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  1. I have an intel AC-9260 wifi card in my laptop. It's working fine with some minor bugs, but I wanted to know if there's anything better for a linux machine. Please share your thoughts, thanks.
  2. I recently setup Brave on my desktop and it was able to get all that information from chrome with a click of a button, but as for syncing the information across devices I don't know if there's an option for it yet.
  3. I like chrome too, but all the built-in security works better in Brave. " The problem with some browser security features is that they can interfere with a website to such a degree that you can't access the content you came to the site for. For security-minded users, that means we may have to go through an often obnoxious process of disabling each of our security plugins or on-board features, one at a time, until we figure out which one is causing the hiccup. The best part of Brave's privacy suite is that it eliminates this game of broken website whack-a-mole, and makes it faster and less annoying to have a secure browsing experience. A single click on the Brave icon on your address bar allows you to see a small menu with simplified toggles that underlie the extensive, customizable security panel in the browser's settings pages. "
  4. There's a new web browser out called Brave and it claims to be the best when it comes to privacy. They even offer to pay you for watching privacy friendly ads. I haven't had time to get into the details of this and was hoping someone might know more on this topic, but here's an article about it in case you don't know what I'm talking about. What browser are you using now and would you consider switching from it to try out Brave 1.0?
  5. I was thinking about proton too. I use their email service and have been very happy with what they do so I assume they will like wise do a good job with the vpn service too. Thanks for the vote of confidence for Proton.
  6. I don't have time to sit around and wait for these things when I have other options available because of the up coming black friday sales.
  7. According to this article PIA is being bought by a giant corp and I doubt they will be focused on the same level of privacy/security for customers. I'm looking to switch to another vpn. I'm using thatoneprivacysite as a resource for picking a good vpn. Here are the top 3 options I've narrowed it down to. BlackVPN - this is a Hong Kong based company that offers really good security and doesn't track you or keep logs and allows for unlimited p2p/bittorrent on some servers. This was my first option and seem like a good deal EXCEPT that China could invade Hong Kong any day now and I wouldn't want the communist getting a grip on this company and hurting the vpn services. Doublehop - this is a Seychelles based company, that's a series of islands off the coast of East Africa - had to google that one. They also offer a similar level of security, but I don't see them offering LEAK PROTECTION 1st Party DNS Servers like BlackVPN. Does that imply that they don't have their own servers and use 3rd party servers instead? 0Overall they look pretty good to me. Does anyone have any input or experience with this vpn? SecureVPN.to - don't know much about this one, but they do seem to be offering good privacy. Does anyone have any input or experience with this vpn? I use bittorrent a lot and I'm usually in public places so I need a secure vpn that doesn't log or track me in anyway. If anyone has something to recommend or add to the above please share.
  8. is that open source and free? any guides you can recommend for setting it up?
  9. For backups I just have the external drive connected to my pc and I give access to it for other computers on the network so they can backup to it too like a shared drive. Questeion: are these free and open source? I use pia for my vpn so will that work or do i need to make my own vpn for this? Does the vpn have to only be on the server or should I have it on the other computers that are backing up to it or sharing files?
  10. Hi everyone, I have some spare parts laying around from an old PC build of mine. I would like to use it to make a fully functional nas/cloud server. here are the parts: MSI X99A GODlike Gaming LGA 2011-v3 i7-5960x 16gb ddr4 2666 MHZ - should i get some ecc ram instead? I plan to have this machine on 24/7 250gb ssd - this is for the OS 3x8TB external WD - I will shuck these to put in the system to run in RAID 1x10TB external WD - what should I do with this? can I add it to the above 3 drives for RAID? 780w PSU gold phanteks evolv - this case has decent storage for it's size. Questions: Where do I even begin? I don't know the first thing about nas, raid, or cloud servers. I would be more comfortable using a Linux distro for this project, but I'm flexible to other options. I see there is NAS - Remote Access sticky on the forums which I'll get to when I cross that bridge. Are there any other resources you guys can point me to or give me some advise on how I can get started with this project. I need to use this as a could/sync/backup server. Is that even possible? Can I make my computer run their backups to the server instead of my external 8tb drives. At the same time I want to be able to use it as a network drive that I can access remotely. If you need any more info from me please let me know and thank you in advance for your help.
  11. I was recently removing some screw that got stuck on my GPU from a water cooling setup. In the process I accidentally hit a chip and it's pins broke off from it's soldered connections. Here are the pics and specs of the GPU can be found here. I sent it to manufacturer to see if the RMA would cover, but they declined to repair it. Is it possible to repair this at all or should I try selling it on ebay as broken/for parts? Both chips are labeled Q2 not sure if those are important or not.
  12. I recently tried using Cooler Master Hyper T4 for my maximus x and unfortunately the cooler doesn't make contact with the cpu. I have to lay the entire case down horizontally in order for the cooler to actually make contact. Long story short, I have no idea what cooler to get for my 8700k. Does anyone know of a good cooler that will fit and have at least 4 heatpipes and something affordable within 40-60 range?
  13. Hi everyone, as the title suggests I broke my Gigabyte Gaming OC gtx 1080 ti while I was trying to remove a water block. Long story short, I had to squeeze a plastic piece that was holding a screw in place and when I did that it accidentally pushed on one of the chips and detached it from the pcb. The chip is next to the bridge for SLI toward the IO ports and I'm thinking it might not be even a problem since I don't use SLI, but before testing this out I wanted to share pics and see if anyone would be able to help me figure this out before I make things worse lol. Would the GPU work as is or is that chip important and needs to be fixed. Should I try soldering it myself or is there another option since I haven't soldered something so delicate before. Thanks for your help in advance. first picture, red arrow pointing to the chip. it's in the position it should be in, but not connected second picture the chip is removed from it's spot.
  14. Haha I'm so stupid, thank you for clearing that up lol. Do you know of a good pool to mine from and does it make a significant difference anyway?
  15. because intel is a very large company that does a lot more than just cpu chip manufacturing. because amd is tiny compared to intel and only recently caught up to them after many years of being behind since AMD didn't go bankrupt all those years with intel dominating I doubt intel will go bankrupt now that AMD caught up. I expect to see better stuff from intel in the years to come.
  16. Buying ram is probably the safest thing you can buy used since RAM hardly ever breaks and almost always has a limited life time warranty on it. Make sure your ram is compatible with your system. It won't cause shorts, but it might not work due to compatibility. I believe sodim is laptop memory, if you need it for a laptop your good otherwise get 288 pin ram for desktops. Also, make sure you don't see any visible damage like cracked chips, burn marks or damaged pins. If you do see damage you could try to get a replacement from the manufacturer.
  17. i'm in ethpool, my address is 0xa1f714c8fBfD0AdE82A8F22B5E90C5fF538eDBD5. When I check my account online I don't see any recent activity even though claymore has reported over 20000 shares found... what is going on
  18. I stopped mining Ethereum for about a year and wanted to get back into it. I recently updated claymore dual miner from v9 to v14. I've left my rig running for about 5 days and when I check my address here I'm not seeing anything except like 0.00012. Is the difficulty just so high that it's impossible to mine now? My rig has 6 gpu's consisting of 2x RX 580 8GB cards and 4 RX 570 4GB cards and get about 160 mhs out of it.. I've been out of the loop for a while so if anyone has some information to share with me that would be great. this is my address: 0xa1f714c8fBfD0AdE82A8F22B5E90C5fF538eDBD5 Also, does anyone know what happend to https://anorak.tech/ ? that's where I would get my modded bios, but the site doesn't seem to be up anymore. Thanks in advance!
  19. I don't know, that's why I'm asking what brands are good and won't charge so much. Seems like pads have a long shelf life, there's no market shortage of them and yet some how they cost a fortune. I just don't get why they are so expensive.
  20. They have the ability to make it cheaper that doesn't mean it's the same standard of quality, but I know they try to market themselves as being on par with brand names that do a lot of quality control. Lesser known companies like BySki in my case usually cheese out on the little stuff and normally don't apply the same practices/standards as brand companies which is why I would rather buy new thermal pads from a brand I trust. If I had another option for a GPU block I would have taken it instead of a Chinese brand, but I didn't.
  21. it's the only gpu block that is compatible with my gpu, so what you said makes no sense.