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  1. martinwest

    Youtube sidebar

    how to hide the sidebar on youtube permanently ? i can hide it but if youtube is closed and opened again it appears again so i have to close it manually every time...
  2. martinwest

    Your licence will expire soon

    hello i get this message "Your licence will expire soon" every time when i turn on my pc but it says that my windows is activated how can i fix this ? p.s. my windows 10 is not a "original" one
  3. martinwest

    GPS inaccuracy

    hello so i am using a samsung galaxy s3 neo phone and i have a problem which appear a week a go with my gps it shows wrong position when i open google maps i see that my position is ~30m down the road i never had this problem it started happening recently any suggestion how to fix it ?
  4. is there a way to bypass a adblock detector on a site where i read news they add a adblocker and the reason i use adblock on the site is bcuz of add poping left and right... so annoying ive tried some methods that i found on youtube but did not work any suggestions ?
  5. martinwest

    about Faceit

    so i download faceit and saw that it use too much ram for my laptop to handle and it cause the game to freeze so my question is can i close all the faceit tabs in the task manager and leave only the faceitclient.exe (if that is the anticheat) opened ?
  6. i cant open pictures with windows photo viewer the option is missing when i try to open the photo with other app and i hate using "photos" its too slow for some reason
  7. martinwest

    Which services can i disable?

    the reason i ask was that superfetch was running and it was using 700mb but it was set on manual(trigger start) and i thought since its on manual some other services can be started and thats why i ask which one i can disable but now its ok
  8. martinwest

    Which services can i disable?

    need some help with the services they are slowing my laptop a lot but i dont know which one i can disable https://i.imgur.com/4cK3T98.png https://i.imgur.com/dYZi6ff.png https://i.imgur.com/BwQkVmS.png https://i.imgur.com/CQU6Ziz.png https://i.imgur.com/GWPaAXL.png https://i.imgur.com/lEggC4F.png
  9. martinwest

    Cant log in

    I will bring it to someone to take a look i probably wont be able to fix it tnx for help
  10. martinwest

    Cant log in

    No my pc broke and thats why im using this laptop
  11. martinwest

    Cant log in

    I cant log in to windows im stuck on the screen where it says welcome and thats it
  12. martinwest

    Cant log in

    I dont have one
  13. martinwest

    Cant log in

    Today i disable some services and when i restarted my laptop cant get in im stuck on the log in screen and cant even boot in to safe mod what to do?
  14. martinwest

    Windows 10 update error

    so i try to update my windows today and it gave me an error 0x80070422 my windows update service is on but still not working how can i fix it ?
  15. martinwest

    will this ram work ?

    okay i will try it cuz YOLO thanks for the answer have a nice day or night