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  1. Yeah Nintendo limited editions consoles are really good,I am kinda in a same boat would have gotten one if I already didnt have 2.
  3. I don't really think the TN or IPS would make a noticeable difference on that small of a screen. I would recommend picking up either a New 3ds XL or a New 2ds XL,I don't really think the colours look that bad for the 2ds XL as you mentioned above. Also If you do go with the New 3ds XL and would be buying it by next month I would recommend picking up the limited edition Metroid one, it looks really good.
  4. Ah my bad.
  5. For this season I would recommended Isesekai Shokudou(Restaurant to another world) or New Game S2 (if you have watched season 1) both are very enjoyable anime.New Game has some fan service tho.
  6. Sorry to disappoint you on that
  7. The fad for Pokemon Go may be over but still I wouldn't call a game with 65 millions player monthly dead at all.
  8. You can just pay once with PayPal and then cancel the renewal,wouldnt it just have the same effect that you are trying to achieve.
  9. Well you are wrong about that one there is a option in the history tab to search for comments.So unless you leave comment on every video you see it shouldn't be that hard to do.
  10. If you don't remember and want to know what the comment was just go into your Youtube comment history and check what your comment was.Also I can imagine a youtuber banning a person on their channel but its hard to imagine them banning the same person on different a platform too without a apparent reason.
  11. Play the games that other people mentioned also some other games worth playing are The Uncharted series God of War Series Until Dawn Nioh
  12. Let a man dream I may be wrong about this but I read somewhere the switch demand is low due to the storage being bought by apple or something so this thing shouldn't have the same issue but they need to produce it in large quantities that's for sure.
  13. Yup people were able to find some roms for it I believe online but it never came out officially.
  14. I do think 80$ is a little steep but if they can actually make it available in the market rather than being sold out everywhere I don't think people would mind paying a little extra. Also the release of Star fox 2 on this console is a good thing as well. Also I hope Nintendo makes the cord of the controller longer than what they made on NES classic those things were tiny.
  15. Here's the official source from Nintendo