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  1. shakenbreak

    1080ti SLI @ 1440

    Not sure how reliable these benchmarks are but it's something http://www.babeltechreviews.com/gtx-1080-ti-sli-performance-25-games/3/
  2. shakenbreak

    Decent mouse under 70$

    G303, G403, G Pro, or G502 are all good choices with the PMW3366 sensor if you want to stick with Logitech. The PMW3366 is Logitech's version of the PMW3360 sensor (not 100% sure about that but read it somewhere before) so other mice with the latter sensor should still be good.
  3. shakenbreak

    Upgrades for Content Creation

    I agree with Damascus, another thing that might help out is adding another kit of ram or replacing your 8gb kit with a 16gb kit.
  4. shakenbreak

    Upgrades for Content Creation

    According to a quick google search Intel started implementing AVX with Sandy Bridge on 1155 and Sandy Bridge-E on 2011, and have improved upon it with each generation.
  5. shakenbreak

    GPU Fans won't stop spin

    The drivers (from what I could find) for that card on the MSI website are from December of 2016, I'd recommend downloading drivers straight from http://www.geforce.com/drivers and using DDU to uninstall your current drivers and install the new ones afterwards.
  6. These are on the QVL to run at 2933MHz https://goo.gl/QsoMXP and https://goo.gl/9vtQtW If you want to look at the QVL go to http://www.gigabyte.us/Motherboard/GA-AB350-Gaming-3-rev-10#support-doc and download the memory support list for Ryzen and google the module P/Ns to get a look at the prices.
  7. shakenbreak

    Should I get an nh d15?

    I'd get the NH-D15 unless one of the other ones deXxter mentioned are on sale. Edit: The Dark Rock Pro 3 is on a flash sale through newegg right now for $74.90 USD w/ free shipping. https://flash.newegg.com/Campaign/13521?icid=WP_27_06222017
  8. shakenbreak

    800$ PC

    This is what I could put together for an AMD build, you can overclock, the ram is on the qvl to run at 2933MHz, and you get a gtx 1060 https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/hZnB6X
  9. shakenbreak

    800$ PC

    You could go for something like this for an Intel build https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/mRQsQV EDIT: If you change the case to a Thermaltake Versa H22 and power supply to the one you put in your Intel build, the cost would be €782.69
  10. My motherboard only allows me to increase it in increments of 1, and I cannot get it to boot at 101
  11. Hit 5Ghz earlier, might mess around and see if I can push it higher
  12. Booted up the old war machine and got this
  13. Dialed in a new overclock on my 2500k this morning, pretty happy with it so far
  14. shakenbreak

    GPU Fan Kinda Stopped Working

    It's actually a 4-wire fan. I'll have to do some looking on ebay or something to see if there's any replacement heatsinks or just fans for it.