies
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    bosnian_guy reacted to KR_king in Is the Canon 35 - 80 mm worth 25 $ USD ?   
    You can use it on every canon slr but if you put it on a aps-c camera you will multiply the focal length by 1.5x.
    so this lens will become a 50-120mm.
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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from Rheinwasser in Is the Canon 35 - 80 mm worth 25 $ USD ?   
    I will buy it just to experiment around. I am starting to get into photography and I am on a budhet so this is perfect. Ehat would you say I should get next (I was thinking about the 70-300 because I will go on a vacation and I want a new lense)
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    bosnian_guy reacted to ForeseenVisionz in Im going to shove it in!   
    not what i was expecting... just saying.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Jogostar in Are You Afraid Of...   
    I'm just wondering what you people think.
    @looney @WoodenMarker @Windspeed36
    Now if even one person comes up with some religion discussion and it escelated, I'd like one of the mods to remove this.
    Please keep it civilized people. I'm looking at you @beebskadoo
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    bosnian_guy reacted to spwath in What Monitor Should I Get?   
    OK im deciding between 2 monitors the Asus VN279QL http://www.amazon.com/Degree-Ultra-Super-Narrow-VN279QL/dp/B00FE6DNM2/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1391908596&sr=8-16&keywords=asus+27+inch+monitor Or the Asus VX279Q http://www.amazon.com/VX279Q-27-Inch-Screen-LED-Lit-Monitor/dp/B00DBVPOZG/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_t No one Say anything about no 27" 1080p thats bad
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Vbgf in How often do you lift?   
    Yep you made a mistake , now all you base are belong to us.
    Putting that aside though, work out when you feel like it and as much as you feel like it, that's my oppinion.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Jrobertson in How often do you lift?   
    We prefer the term 'techie"
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Cs342 in How often do you lift?   
    Well I should have known not to ask for fitness advice in a forum for nerds...
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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from chimmychunger in How often do you lift?   
    I lift cookies
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    bosnian_guy got a reaction from Vitalius in The sexiest of them all   
    Poor Edzel
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    bosnian_guy reacted to dizmo in Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina   
    Interesting read. I've never understood why people burn down their infrastructure when they're mad though.
    I get it, you don't like what's going on. Protest is all fine and dandy, I think more people should protest. Look how well it works in France.
    Why destroy police cars and government buildings, that you paid for, and will have to pay again to have them rebuilt?
    I also have to give the police credit. Over a hundred officers seriously injured, and only 30 protesters lightly injured?
    In most other places, this would have resulted in a heavy, heavy handed police response, as well as a probable military intervention to restore order.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Ssoele in Have you ever been a part of a Flash Mob   
    To be part of one, you need to come outside of the house, so it's pretty much impossible for me
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    bosnian_guy reacted to CreepingMoth in Have you ever been a part of a Flash Mob   
    People not wearing trousers is not a flash mob..
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    bosnian_guy reacted to OutlawedConsole in Have you ever been a part of a Flash Mob   
    No, but some kids at my school tried to start one and posted it on social media. They wanted random people to dress in velvet and bring cupcakes. Boy did they have a fun time in the principals office.
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    bosnian_guy reacted to Suika in Should I buy a Nexus 7 2012. ?   
    The 2012 model is fine. I had it and it ran everything, I don't know any new apps that require a butt-ton of processing power and more than 2GB of RAM, and don't know if anything like that be released for awhile. My only complaint is the only tablet form factor I can get is 10", I don't like 7" all that much.
    Quad core SoCs were never fully utilized for awhile because development never picked up for them. They didn't become common awhile, and still aren't dominating a majority of the phones.
    tl;dr - Even if a phone has beefy specs doesn't mean you'll use 100% of it. Not a lot of developers do with all the power since bad phones are extremely common.