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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    Biostar Racing X370-GTN
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    2X8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz
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    Galax GeForce GTX 1070 OC Mini
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  1. So I'm calling BS on all of this. We do not know for sure which it is, but every source says it is likely Vega, seeing as Polaris is not designed to utilize HMB2 while Vega is. Also, even if work on this started a year ago, work on Vega started years before that, and the whole point on the Multi Die Interconnect is that the two chips don't have to be designed together, an existing architecture can be adapted to function with another chip relatively simple via thus method.
  2. Vega is actually very efficient at lower power and TDP. The reason Vega 56 and 64 run so hot is that there running at the edge of what Vega is capable of. Essentially, they are overclocked, going far beyond the most efficient speeds from the Vega architecture.
  3. FibonacciOne1235


    How high have you gone?
  4. FibonacciOne1235


    Try something like 1.35
  5. FibonacciOne1235


    What voltage are you using?
  6. Another case of phantom problems that are really hard to pin down.
  7. In that case, I'm afraid I'm out of ideas. This sounds like it could be a Windows or hardware issue (I'm leaning towards hardware). I would probably suggest posting a new thread in the troubleshooting forum to see if anyone else can think of anything that you could test. Sorry I couldn't help.
  8. It could be conflicting issues from having used 2 different cards. Putting the 960 back in could have had a similar effects. When you swapped them, did you use DDU to remove the old drivers first and then install new ones?
  9. Did the issues start after swapping the GPU? If so, how soon afterwards?
  10. Have you noticed any strange noises coming from the hard drive?
  11. Alright. Have you recently changed any hardware in the PC? Also, does it ever crash when not under load?
  12. When was the last time you updated your drivers?
  13. @Danger NoodleSorry if it seems like I'm spamming questions, but are you using and ssd or hdd? Have you noticed any issues with that?
  14. @Danger NoodleAlso, you mentioned it crashes in spec-heavy games, any in particular? Is the 1060 OC'd?
  15. That's actually a pretty good PSU (OEM is FSP and they do good work). At this point I would recommend making sure you firmly seat all the PSU cables as well as run Windows Update to check for any driver updates. The black screens sound like a power issue to me, but the error you mentioned on the BSODs sounds like either a driver or OS issue. Do you have any issues with other devices plugged into the same circuit in your house. It could be bad wall power (but that seems a bit of a stretch)