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  1. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Felt really sad when I heard about that, there's some fanart that was around which surely didnt help me feel any better.Link
  2. Nintendo Switch Profile Pin/Password?

    There is no way to add a PIN to the switch yet unfortunately. There is a workaround that you can set parental control on your profile as well, thats the best you can do right now.
  3. Mainly meant that for the SD835,as for 8GB of ram as far as I know only chinese companies have been putting much ram right now,Oneplus and LeEco are the only I remember which launched phones with 8GB of RAM in phone this year.
  4. Wow you sure have had rough with them. Well I have not personally used any Razer products,so I can't say from my own experience but I have heard enough bad shit about Razer's build quality and customer service that I will try and stay away from than unless they bring out a fantastic product.
  5. NVM it does say mobile device, my bad on that
  6. Since the CEO has already confirmed they are going to launch a mobile phone before the end of 2017,I would say the chances of it being anything other than a mobile phone are really slim. The 1st part from your statement could still be true tho a mix between handheld and a phone.
  7. Well that's something we can agree on but I was trying not to shit on them before even showing a product.
  8. So Razer is bringing out its own smartphone,the reveal for the smartphone will be taking place on November 1 and the teaser for the smartphone is available on their website. This will be the company's first shot at a smartphone after acquiring Nextbit Robin back in January 2017. While I have pretty mixed feelings on Razer bringing out a smartphone, its too early to say how the phone will be considering no specs or price has been given yet. Source-http://www.androidauthority.com/razer-teases-first-smartphone-reveal-made-november-1-806708/ EDIT- @The Benjamins was able to find a link to GFX benchmark of the device which list down the specs of the device.If this is indeed true looks like the phone will have a SD835 along with 8GB of ram.Pretty much the specs of a flagship for a 2017 phone.
  9. I am pretty sure if they do go with a Infinity display we can see a 50$ increase than usual in price. It looks like a S8 mini.Also if they do change the position of the fingerprint sensor,I hope they change the shape as well because that back looks horrible to me.

    It will be interesting to see how it holds in the real world,but for the specs. Pixel 2 has got 2700mAh,A little bit disappointing IMO. Pixel 2 XL has got 3520 mAh.
  11. It is in the latter half of the post near the end,I assumed that was the main link for the edit since Edits are usually at the end and made that mistake.Apparently its a link for the source mentioning the iPhone 8 is using the same battery manufacturer as the Note 7.
  12. Looks like I was accessing the wrong link this was the link I was trying to access https://news.ftv.com.tw/news/detail/2017929F01M1 as it was mentioned in the Edit next to the new cases so I was expecting it to be that one,my bad on that one.
  13. Not lazy, tried that but the link contained information in Chinese. https://news.ftv.com.tw/news/detail/2017929F01M1
  14. @VegetableStu So we just got another incident or 3 additional incident for swollen batteries?

    Those pixel buds are the only thing that caught my interest in the whole event.