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    Peterborough, UK
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    i5 4690k @ 4.2GHz
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    MSI Mini ITX Z97
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    8GB Hyper X Fury
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX
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    H100i v2
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    Corsair K65 RGB
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    Corsair Sabre RGB
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    HyperX Cloud II
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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  1. Its not great but the sellers dreaming at 5k Either that or they put 1 too many zeros
  2. Its got a proper exhaust on it rather than the ebay shite the internet has made everyone believe is normal honda
  3. Civic makes the noise it should now received_2138711863106697.mp4
  4. Sounds like its being typically french. Should be dead but somehow isnt but will break at any moment with no prior warning
  5. It may break down but atleast itd still be around in 10 years time and not a pile of dust
  6. Not a clue Its had a new engine since
  7. Clio done about 6.5k Focus 7k Civic 1800 so far
  8. Mine drove on the road quite well. Not so much off road
  9. i like how the US is mesmerized by French cars
  10. Was good fun, ive got a type r now In other news I got the job at Jaguar, will soon be working on these awesome things