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  1. It's a difficult decision, but I prefer the new Razer Blade Stealth. I would use it in the university to work and learn, and could play every game at home. But if i win, I need help: I just don't know what to do with the envious glances of my fellow students. Any ideas? "Beste Glückwünsche aus Deutschland an die LMG! Macht weiter so!"
  2. When I bought my laptop over two years ago, they told me "It's a Multimedia Laptop - you can run every game [...]". Yeah, the first half year Battlefield 4 runs in FullHD with more than 30 FPS and high details - just beautiful. After this time, the performance goes down and my laptop (with a GTX 760M) starts overheating after 10 minutes playing any game. Cleaning doesn't bring more performance, so I want to build my first desktop computer. Getting a free Polaris 10 or 11 card would be awesome!
  3. A SSD becomes standard of living! Everyone should get at least one SSD.