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  1. Pretty sure they will be selling cardboard replacements Found this in a article from guardian Source-https://www.theguardian.com/games/2018/jan/17/nintendo-labo-cardboard-switch-models-interactive-toys?CMP=twt_gu
  2. My bad on that one I rewatched the video and I interpreted the handles as remotes as well, thanks for correcting me
  3. So Nintendo is basically announcing DIY kits for kids,to make items such as a motobike,piano,fishing rod etc. with cardboard.These kits will be compatible with Nintendo switch. They will be coming out with 2 kits in the start,A variety kit and a robot kit with the price tags of 70$ and 80$ US I feel like they could have done a little bit better with the pricing of this product,50$ and 60$ would have been a good spot IMO.Otherwise I feel like this is a really different and interesting product and it will either be a hit or miss with this product. These kits will be coming out with the software on 20th of April. Another thing to Note which I couldn't find mentioned anywhere is, it looks like some of the creations like the robot will require more than a single pair of joy cons,if that is indeed true that increases the initial cost. NVM this was wrong Also I really like how they named these kits "Toy-cons" Sources- http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/01/17/nintendo-announces-labo-build-it-yourself-kit-experiences-with-nintendo-switch https://labo.nintendo.com
  4. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Well Grand blue is getting an anime series,wonder if they will do a good adaption considering the manga is top tier.
  5. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    If I remember correctly the staff are backing up the whole website and plan to launch a new one soon.
  6. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Well Amazon has killed off Anime Strike,that happened quicker than I was expecting it to be. https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurenorsini/2018/01/05/amazon-shuts-down-anime-strike/#29e9ce701d2f
  7. Looking for DS/ 3DS games in India

    Found 2 of the games you are looking for on Amazon.in here are the links Mario and Luigi Dream Team Super mario 3d land
  8. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    I might be wrong about this one but I read somewhere its a anime movie rather than a full season.
  9. It asks you to setup the nintendo account when you first start the system and it will again ask you once to enter the details when you visit the eshop,You can also sign in if you go the the settings and go to nintendo network ID or something. Also did you get the DS from amazon? If yes, then just get a replacement amazons customer service is great in that regard.
  10. Oh wow thats strange the chargers I got with mine work perfectly.Although I dont think the one i got for my US New 3ds Xl was a original one I think it was just a generic one. I usually leave it plugged in for 5-6 hours and just take it out when i see its full.But I don't think it takes it longer than 2-3 hours to fully charge from 0%
  11. Best console to begin collecting for

    If you are located in the US you could get Xbox 360 for 50$ from gamestop on black friday and that too i think you can get back in mail rebate.2ds is also a good option I think if you want a cheap new console.
  12. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Maybe buy the blu-ray from Amazon as it support the creators and gives you both the English Dub and subs its worth it for 20$ imo.
  13. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Sell the Xbox one S and Keep the Xbox one X.
  14. Second Nintendo Switch Dock

    I haven't heard many good things about 3rd party docks be careful when picking one up as it can fry your Nintendo switch.
  15. I would suggest getting Nathan Drake collection first, then going for Uncharted 4 and then going for The last of us. All of them are quite cheap buying new on Amazon,but still if you can find a better deal in getting used copies I would suggest that. Other ps4 games I would suggest picking up are Horizon Zero Dawn,Bloodborne,Until Dawn,Nioh,Persona 5,Infamous.