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  1. about Faceit

    so i download faceit and saw that it use too much ram for my laptop to handle and it cause the game to freeze so my question is can i close all the faceit tabs in the task manager and leave only the faceitclient.exe (if that is the anticheat) opened ?
  2. i cant open pictures with windows photo viewer the option is missing when i try to open the photo with other app and i hate using "photos" its too slow for some reason
  3. Which services can i disable?

    the reason i ask was that superfetch was running and it was using 700mb but it was set on manual(trigger start) and i thought since its on manual some other services can be started and thats why i ask which one i can disable but now its ok
  4. Which services can i disable?

    need some help with the services they are slowing my laptop a lot but i dont know which one i can disable https://i.imgur.com/4cK3T98.png https://i.imgur.com/dYZi6ff.png https://i.imgur.com/BwQkVmS.png https://i.imgur.com/CQU6Ziz.png https://i.imgur.com/GWPaAXL.png https://i.imgur.com/lEggC4F.png
  5. Cant log in

    I will bring it to someone to take a look i probably wont be able to fix it tnx for help
  6. Cant log in

    No my pc broke and thats why im using this laptop
  7. Cant log in

    I cant log in to windows im stuck on the screen where it says welcome and thats it
  8. Cant log in

    I dont have one
  9. Cant log in

    Today i disable some services and when i restarted my laptop cant get in im stuck on the log in screen and cant even boot in to safe mod what to do?
  10. Windows 10 update error

    so i try to update my windows today and it gave me an error 0x80070422 my windows update service is on but still not working how can i fix it ?
  11. will this ram work ?

    okay i will try it cuz YOLO thanks for the answer have a nice day or night
  12. will this ram work ?

    it has 2 slots and its a upgrade for my old laptop sometimes i use it when im out of town so this will work
  13. i have this one https://imgur.com/4wSws1g and i will buy this one will it work ? https://imgur.com/jfGUdSa
  14. Motherboard question

    i only wanna know if i put 2rx8 on my 1rx8 will it work or not i dont want to spen money and to find out that will not work