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    Dallas, Texas
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    graphics cards, CPUs, memes and guitars.
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    FX-8350 (OC'd to 4.4ghz)
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    MSI 970 GAMING
  • RAM
    16 GB DDR3 1600
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    EVGA 1070 FTW
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    some old Roswell thing with blue LEDs
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    1TB HDD
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    Corisar 750 watt
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    acer 1080p
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    h60 CPU cooler
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    Logitech G105
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    Razer Tiapan white
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    sennhieser 363D
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  1. also someone who used to have a 760 up until recently, i feel like ram isn't your issue here. i would say it's more than likely your old GPU, unfortunately that's a lot more expensive than just some ram.
  2. jett473

    Should I get FO4?

    if youre going in expecting a skyrim experience with some more character dialogue, sure. if youre expecting a fallout experience, wait for it to go on sale. a lot of the appeal for me personally is it's mod ability, but i would play through it w/o mods first to get the vanilla experience.
  3. oh and the skylake thing! Selling your stuff probably wouldn't give you /too/ much back, but that's truly up to you. You can totally do that, but do know it would be more costly, besides...if you're just gaming you don't really need that extra horse power. (Again, your choice)
  4. whoops only just now saw this. but yes! That board has a LG1150 socket, so as long as you get a i7 that fits the LG1150 socket (such as the 4590, 4690, 4790 etc.) you should be good! (also, go by the initial number for CPUs. Anything with a 4 should fit that, and i wouldn't recommend getting a 4---k because, 1. You don't seem to care about overclocking so it'd be a waste of money 2. The board doesn't even support overclocking) hope this helps!
  5. >comparing a aftermarket heat sink to stock cooler >aftermarket heatsink is nearly $90 USD >also has 3 fans k, seems fair. all jokes aside, the only real reason I personally would go for a super big heatsink w/o OCing is slight sound differences and personal preference. From what I've heard/seen, the 212 evo screams like a bat out of hell under load, so I would go for a smaller one with better fans. (Hell, maybe even get a low profile one, if you'd like.) and like i said, if someone has a windowed side panel, a big heatsink is pretty cool to look at alongside your color coordinated ram, your sexy gpu, and the sleek board and SSDs you've got in your build. Ya know?
  6. 60c is when the FX series shut down...I know bc I have a 8350. And the stock cooler would push 60c underload on my stock speed 8350, I didn't even consider OCing before I got a better cooler. the one problem you should be worrying about is that my overclocked 8350 does not get along with overwatch, and a 9590 is basically a overclocked 8350. Very well could be different if you get a 990FX, or could be different with 9590s in general. personally? If you don't already have the board for it, nor a cooler, I would sell it. It's older, really hot, possibly won't let you play a few of the games you wanna play, and the only real advantage it has over i5s is it's core count and price. (but cost is STILL going to pay a roll in this since you'lol probably need a solid board and a good cooler)
  7. with what i said in my latest post, go for a 4790 or something. it'll last you a good while and isn't going to require too much money.
  8. i think he was being sarcastic, mocking how everyone ignores what you suggested and just say, "yeah! spend a shit load of money because more performance!!!"
  9. rip this thread i figured it out haha. for anyone that has the same problem and runs across this, i had to disable my headphones as my output device, so it forced the audio to go through the UX1
  10. also, i just noticed that it shows in the windows audio settings that i am getting a signal from youtube videos, but i can't hear it.
  11. So, i just got a microphone for recording vocals and streaming on twitch. I have a UX1 mix amp that i've hooked the microphone up to. i can hear anything from the mic just fine, but nothing else in my computer is coming through (youtube, games, etc.) and i've tried googling the issue but haven't been able to find much help. i've been able to use my headphones (363D sennhiesers) through this to listen to youtube and such in the past, but now it isn't working and i'm very confused as to why that is. my question is, what the bloody hell do i need to do to be able to use my mic /and/ have my headset hooked up to the UX1 while playing games and such?
  12. i would love to but those benchmarks cost money! i'm sorry, man :c
  13. i suppose. it is kinda intended for overclocking, so i'm sure you could get a lot more out of it. (also maybe CPU bottleneck, considering i have a 8350?)
  14. new gpu won't really help if that's all you play, like what everyone else has said getting a new monitor would be better. (csgo player to csgo player, go for 144hz instead of higher resolution, resolution won't do much for that game, but better refresh rate will)
  15. whoops, link didn't work. will make it into a simple jpg, one moment