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  1. Manage My Cables

    Headset not working in game

    Hello, all of a sudden my headset doesnt want to work in pub g. I've test a few other games and they all work fine. I can play music and all through the headset and it works fine. Unless this is just a beta bug. Thanks.
  2. Manage My Cables

    Headset not working in game

    fixed brought new headphones
  3. Manage My Cables

    Headset not working in game

    Thanks, still not working.
  4. Manage My Cables

    750D vs 750D Air Flow Editon!

    Hello, I currently have the stranded 750D and a friend wants the same case but wants the airflow edition. Besides the cut out at the front for increased airflow is there any other differences? Thanks
  5. Manage My Cables

    Samsung S7 Edge Low Sensitivity !!

    Hello, I got a new screen protector today and the screen has lost a fair bit of sensitivity i've had a quick browse through the setting and couldn't find a button to that increases the sensitivity ? any other solutions ? Thanks
  6. Manage My Cables

    Samsung S7 Edge Low Sensitivity !!

    I think that's the one I couldn't find it online from the shop I brought it from.
  7. Manage My Cables

    Samsung S7 Edge Low Sensitivity !!

  8. Manage My Cables

    Samsung S7 Edge Low Sensitivity !!

    I tried that but couldn't find the code for my carrier.
  9. Manage My Cables

    How Long Does Canned Air Last ?

    Title says it all. Thanks
  10. Manage My Cables

    Local Number in a Foreign Country ?

    Hello, i'm just filling out a report for some fake Microsoft scammer. And they have a local Australian landline number. Now is it possible for them to be able to use the number in a different country ? Thanks
  11. Manage My Cables

    MSI 1080 Warranty Info ?

    I heard some people saying that the warranty was void on MSI 10 series gpu's if you were to install a water block. The card in question is the Gaming X 1080. Thanks
  12. Manage My Cables

    Water Cooling Help !!

    For G1/4 thread what size soft tubing should I be using ? And should all fittings I buy be G1/4 ? Thanks
  13. Manage My Cables

    Water Cooling Help !!

    What about fittings. I know one side should be G1/4 but what about the other side that goes into the tube. Should that be the size of the od ?
  14. Manage My Cables

    CAT 7 Cable not Recognized by Nighthawk R8000

    Don't quote me. I've got a mate who lays internet lines. And he's had cable go faulty even if one of the wires inside inside that older cat gens dont use.
  15. Manage My Cables

    CAT 7 Cable not Recognized by Nighthawk R8000

    You are well within the transmission distance for cat 7. Have you tested the cable to see that it's not faulty ?
  16. Manage My Cables

    No 1080 ti :(

  17. Manage My Cables

    Where can I find a Quickfire Tk Stealth w/ blue switches

  18. Manage My Cables

    If you game on mobile, are you technically a gamer??

    Yes, Gaming is gaming. Doesn't matter how you consume your interactive media.
  19. Manage My Cables

    How Long Does Canned Air Last ?

    Sorry how much usage you get per can in minutes.
  20. Manage My Cables

    149$ gaming pc?

    Buy a cheap gun and steal and couple titans.
  21. Manage My Cables

    Excel Error !!

    I don't have access to the laptop today but i'll give that a try !! Thanks
  22. Manage My Cables

    Excel Error !!

    Hello, every time I try to open a certain doc in excel. I get a error that reads the following " There was a problem sending that command to the program " i've tried uninstalling excel and tried Microsoft support but since i'm not a paid subscriber I don't get access to their help . I've tried disabling DDE protocol to no vail. The only way the doc opens is with excel in safe mode. Or if I put it on a usb and open it on another pc !! Please help you'll be saving me a lot of typing
  23. Manage My Cables

    Excel Error !!

    RE: I might have a bugged version of excel or it has set some funky parameters. But it anyone could help it would be gratefully appreciated. Oh and i've tried a few trouble shooting guide off the web to no vail too
  24. Manage My Cables

    I bent my USB flash drive. Please Help! [Case closed]

    Might be internal touching inside that weren't before. Had the same problem with my own usb.
  25. Manage My Cables

    Ridiculously bad FPS for insanely good build.

    Are you playing in SLI ? If so try one card. Or if that doesn't work try reinstalling the geforce drivers.