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  1. I've been working for some days on a NodeJS script that helps downloading new videos and parse them for Plex. It's on a GitHub repo here : Floatplane-Downloader It's still in a early alpha release so I recommend to use it only if you know what you are doing. I'm currently looking at adding automated download into it (you have to run it every time you want to check out if there is any new videos) If anyone have some NodeJS skill here, feel free to help out through Issues/Pull requests!
  2. I agreed about YouTube videos (even if I'm the kind of watching everything in the higher quality on YouTube), but (as I said in my edited answer) because they do some professional shootings for others companies and some video that actually would benefits of this upgrade, I think this is just an long-term investment that will pay one day. But hey, if Linus says ok, I think everything is fine (no jokes intended) and they planned everything for good reasons. (And Linus just decided to make a funny video about complaining of that huge cost)
  3. Actually, there is some reasons. If your final render resolution is lower than your shooting resolution, you can digitally stabilize a video, for example, shooting in 8K let you zoom and use 50% of the actual image without loosing in image quality if your final render is in 4K. Another thing, image resolution (Like "4K" is 3840x2160) and image definition are two separated thing, if you play a 8K video (CGI video renders, like Big Bug Bunny, are a good source for those examples) on a 4K (or even Full HD) screen and an identical video but in 4K on the same screen, you would actually see a more "cleaner" image with the 8K video, because it have more informations to display, even if your screen can't show it completely (that's exactly how Nvidia DSR and supersampling works). So I don't think that switching to RED and 8K shooting is a bad idea for professional creators like at LMG, the only issue is space and they solved it. I honestly hoped that Brandon would showed up in the video to speak about this camera and why shooting in 8K is useful for them, maybe in a next video (of honest answers maybe ?) EDIT : I forgot to say something about people complaining about the price of one camera. Guys, look at the price of PROFESSIONAL cameras that can shoot upper than 4K, compact and that you can upgrade it with modular components like RED. Their cameras aren't that costly if you look at what you get, everything is made in USA, custom machined with excellent materials... The question would be "Do LMG should have spend that much for that ?", and I think yes, because they don't only make YouTube videos, they do professional shooting, advertising and actually creates videos for YouTube that would benefit from those reasons. So, I'll just wait for a answer from some LMG video editors that will end this case.
  4. Actually, the easiest way we found is to compare Mastodon as a Mail server, you can have your account on @gmail.com and still communicate with someone at @hotmail.com
  5. This is the biggest launch of an alternative and open-source social network (as far as I know) so it shows that people are interested. But I keep in mind that it could be a trend for some weeks/months and then disappears as fast as it came.
  6. Created by Eugen Rochko (@Gargron) because he was annoyed with Twitter and it's series of change, Mastodon is a "Twitter like" social network (with a TweetDeck inspired design) that anyone can host on his dedicated server but instead having separated websites with no link or only one big website, every Mastodon Server (called instances) can be linked with another simply by following another person from another instance. The initial launch was 6 months ago but this week, an important french community joined this project, creating their own instances and their accounts. This created an overload on the official Mastodon server, Mastodon.social, that forced his admin and creator to close (temporarily?) registrations. In 48h, more than 30 000 users registered on the main server, causing huge slowdowns and crashes. Hopefully, because of the decentralized structure, anyone have been able to register on another instance and still see every Toots (Tweet equivalent) from Mastodon.social. To easily find another Mastodon instance, @TheKinrar, the hoster of the 2nd most used instance Mastodon.xyz, created a tool, Instances.Mastodon.xyz, that shows a list of instances with useful infos like how many users are registered, if it's opened to registrations, uptime, HTTPS security level and IPv6 support. This have been covered by a lot of french medias like Le Monde, 20Minutes.fr, Numerama, Korben.info and also by The Verge. Unfortunately, Mastodon is not quite user-friendly because of it's unusual "way to do things". That's why another user @Fawn created a helping guide called MastoGuide.info that explains a lot of things specific to Mastodon like instances, how to mention a user that is not on your instance... Mastodon have a lot of functionalities and it would take too much time (and lines) to explain so you can read the official user guide on GitHub and MastoGuide.info. Sources: GitHub Repo The Verge Le Monde 20Minutes.fr Numerama Korben.info Side note: Because I'm French, my English is not perfect. So if you see some typos, let me know !
  7. Hi everyone ! I had this problem too since 2 or 3 weeks and the only solution that I found was this workaround from a Reddit user which worked for me. Obviously there is a big issue with the KB3140743... I hope that Microsoft will patch it quickly !