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    United States
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    idk some MSI mATX board
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    32GB DDr4
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    RTX 2080ti EVGA
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    Fractal something or another
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    buncho of m.2 ssds, 96TB file server
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    EVGA 550 80+ gold
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    3x 4k monitors, one of which is 4k @ 120hz
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    Noctua NHD-15s
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    Ducky Shine 6
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    Glorious Model O-
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    DT 1990 Pros
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    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. Yea, definitely very old. I'm not active here anymore and haven't updated it since it was originally posted 6 years ago :). It really should be un-stickied, but until something better comes along, I doubt that'd happen. Maybe you can create a new one!
  2. I play CS:GO with a 4700k and a GTX 1080 at 4k, and I get between 300 and 400 FPS in most, if not all maps.
  3. I uploaded them all to Google Drive and created a downloadable zip file, but that isn't exactly a great solution when I would be sending these to some not-so-tech-savy people who would want to view on their mobile devices. And as far as I know, mobile devices can't open zip files.
  4. So I took some photos recently and there are way too many to viably send by e-mail. So as an alternative, I would like to share them on a website where people can view them, but only if they have the link. The first two things you're probably going to say is "use Imgur" and "use Flickr", but let my tell you why I don't think either is a usable solution. First, Imgur doesn't look very professional. To somebody viewing my photos, it would look like this in a web browser, which looks extremely unprofessional with the most viral images being on the right hand side. Not to mention the "Next Post" button that takes you to the front page of Imgur. I can't use Flickr because to my understanding, if I want to create a private album and give people access, they are forced to sign up and have me give them privileges. I think that is completely unreasonable expecting people to coordinate with the hundreds of potential people I would want to share with. Alternatively, you might suggest that I just upload them to my public Flickr page. My answer to that is; Not only no, but fuck no. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Well in that case, do you guys know of any (if any) desktop Atoms? And if not, some other super low power CPUs?
  6. Okay, so I must be going insane looking for a place that sells the Intel Atom E3805. It's to the point where I'm 99% sure that I'm missing something. It seems that the only way I can get one is to purchase a laptop with one! Is this SKU only for notebooks or something? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm gonna be the guy who says Panasonic GH4. Just look at the quality of this video shot on it: If you don't have a 4k monitor, it won't look that great. But, as somebody who has a 4k monitor, I can assure you it's stunningly sharp.
  8. DoubleY

    Best Dubstep?

    There's a few of us
  9. DoubleY

    Best Dubstep?

    Hey, I know you! I was in the WarOwl Mumble with you during Cologne (you weren't there for very long though).
  10. DoubleY

    Best Dubstep?

    "Non of that Skrillex crap" >Makes thread about opinions >Doesn't want certain opinions ANYWAY, I'm not sure what genre this song is, but I like it:
  11. A pop filter (I think)
  12. I was DMG for like 2 weeks. It's not that bad.
  13. You have to bind a macro key to a real key on the keyboard. On my keyboard, all my macros are G keys. So I would have to bind G1 to let's say "P". G2 would be bound to "O". At least that's how my K95 RGB works