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  1. What? I've done that multiple times. It doesn't go over 3.5GHz and is constantly stuck at 3.5GHz
  2. bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.bump. bump.
  3. Looking to get a new pair of earbuds. I got a faulty pair of headphones and I'm getting a gift code. I'm looking at the treblab x5 or sticking with my previous J1s. The treblab x5s are true wireless, pretty much apple airpods, but not as ass. On the other hand, their J1s are wire together, but still wireless with no jack. What would you recommend? I'm mainly a rower, and we have to run every day before practice for about 10-20 minutes. Also, according to their website, the J1s get 2 extra hours of battery life (at 8 hours) while the X5s get 6 hours (2 less). What would you recommend for running and general bike riding?
  5. Sorry for late, reply, but still isn't working. Even tried overclocking with Intel XTU and using those readouts. It stays at a constant 3.5Ghz, never goes above or below, wether overclocked in bios or XTU What should I do?
  6. True, but CPU-Z and task manager giving false positives? Is there a good way to test and get a CPU score reliably with stock no overclock and attempting to overclock?
  7. Ye i know, i did it as a last resort to see if I was doing anything wrong.
  8. Opps my bad! Should be 8600k. Fixed! https://pcpartpicker.com/user/BuilderGaming/saved/PDzQzy
  9. Heres my current build https://pcpartpicker.com/user/BuilderGaming/saved/PDzQzy
  10. Yeah, when using EZ Tuner, it auto retarts the computer, so no way it didnt apply! I've tried manually multiple times too and it still didn't update.
  11. Hey everyone, Just upgrade from 4690k to 8600k. I'm using an ASUS Z370 TUF Pro-Gaming. I tried OCing my CPU and looking in CPUZ and that didnt work, I then tried using the EZ Tuner tool with ASUS and applying that overclock, but when looking in CPUZ, it still shows my multiplyer is 35! Whats happening? Help please, thanks!
  12. I actually started (and still do) with coding Lua in Garry's Mod. Its an easy language that teaches you the basics of programming like tables *COUGH* ARRAYS *COUGH*, variables, SERVER and CLIENT file sharing, loops, and more. And on top of that, GMod has Lua Refresh, which means once you save the file, the game auto updates the file and you can test and see what you've created without a relaunch.
  13. O I've already bought a Z370 TUF, and DDR4 ram, its too late! My 8600k is arriving on the 23rd. I was told to go with 8th gen if I wanted to upgrade so that way I can get 6 cores and future proof longer
  14. I'm currently upgrading to an 8600k from a 4690k. What should I do on my OS weith driver wise. Can I just swap the mobo, cpu, and ram and boot back up into windows or are there certain things I have to do? Thanks
  15. Thank you all for the input! To respond to the last 2 replies, I got an H81M-A because I was a novice and it does well! I can overclock to 4.3GHz on my 4690k but the games I play work fine, but one thing that doesn't perform so well is Prepar3D (FSX but updated by Lockheed Martin). I am a big aviation geek and with planes I fly like PMDG, Aerosoft, etc. on my 4690k, it doesn't perform amazing. I've found a good deal at my local microcenter where I can get a 8600k + Asus Z370-P for $309. All I need is some ram and I'm good (Hoping to lowball some dude on eBay). By the way, what is the difference between the Asus Z370-P and the Z370-A?
  16. Seriously dawg, there no other way? I don't wana pay these damn RAM prices, they're so high! I remember I got my my current 16gb set I bought for $100 USD NEW in April of 2017! Now I feel really deterred and don't want to upgrade. Is there any prediction of when RAM will return to their normal prices ~$105 maybe if you count for inflation. If there is no other way I will no longer continue this upgrade until RAM prices return to normal or I get a killer deal/lowball some dude on eBay.
  17. Thanks, the only problem I find is that none of the motherboards list that they support 1333mhz. Does 1333mhz work but just isn't actively supported on the new motherboards or does the system just not POST with 1333mhz on 8th gen intel?