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    Glasgow, Scotland
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    i7 6700K @ 4.5Ghz
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    Asus Maximus VIII Hero
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    32GB Corsiar Vengance LPX 2666Mhz
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    Asus GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX
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    Corsair HX750i
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    Corsiar K70 RGB Cherry Red
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    Corsair M65 RGB
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    Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System 400W
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    Windows 10 64-Bit

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  1. Fyfey96

    iMac 2019 Questions

    Yea, I agree. Its £90 for the 512GB over the 2TB fusion. The 1TB SSD is a further £360. So probably not really worth it as he won't have any large projects on go at one time. Everything will be Archived to the NAS. Agreed, Id prefer the SSD. I wasn't sure how big the fusion cash is but that's not very big at all. The completed projects and everything will be sorted on the NAS when completed
  2. Hi All, My dad got himself a DJI Osmo Pocket to make cycling videos, and family videos etc. Now he has been looking at a 2019 iMac to use for this. This will mostly be used for normal web browsing and some light-medium Adobe Premiere (4K but Smaller Projects), Lightroom & Photoshop. We are set on getting the 27" 5K Model with the 3.7GHz 6-core 9th-gen i5 (Probably not worth the i9 for his use case). It comes with 8GB ram but I will be adding another 16GB to this right away as its much cheaper than adding the 16GB from Apple. The only thing that we are struggling to decide on is storage. I have a Synology NAS that I archive all my projects, media etc too. He would be able to do the same so I'm thinking the 512GB SSD would be enough for what he would be doing. But he seems to be sliding towards the idea of the larger storage (future Proof), Either the 2/3TB Fusion drive or maybe even the 1TB SSD but I really don't think he will require that much fast storage if he is bulk storing on the NAS. I would prefer the performance of the SSD for Premiere media. Not really sure how the fusion drive stacks up. Only other thing I don't suppose it would be worth upgrading from the Radeon Pro 580X 8GB to the Radeon Pro Vega 48 8GB. He won't be gaming at all just the Adobe Suite as mentioned above. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Fyfey96


    I haven't braved the new map yet it looks crazy hard haha
  4. Fyfey96

    New PC Build Won't Boot Bios- Please Help.

    How would you know for sure if the USB's don't work if it's not posting? They won't work if it's not posting. I would say it's your CPU.
  5. Fyfey96

    New PC Build Won't Boot Bios- Please Help.

    You probably should have mentioned that in your OP. Perhaps the bent pin is the issue and even though now straight could be damaged.
  6. Fyfey96

    New PC Build Won't Boot Bios- Please Help.

    ensure display cable in correctly monitor on ect. Ensure graphics card seated correctly and any additional power cables are plugged into the graphics card
  7. Fyfey96

    New PC Build Won't Boot Bios- Please Help.

    What exactly happens when you turn it on?
  8. Fyfey96

    Headphones Recommendations

    Thanks for that man. Ill check them out. Open Back vs Closed back whats pros and cons of that?
  9. Fyfey96

    Headphones Recommendations

    Hey, I'm toying with getting a new headset. I like the look of the Sennheiser GSP 600, They are quite pricey. In general, would you recommend a USB set or a 3.5mm set? I will be using for streaming too but I have a Blue Yeti Mic so Mic isn't really an issue so was thinking about maybe getting something without a Mic. Any recommendations in the £100 - £200 mark would be good thanks!
  10. Fyfey96


    Hey all, Looking for anyone who plays EFT. I'm not the best but looking to get a few folks to play with. UK would be ideal. I have a discord here.. https://discord.gg/Wj6xyCK Cheers.
  11. Fyfey96

    Not enough camera reviews

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’m into that stuff but it’s not the core of the channel.
  12. What did you have in the front before the change? Edit I see now... i have Front intake and radiator top intake no issues
  13. The drivers might be missing for them. But they usually should work out with drivers ect
  14. Looks like screen brightness and battery plan switching. Are you pressing the fn key when pressing them?
  15. Fyfey96

    First PC Build

    Whopps sorry, Never noticed that aha. Looks good man