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  1. thanks everyone for the input.
  2. I'm going to be installing a gpu block soon and I wanted to replace the thermal pads that came with the package. I have no idea how good they are, but it's from a chinese manufacturer so i'm pretty sure it's the cheapest junk they could find that barely works. I want to get replacement pads and started looking around for some 120x20x1mm thermal pad. I found Thermal Grizzly minus 8 pads, but they are so expensive ($8-$14 online.) Why is this stuff so costly and does anyone know where to get good ones for less? I need to get about 5 and that will run me close to $50, at that price point it's not even worth it.
  3. I don't know, that's why I'm asking what brands are good and won't charge so much. Seems like pads have a long shelf life, there's no market shortage of them and yet some how they cost a fortune. I just don't get why they are so expensive.
  4. They have the ability to make it cheaper that doesn't mean it's the same standard of quality, but I know they try to market themselves as being on par with brand names that do a lot of quality control. Lesser known companies like BySki in my case usually cheese out on the little stuff and normally don't apply the same practices/standards as brand companies which is why I would rather buy new thermal pads from a brand I trust. If I had another option for a GPU block I would have taken it instead of a Chinese brand, but I didn't.
  5. it's the only gpu block that is compatible with my gpu, so what you said makes no sense.
  6. that site doesn't work for me, getting error 403.
  7. that sounds about right, isn't that how it's done?
  8. like i said idk if it's crap or not, but it's from a chinese company and in general chinese companies have a good track record of cutting corners so i just don't want to take the gamble on it.
  9. Pachuca

    Building a new pc

    yeah, you're right. forgot they use 230v too.
  10. Pachuca

    Building a new pc

    That depends on his use case, keep in mind that in Sweden they pay almost double for electric compared to the US. That means 2%-5% inefficiency would add up to a lot of $$$$ over a few years. Enough to justify buying a different PSU if that PSU would mean he breaks even at some point from savings. There are too many unknown variables to get an exact metric for this, but that 50% spot is ideal.
  11. Pachuca

    Building a new pc

    It won't be a huge difference between 8700k and 9700k. Get the cheaper of the 2. Personally I'm waiting on Sunny Cove to be released. Intel is promising increased performance on those and a slightly different architecture in the CPU. A PSU that runs at 50% will save you money on the electric bill, it won't effect the life span. I have had different m.2 drives from samsung 960 pro to WD nvme black, to hp, to bpx, and intel 660p, etc. There's literally no noticeable difference for gaming/web browsing. Aim to get something with decent performance and cheaper (it doesn't have to be top of the line, can even get previous gen nvme drives). As for the read/write speeds those won't matter for noticeable performance as much as the 4k random read/write. The only time you will ever see a difference is if you're transferring a huge file from the nvme to the ssd/hdd and even then it won't matter since you're going to be bottle-necked by the ssd/hdd speeds. Yeah, the rtx 2060 is almost the same as the 2070 when you overclock it. I'm not a fan of the RTX series right now because you're paying for tech that games don't really use (ray tracing). No telling if the industry will even go in that direction due to the high price tag of these cards. If I had to put a system together now, I would try to get a 1070 ti and just wait to see how the ray tracing plays out, maybe even wait until the next gen gpu is released. good luck, pls share your final build
  12. Pachuca

    Building a new pc

    the i9-9900k is basically an i7-8700k with 2 extra cores, you won't see much of a difference in games. I would suggest you get the 8700k over the 8086k because the 8086k is just a binned 8700k and not worth the extra money if you're on a budget. I have an 8700k and 8086k there's hardly any difference, but the 8086 does overclock slightly higher. I got it mainly as a collectible. Also your PSU is a bit overkill. I have an 8086k + 1070 ti with AX760 and the max watts i'm using is around 300-350 which is barely hitting the 50% sweet spot for power use. For storage I would save the money and get a competitive cheaper drive like hp, intel, or crucial. The nvme drives are so fast your money would be better spent else where like getting a rtx 2070 instead.
  13. hi everyone, so i have a gigabyte gtx 1080 ti OC Gaming which recently caught fire, only slightly. There was a bit of black screening and smoke from the gpu, nothing crazy. I sent the card in for RMA, should get it repaired. One of the mosfets was smoking. I don't know if it's because the part was just faulty and it was going to break regardless or if it was due to a lack of popper cooling because I'm using the EKW universal gpu block, which basically only cools the core and literally nothing else. The mosfet that started smoking was towards the back of the gpu and closer to the motherboard so it was in an extremely hot area. I want to take precautions when I get the repaired gpu back and make sure that I have good enough cooling so I purchased this water block from Bykski which has really bad reviews, but for my gpu I wasn't able to find anything else that would work. From the pictures it doesn't look like this waterblock will cover the back end of the gpu. I would like to use something like Alphacool NexXxoS Fan Bracket but the problem is I don't have a backplate for it or anything of that nature. Does anyone have some suggestions or recommendations for me? I really don't want to burn out my card again, please help me.
  14. I'll try both because I ordered both already since the heatsinks are relatively cheap. will I need thermal pads for the Byski? Have any good ones you could recommend? thank you
  15. Final solution : PCIe fan mount using 3x 80mm fans.
  16. found an even better solution. I'm going to setup 3x80mm fans using this PCIe fan mount which should keep everything cooler in that area plus the new gpu cooler from Byski.
  17. does it cover all the vital parts? do you know if it's possible to get a back plate for this gpu too? I found this fan that attaches to the back of a gpu, but it looks like it only works with the Alphacool NexXxoS GPX which doesn't say it's compatible with my gpu. Your thoughts?
  18. i'm keeping the stock cooler so i was going to put it back and sell it in working/good condition
  19. that would be a problem for me because I would like to sell this gpu in the future and that wouldn't be a good selling point. Edit: thank you for the suggestion i'm going to consider it anyway.
  20. Hi, I was wondering what sort of FREE software everyone uses to stress test / benchmark their system. I'm using Unigine Superposition as of today. I'm curious to see what other people use on their platforms. Also, feel free to include your form factor. I'm curious to see if some stress test are better for laptop or pc, feel free to include your thoughts on it. I use Superposition on both pc and laptop. What would you recommend ?
  21. I try to use stress test for both to simulate more of a real world situation because I'm never going to be using 100% of the gpu or cpu and not the other.
  22. above 2016 prices below 2018 prices. your thoughts?
  23. Pachuca

    memory prices then and now

    i thought i over paid @ $190, but now it nuts
  24. hi, can anyone recommend a quiet good keyboard? I'm a gamer, but I don't want a mechanical keyboard those are too loud. I use microsoft ergonomic keyboard which was great, but then i spilled my drink on it so now i need to get a new one. what's a good keyboard for around $40? thank you in advance.
  25. Pachuca

    can anyone recommend a quiet good keyboard

    That looks pretty good, the store near me didn't have what I was looking for.