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  1. AMD Fx 8300 gtx 970 No extend the display is already on
  2. I dont know why because I've been using these 2 together for a year now but I unplugged to organize wires and now I cant use then together. When I plug in my second my main turns off and everything goes to 2nd monitor. Plz help
  3. So everytime I plug in my 2nd monitor my main monitor turns off and doesn't even show up in device manager. So i have to unplug it to even use my main monitor. I've tried booting in safe mode and using different cords. I've been using these 2 monitors as dual for over a year now and I unplugged it to organize cords and now this is happening. My main monitor is a 1080p 144hz and my 2nd is a 1280x1080 60hz. CPU is an AMD fx 8300 and I have a gtx 970
  4. I edit my videos in Adobe Premeire. Everyone online is telling me to use Handbrake to fix the issue but I have no idea what I'm doing
  5. I need help using Handbrake. I recorded a video at 60fps and my facecam at 30fps. How to I make it to where they're in sync so I can like up radio using Handbreak
  6. Yes i know, my dad has the same cpu but his runs fine
  7. Yes i ran scans on both to see if there was something wrong and there wasnt. No scans running. And when i check the task manager the highest ram usage i get is 10,000k. Im idleing with the task manager open and as i leave it sit there the usage goes up and up til it just powers up
  8. I mean the ram and cpu being maxed out? I dont think what cpu it is would make it do that. Its the amd 4000+
  9. He has an old cpu, and like i said its a fresh install, he has 3 things installed. Avast, Malware Bytes, and google chrome
  10. I read online that disabling windows defender worked. He has 4 gigs of ram and a 560ti, the ram maxes out before i can install the drivers for his 560ti, and is the CPU and Ram being maxed out
  11. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. My little brothers system is maxing out his ram and shuts off. Its happened twice now. Its a fresh install of windows 7 and its doing it. I disababled windows defender and got Avast and Malware Bytes.
  12. Mass Storage as in my steam Library. I have 800+ gigs of steam games i want to throw on it. And i know the Red drives are 5400rpm so i dont really want to go with that option
  13. Im looking into buying a new hard drive. I have gone through 4 hard drives this year and they all keep failing. i have a lan rig so my pc gets moved a lot and my desk i have is wiggly. So if anyone can reccomend me a hard drive that isnt poop than let me know. And yes i know buy an ssd. I have one but i need a mass storage hard drive
  14. I did not know they included the earbuds and adapter. If they do that then why is everyone upset. Literally no reason to be
  15. Its not a big deal to me AT ALL, besides the fact that we now dont have headphones included. The Air Pods cost 150$ is a way too much to ask for, and the least they could do is include the converter with the phone. Kind of a bad idea to make it dual speakers, headphones are way more important. But yeah, include the converter with the iPhone and i would be happy