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  1. Informative
    Pachuca reacted to Levent in Any suggestions for a laptop wifi card on a Linux system?   
    I would stick to intel cards. Broadcom and realtek cards are mostly hit and miss and their drivers are mostly shit on linux.
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    Pachuca got a reaction from meun5 in Brave 1.0 - New web browser that blocks ads and trackers   
    I like chrome too, but all the built-in security works better in Brave. 
    The problem with some browser security features is that they can interfere with a website to such a degree that you can't access the content you came to the site for. For security-minded users, that means we may have to go through an often obnoxious process of disabling each of our security plugins or on-board features, one at a time, until we figure out which one is causing the hiccup. 
    The best part of Brave's privacy suite is that it eliminates this game of broken website whack-a-mole, and makes it faster and less annoying to have a secure browsing experience. A single click on the Brave icon on your address bar allows you to see a small menu with simplified toggles that underlie the extensive, customizable security panel in the browser's settings pages.  "
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    Pachuca got a reaction from amdorintel in need to change VPN from PIA - any suggestions?   
    I was thinking about proton too. I use their email service and have been very happy with what they do so I assume they will like wise do a good job with the vpn service too. Thanks for the vote of confidence for Proton. 
  4. Funny
    Pachuca reacted to Flying Sausages in Broke a piece on the back of GTX 1080 ti. Is it dead now?   
    We lost one NVIDIA troop
    RIP OP's GTX 1080TI
    ????? - 9/30/2019 7:30AM
    May the PC God bless your GTX 1080TI, and walk with him to the heaven. In the name of the PC God I pray, ashoot.
  5. Agree
    Pachuca reacted to Fasauceome in after market cpu cooler for ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero LGA 1151   
    For something along the same lines as the T4, the Hyper 212 black edition works pretty well, it comes in way under your budget if you want to save some money.
  6. Funny
    Pachuca reacted to xenel in need help please, something wrong with my Ethereum setup   
    You certainly are mining on ethpool but you're looking at the address stats on ethermine to see the 0.00012 unpaid. Because you're not mining on ethermine, you won't see anything change there. As for ethpool that you are mining on, it has unique rules regarding who gets what. If you want to see a more immediate result then you want to change your settings to mine on ethermine which I believe uses the more traditional shares method.
    Be aware though that if you do choose to mine with ethermine, you are competing against 42TH/s of compute power provided by 63,000 other people for whatever scraps you can get with your 160MH/s. That's not to say what you've got is bad though.
  7. Agree
    Pachuca reacted to Jtalk4456 in do you think Intel will bankrupt after the launch of Ryzen 3000 series ?   
    i don't know how you're equating 2019 with people doing their due diligence. Let me run thru this with you:
    1. The little kid isn't doing research because he's a little kid
    2. Even if he does research, his parents are the one going to best buy and paying for the rig, meaning they will find the cheapest one that says gaming or ask the rep for the cheapest gaming rig and any research he does is out the window
    3. People do less research than they used to. When a product is expensive people will do more research and make sure the fortune they are parting with is well spent. when a product is so mass produced that it becomes a cheap household commodity, people do less research, because they aren't spending a small fortune on it. Most people are buying $300 laptops for a home computer right now.
    4. You're conflating the average gamer with the average PC enthusiast. While many gamers are pc enthusiasts as well, you're forgetting console gamers entirely, along with the many who just like gaming and go buy a "gaming" computer without giving a crap what's inside.
    5. the i7 is a single type of chip with a few variants. The 3000 SERIES is a SERIES. a series is not better than a single sku, remember the 3000 series includes ryzen 3 which i guarantee will not beat an i7 or an i9. Semantics, sure, but I believe in doing it right or not doing it at all.
    6. There are no reviews so you have no clue what the performance will be or whether it's better than an i7 let alone an i9. You are making that up
    7. Why would intel go bankrupt? AMD holds between 30-40% of the market share. that means if intel suddenly vanished, AMD would have to magically ramp production up 3 times over. AMD would not be able to reach the volume to cover intel's death. All this to say that intel will still be selling chips simply because there is demand. Also you're forgetting that gamers don't make up a large percentage of users, and we're not even talking mobile chips here. There's far more demand than AMD can handle at their current level. Intel is feeling the burn right now, but it's just a burn. Their arm isn't falling off, their skin isn't peeling, they're just gonna put some aloe vera on it and get back to making chips.
    8. Between the lax comparison between a series vs an i9 chip, and the way you've been responding by just repeating your original claim that ryzen stomps an i9, I can either assume you have no clue what you're talking about or you know exactly what you're talking about and are trying to start a flame war between intel and amd fans. Either way, the post is presumptuous and ridiculous and best and intentionally inflammatory at worst, so I'm reporting this to get this nonsense locked up
  8. Funny
    Pachuca reacted to Ross Siggers in do you think Intel will bankrupt after the launch of Ryzen 3000 series ?   
    They will lose market share and see reduced profits from their CPU's...
    ....that's all.

    Like @LukeSavenije alluded to, bitches all be ridin' the hype train.
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    Pachuca reacted to mariushm in does anyone know where to get cheap thermal pads   
    You can buy bigger sheets from an electronics distributor and cut the squares and rectangles you need.
    Here's a bunch of thermal pads with thickness between 0.039" (0.991mm) and 0.0433" (1.1mm) : DIGIKEY Thermal Pads page (pre-filtered to thickness range and in stock only, sorted by price)
    Look at the thermal conductivity, you want high value ... Thermal Grizzly says it's 8-W/mK so look for around 6W/m-K or higher. 5W/m-K will probably also be fine. 
    try not to get conductive pads,
    don't look for the cheapest per unit, also look at square area, you may find a bigger piece cheaper than buying 10 smaller pieces.
    For example

    36$ (0.0016 per mm2) 150mm x 150mm x 1.016mm 6W/m-K : https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/t-global-technology/H48-6G-150-150-1.0-0/1168-1294-ND/3042123
    30$ (0.0005 per mm2) 288mm x 192mm x 1mm 5W/m-K : https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/t-global-technology/TG832-288-192-1/1168-2188-ND/7928340
    8.5$ (0.0008 per mm2) 101.6mm x 101.6mm x 0.991mm  5W/m-K : https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/wakefield-vette/PL-1-5-1016/345-1524-ND/6680593
    13.2$ (~ 0.0022 per mm2, 242mm x 24 mm) : 1.32$ x 10pcs x  [24.2mm x 24.2mm x 1mm] 6W/m-K : https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/t-global-technology/TG6050-24.2-24.2-1/1168-1692-ND/3300350
  10. Funny
    Pachuca reacted to UncleJarvis in does anyone know where to get cheap thermal pads   
    No, because actual grizzly bears make it and little elves do the delivery. Sheeesh, you guys think you know tech! 
  11. Informative
    Pachuca reacted to colonel_mortis in C++ (premature) optimization   
    In a 64 bit application, a pointer takes up 64 bits = 8 bytes (and on 32 bit, it's 4 bytes). The size of an int varies by platform, but is generally 32 bits = 4 bytes.
    Optimising a couple of bytes is very definitely premature optimisation. However, in this case method 1 will be more efficient.
    In terms of memory, method 1 has 4 bytes for x, while method 2 has 8 bytes.
    In terms of speed, method 2 involves a pointer dereference, which is a minimum of one extra instruction (and in the event of a cache miss, it will take several cycles).
    For that use case, it's usually a better idea to use preprocessor macros, which are resolved at compile time and have no runtime overhead
    #define CUSTOM_C_DIMENSIONS 10 Then rather than accessing CustomC::x, you would just use CUSTOM_C_DIMENSIONS.
  12. Informative
    Pachuca reacted to BobVonBob in C++ (premature) optimization   
    Dereferencing a pointer is when you use the data location the pointer is pointing to
    int* i; *i = 5; //dereference  
  13. Like
    Pachuca reacted to W-L in how to train a dragon... no, i mean how to cool a gigabyte gtx 1080 ti   
    They should come with some usually speaking but if not you need to make sure you get ones of the correct thickness for it's application. Some of the best one's would be the thermal grizzly ones but with that they come with a price, I usually recommend the stuff from 3M or what EKWB supplies.
  14. Like
    Pachuca got a reaction from SINCLR in 3200mhz and 3600mhz, what is the difference?   
    there was a good episode from GN about answering this. It depends what chipset your using and if you plan to overclock. Some mobo/cpu don't even support higher than 2133mhz so getting the faster ram won't do you any good because they will actually run at lower speeds if you don't use xmp etc. 
  15. Funny
    Pachuca reacted to Snipergod87 in memory prices then and now   
    How can it currently be below its current price?
  16. Agree
    Pachuca reacted to Firewrath9 in memory prices then and now   
    wait till black friday. 32gb used to be 150$.
  17. Funny
    Pachuca reacted to Maslofski in My Rtx 2080 Ti Gbyte score fire strike ok?   
    no, awful. please send it to me for repairs
  18. Informative
    Pachuca reacted to Lurick in recommended ethernet wire cat 5 or cat 6?   
    The flat ones probably have little to no protection whereas the round ones have additional shielding and are better rated. A lot of flat cables that I see are also CCA which is generally pretty bad and much harder to crimp/make your own.
    In terms of performance, Cat5e vs Cat6 for gigabit speeds, there is no difference. Just make sure it's not CCA cable (copper clad aluminum) and you'll be good.
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    Pachuca got a reaction from For Science! in to delid or not to delid   
    Here's pics after 2nd Delid attempt. I cleaned the cpu before I could take a pic of how much LM was there, but it looked similar to the IHS. In the 2nd pic I added more LM to both the core and IHS. This actually decreased temps by another 5c, I guess the first application wasn't good enough. I'm now getting 15c decreased temps.

    also I tightened the clamp more this time to make sure the glue would really get compressed and not leave additional space 
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    Pachuca got a reaction from valdyrgramr in to delid or not to delid   
    Here's pics after 2nd Delid attempt. I cleaned the cpu before I could take a pic of how much LM was there, but it looked similar to the IHS. In the 2nd pic I added more LM to both the core and IHS. This actually decreased temps by another 5c, I guess the first application wasn't good enough. I'm now getting 15c decreased temps.

    also I tightened the clamp more this time to make sure the glue would really get compressed and not leave additional space 
  21. Agree
    Pachuca got a reaction from TechyBen in to delid or not to delid   
    I would like to use nail polish to prevent anything from leaking and damaging the cpu, do you have any suggestions on what's good to get? I read somewhere that benzene derivatives in nail polish can harm the cpu, but I have no idea which nail polish is good for this. What did you do to prevent damage in case the LM spills inside the IHS?
  22. Funny
    Pachuca got a reaction from deuZige in what happened with ethereum mining?   
    edit: f*** windows defender
  23. Informative
    Pachuca reacted to Mira Yurizaki in any good 17" gaming laptop backups?   
    You should buy something that expensive. Or at the very least, consider it. Something that expensive will last. When I wanted to buy a backpack for motorcycle riding, I figured I could get buy with a $20 backpack. I don't ride all that much (maybe like 1000-1500 miles per year), but the backpack started wearing out within a year. It lost its shape, the rubberized coating on it flaked off. It also wasn't very comfortable to wear. So I got myself something else. It was more expensive at like $70, but I can already tell it's designed to be much sturdier and it can comfortably fit up against my body rather than hang off my shoulders.
    And no, riding a motorcycle really had nothing to do with it. I've had backpacks throughout college that been through a lot but were still in much better shape than the $20 by the time I replaced them. Enough so that I donated the old ones, but the $20 one was the only one I threw away outright.
    Also that brand is good (it's the company that makes the real Swiss Army Knife), but I'm also confusing them with SwissGear (which is also good) . If you need other brands to look at, I recommend Samsonite and Thule. I currently use a Thule backpack (it's too small for what you're looking for though), though my motorcycle backpack is an Under Armor one since I need something with a voluminous pocket. Another brand I used to buy was Targus, but they're like midrange.
  24. Agree
    Pachuca reacted to SpencerC in Wccftech: Ampere allegedly launching on March 26-29th (GA104)   
    Why would NVIDIA make their xx70 and xx80 cards based on a XX102 chip? Aren't those reserved for the Titan and xx80 Ti lines? Regardless, this is coming from WccfTech, which means that within a margin of error almost everything in that article is false / should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt.
  25. Agree
    Pachuca got a reaction from sicily428 in delid + liquid metal for i7 8700 in laptop.   
    I see, but I think it should be ok with 8700 in there for thermals.