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    DJ, Vintage Computing, Gaming, Socializing and Adventuring
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    IT Tech/System Admin


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    AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition (2.5GHz)
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    8GB 800MHz DDR2
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    GTX 750 Ti 2GB
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    ATX Silver Case [From old P4 System]
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    120GB ADATA SSD x 1TB WD Blue
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    Everlast 430w Modular PSU
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    Samsung 27 inch LED
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    Razer Black Widow
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    Razer WoT Death Adder
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    Scarlet 2i2 USB w 2 x KRK Rokit 5
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    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

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  1. My first build was done when I was really young, I knew very little and always thought if you touched the mobo with power going to it that it would kill you! Of course I did my research in the years after as I got better. Did always help me take extreme care of the boards even w/o power. Worst thing I was always afraid/nervous of was paying $100 for each part and randomly killing one.
  2. Welcome! Lots of people play CS:GO here so if you're ever looking to hit up a LTT group from streaming etc you can always post something in the Looking For Group section (I'm sub-par at CS:GO).
  3. RIP 7 Gamers PC, though I'm sure in 6-12 months we'll see a 14 Gamers one CPU build
  4. I'm confused at all this Bulldozer talk... it launched in 2011, no where near 2005 so I would think in 05-08 the X2-4 series chips would have launched and the heat challenges with the chips would be the tipping point... @~@
  5. The description seems way to vague... online IT jobs can mean a lot of things, you need to figure out what you are interested in and post that as your interest (what field? Are you wanting to do online support for hardware, coding, etc?). Are you looking to get paid? Volunteer hours for experience? Sorry to be the party-pooper but I see these questions come up all the time as either a generic way to post/start chat but they never really go anywhere. I would recommend hammering out what you would like to do and hit up some online searches to narrow down who is hiring or maybe start something freelance and go from there. Best of luck either way!
  6. Gen427

    Windows 10

    if you typed any of that out online somewhere like purchases then someone somewhere already has your information ;P Email stored anywhere is already giving your information to someone I'm sure, and remember at the end of the day Google is taking more information from you than Microsoft. *hands you a tin foil hat* <3
  7. Best ever was COD2, The graphics jump was amazing, i still remember it. Was the reason i looked into getting and upgrading my first (Self owned) computer GPU. That or Black Ops. Worst: Probably Ghosts; experience felt identical to previous games, story felt rather bland and was the turning point from when the reality of the campaigns became as poorly done as the overall experience, aka the day the world finally figured out how much of a cash grab COD has become.
  8. My domain is the Fluff_Domain so each computer is named accordingly; Fluff_Master, Fluff_Backup, Fluff_Gaming. Fluff_HardcorePr0n_Drive. Kay that last one was a lie ;3 but still that's how I've named my setup, along with the Fluff_Cave WiFi connection.
  9. My username used to be and still is on some games/sites as genesiscomander, I used that as my username for everything including art etc and at one point tried gencom, didnt fit/stick. Genesis came from my Second Life Account from back in '07/08 and most people would call me that or Gengen because it was 'cute'. I just adopted being called Gen and 427 is my bday. ;3
  10. In this day and age everyone watches everyone... Stuff going to MS is no different than any other cloud program or drop box, once you put something in electronically (as proved with Facebook all you have to do is type it, delete it and its still already stored, even if you didn't send it). Companies are just confused with the transition as everything is electronic and the only way to make money is to do online advertisement. Times are changing and some people either don't car to notice, don't mind it or wear tin foil hats. Either way I tend to store a lot of my information in booklets etc. so site log ins and hot sexual online interactions can freely get posted around, It doesn't interrupt my lifestyle. I'm not doing anything bad or corrupted in the eyes of the corporations. I would assume once the free versions upgrades close off in the next few months and everything changes to paid, the free upgrades will get the start menu advertisements because its a free system and the paid users will be left alone. I get the forced updates come to users but you can always hit the little red X of hope and carry onward. Downloaded while you were away? Should have turned off your PC... Server? Turn off updates while you're out or remote in and do so (can set a schedule). Its not rocket science, it's just a wee bit of additional effort, which to 90% of users can be an inconvenience but we all have to work with this change as it occurs. Best Wishes and luck to all working with this. - Gen.
  11. Hardcore Porn. But no, I usually just play the basics like World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, some Steam FPS/RTS games, Heroes/Smite and web browsing/chatting. My setup isn't super powerful but it gets the job done and things still look nice.
  12. If clearing the CMOS worked once then stopped again there is something definitely faulty with the board from what I've read; You might have to strip it down to barebones and boot just the board/CPU/RAM/video (onboard preferred, in none you'll have to use GPU). Basically take everything apart, put the board on something that wont cause a short but that its not screwed down to etc. Plug in PSU, CPU (if you have the stock cooler use this for testing), 1 stick of RAM, connect video. Turn on the PSU and take a flat head screwdriver and use it to connect the 2 pins for the power button to start the system. If it fails to post still, Start with testing Different RAM sticks first If not, its going to be any of those remaining options and testing with another board/cpu is generally out of the question as most people only have 1 of each :c ...try the PSU but I would say from that point the best option is to RMA/Warranty the board if that's an option. Best of luck! PS. If you can reset the CMOS and get it to boot again, try doing a BIOS update to flash your BIOS (download from site)
  13. Vista was enjoyable, I had it since day 1 launch and the only pitfall was getting some new equipment as XP drivers or XP devices (some printers etc) were not compatible. I like the layout and design, the RAM consumption was a little weird but I've never really had a vista system hard crash or just go bananas with system files... All in all goo experience, Have used every MS OS since 98... I know I'm young, shush.
  14. Yeah if the vape smoke is trapped in the room and if its a small room I can see this happening, its a water based vapour and most juices have vegetable oil bases so if you sat near a computer and smoked for hours on end and blew into or around the intake fan(s) on the case, the water vapour is going to build up inside the case because of the base it would stick to the cards etc, and the heat from them would/should evaporate most but I could see it boiling out all but the oils right which I'm guessing is what could then cause a short once it got to a certain amount built up.
  15. If it takes too long to boot, just jump into the bios on boot and copy the cpu/ram/hard drive (should have the product code/name likw WD1200 etc) down and post it for the guys here :3 I would start by getting some of the dust off, then consider your options (do you have money for replacement parts? Looking to just do a system sweep x clean? Will it be compatible with new OS's or will you want XP reloaded? (even though its outdated and no more security bug fixes)) And go from there!