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    Am I being DDos/DoS'd?

    Hey there. Last Monday, I was playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive and was put in a game with some toxic, younger gentlemen. After ignoring them, and trying to just play the game, I said one little comment and of them said I was going to be hit offline. Well, soon after I was hit offline for a little while, got everything rebooted and it was OK. Then it kept happening over and over. Some more information to what's occurring: It appears that our internet is only being knocked offline whenever my personal desktop is online. I can get away for a little while using a VPN on my desktop, but I still receive a large amount of packet loss, and the internet will eventually go down. I've contacted my ISP to investigate, which was on Tuesday, and still haven't heard back from them. I've attempted doing the ipconfig/release + ipconfig/renew several times, and it doesn't assign a new IP. I've left the router off for over an hour, like some have suggested, to no avail. I'm getting to a point of frustration where I can't enjoy a single game of anything, watch any YouTube Videos or simply do other hobbies on my PC. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (P.S. - My next thing I'm going to try is getting a new router tomorrow, something that isn't provided by the ISP, and see if that resolves the issue.) Thanks in advance!