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  1. How to delete network ?

    thank for the replys i talk with the ISP and they will send a guy to see it
  2. How to delete network ?

    have only one where are the others ? https://imgur.com/i0zlb9b
  3. How to delete network ?

    hello i have an issue how can i delete those network ? i dont use them and i think they are the reson i get deafault gateway unavailable https://imgur.com/VeKdKHf
  4. Upgrading ram

    oh and one last thing a friend showed me this one which is the same as mine but its PC3L will it work too ? https://www.olx.bg/ad/ddr3l-4gb-1600mhz-sk-hynix-ID6UyKN.html#be32e1617e
  5. Upgrading ram

    thanks man i got my answer
  6. Upgrading ram

    its not a russian site and i buy parts from there acer e1-571g i take it off cuz there was another sticker on it and avoiding damaging the ram doesnt amazon sell second hand ? also from where im buing it gives me a warranty and its brand new +free delivery and it takes a day to get here
  7. Upgrading ram

    i am thinking to upgrade my laptop ram but im not sure what to do this is the ram i have (had to take it off cuz there was a sticker on top nd i scrape it out) https://imgur.com/4wSws1g and im thinking to buy this one (cant find the same brand anywhere ) https://www.emag.bg/pamet-za-laptop-zeppelin-4096m-ddr3-1600mhz-ze-sd3-4g1600v1-35/pd/DLFZVMBBM/ Will they work or not pls help
  8. i have 4gb of PC3 and i want to buy one more but they sell only PC3L will they work ? does DDR3 work with DDR3L just asking btw
  9. Internet Problem

    i think i found the problem https://imgur.com/gdKxGUg
  10. Internet Problem

    i thought he was asking for some specific one sorry about that my english is not that good and my ISP is TVNET
  11. Internet Problem

    i dont live in the USA im from Europe
  12. Internet Problem

    i am using a laptop and its hooked up to the router bu a cable but it stops every 15-30 min and its so annoying the throuble shoot says "default gateway is not available" and then it works for another 30min but my WiFi is still working even when i dont have internet what to do ?
  13. More ram ?

    sorry for the late response... so here is my ram https://imgur.com/4wSws1g ist 1600mhz and does brand matter ?
  14. More ram ?

    i downloaded a program that shows my spec and my ram is running at 798mhz so is that my speed ?
  15. More ram ?

    hello i have a laptop with a single channel 4gb of ram and i was thinking to add 2gb more and my question is will that work i really need more ram especially when i brows on facebook my ram goes to 80% and will that work or not ? i am using windows 10 64bit