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  1. So this might be a stupid question but currently I have this, and I was wondering if I could use those 2 sticks with these. Thanks in advance
  2. After rethinking this morning I had made the decision to go with the 8700 but I know jack shit about motherboards and what cooler would be sufficient for the 8700. Thoughts?
  3. Fucking hell xD, I'm gonna go with the 8600k then. Any thoughts on mobo?
  4. So I’m gonna go for the 8700, any ideas for the mobo?
  5. I’m don’t know heaps about computers but how would the 8700 beat an 8600k @5ghz?
  6. Just then I was reading up on it, it's gotten me really confused...
  7. Alright, Ill trust you and go with the 8700 with the cyroig h7 correct?
  8. So it would be worth losing the ability to overclock? And do you mean 8700 + nh-d15? Or just the 8700 with stock cooler?
  9. I understand where your coming from, I will be playing arma a lot when i upgrade. Thanks for all the help man
  10. The 8600k is cheaper than the 1700? And I would go for amd if I were going to be doing video editing and stuff like that