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  1. Things I like about my job : I get to walk by brand new aircrafts almost everyday now. on the tarmac.


    things I hate : untill the google notification that my flight landed, well im stressed as fuck about everything


    mostly when the cargo I sent is suuper shady

    1. Manage My Cables

      Manage My Cables

      Same I get to clown around on $400,000 machines !! Nothing better !! but i'm guessing you work at the airport that would be a pretty cool job too. :) 


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  2. People who don't eat meat because of how animals are treated better not be buying electronics from companies who have them made in China, because they're not treated properly either.

    1. Manage My Cables

      Manage My Cables

      Pretty much all the meat I eat I shoot/catch myself.

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  3. Hello everyone on Earth,

    This is a Small meme (ad) for something that we need to make legal 

    When you are not yourself and you want to kill yourself:




    This is an ad so don't worry about it. trying to get enough support so we can start producing this!!!UC1546-R0kFq3NjNmvdD8U8A


    Le Lenny. 

    (Please note: that the following message was sent to stop all 12 year old's from taking over the world).