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  1. Dont get your hopes up for the "magic 4g" Settle for a quiet cheap cooler and 3.8 , 3.9. Stock is good, its still loud if you have pc on your desk. I imagine overclocking would make it unbearable even to non-quietPC freaks.
  2. EUD

    Enabling 75hz

    everything is an overclock i suppose but i dont know how panels work. or not
  3. EUD

    Enabling 75hz

    im pretty sure the 75hz works, but the panel basicly cannot handle it and goes beserk
  4. EUD

    Enabling 75hz

    I cannot give you solution. I almost bought the same monitor, until i read bad reviews of this monitor. Some horizontal lines appearing on higher refreshes. I have samsung freesync 72hz for similar price now. I suggest you do the same. Try running it at different hz. like 72. Or 59.999 or whatever. Try setting in windows setting also.
  5. Ok, im able to get Nvidia 3d Vision 2 for 85 €, lightly used What can i do to make use of it? People say projectors are awesome. Where can you buy one? SHOULD i buy one? Two? Apparently old 3D Samsung TVs support checkboard rendering, meaning id have to buy one thats from 2012, 2013. And i could buy one for 410€ Id like to stay cheap, but if its worth it, im willing to shell out. I was blown away by how 3D is better than 2D in gaming and i dont like the resolution of either Rift, Vive or any other, its just unplayable + i cant play all games, or at all.
  6. its really not man, trust me. you will want RealVision Remastered for GTA 5, not stock you will want Skyrim ENB not stock Seriously get better gpu. Or wait for i3 from intel if you really want to save up.
  7. I have 1600 and 1050ti. And if you will only game, i strongly suggest you to buy better gpu.
  8. might do in future but my income is extremely tight at the moment and i didnt want to loose extra 4 threads as i want PC to last. but you are right, should have considered to do as quiet build as possible when i was buying pc.
  9. I want to downvolt to make my pc quiet. But i dont know the right way, could someone point me in the right direction? Tried to do it in bios, got crashes. Also i dont want to destroy my pc. Mobo is MSI PC MATE My PSU would also run quieter with lower load as its ramp up pretty heavily.
  10. not that much of difference dual/single ( gigabyte option anyway )
  11. i3 6100 and its the cheapest intel you should get for gaming, as some games dont even work anymore on 2 cores
  12. 3gb ? nah either Gtx 980 or RX 480 4gb suppose 980 will have a bit more grunt
  13. EUD

    Transition gpu

    transition at AMD side is 470 460 is very slow, and even AMD advertises it as DOTA and LOL card at nvidia side there isnt even released low end anything pascal yet sooo... and also idk about memory cripple, but performance wise, 1060 3gb can run any game without ridiculus settings that bring even 1080 down.