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  1. the world's most used os.... dropped support for it in 2014 still a concern for microsoft to this day... now thats dedication to an old piece of software, still gets updates!
  2. even though the 64-bit architecture is designed to have backwards compatibility without much problem? if apple is saying thats it's not possible to run 32-bit programs on 64-bit hardware, the bullshit meter would explode wait one sec (gets out bullshit meter) WE INTERRUPT THIS POST TO BRING YOU A BULLETIN NEWS STORY, a young couples house exploded at 11am, police say the cause was a bullshit meter that coulden't handle the amount of bulshit something was giving out, currently police don't know what thing caused it to explode but know that it was bullshit of the highest level. next up: these puppies have fun at the local dog park with their adopted owner..
  3. a manufacture says that their products are crap..... either the board of sharp is a. drunk b. high or c. both and they said: ah F**k it!
  4. you should able to install steam by entering: "sudo apt-get steam" in the terminal... it should install the correct version for you....
  5. me: oops.... me: forget about it! (brooklyn accent) @koolerone: it's forgotten about! (brooklyn accent)
  6. breaks warranty and some OEM phones have modified android versions and some "jailbreaking" methods don't work (also it's called rooting) and some also have anti-rooting methods implemented into them to ensure that users don't use their phone the way the manufactures want them to
  7. debian doesn't take much resources but it could be improved by removing the extra stuff that it has and only have the essentials (no GUI, CLI is the best for a linux server as it doesn't need much resources) if the server has the power to run two debian's then it's cheaper to virtualise but if it can't, then two systems may be required to do your workloads it's better to virtualise in many people's cases as it's free and doesn't require two physical systems my server runs multiple virtual OS's it's an 8 core system (yes it's overpowered but i use it for work and stuff by virtualizing OS's to see if a implementation would work or screw up our network) and it runs windows server 2016 (host OS) has 8 cores 16 threads 16gb ram (with no virtual OS's running) arch linux (main linux system and main work server os for non-windows stuff) 2 cores 4 GB RAM (runs with everything below except windows server 2016) ubuntu server (sub linux system, used for testing new software for our ubuntu server servers, some are ubuntu) 2 cores 4 GB ram windows server 2016 (virtual os, used on our work servers that handle things like windows users) 4 cores 8GB RAM (when run, all other virtual systems are turned off) all of the virtual systems don't have threads because i'm lazy and can't be bothered enabling them
  8. not necessarily yes it takes resources but it depends on how much arch linux (a popular DIY bare bones linux distro) requires a minimum of 128mb of RAM, but thats just the base os, want to run a web server, oh there goes 512mb, want to run a GUI there goes 256mb it depends on what the os is doing and how much resources it needs to complete it's task/s to run as few as possible is also recommended but many virtualisation servers run many virtual OS's and don't have the luxury of running as few as possible and may need to run multiple at once. an example of this is azure, they host many OS's on one system as possible, once it can't handle anymore, another server is setup to handle more. our main server hosts about 8 OS's (not including the host) and each system has at least 2 cores and at most 6 cores it depends on what you do with it, so running as few as possible may not fit many organizations or people's needs
  9. meh.. can be worse... so do resource and find the price that fits your needs and budget also local is cheaper due to not requiring shipping fees and exchange rates also this was my reaction when i finished reading my post but i do feel sorry for you, but thats life, grow up and get a pair of manhood, this is the real world
  10. newer cases don't have 3.5" drive bays and prob will never have them anymore
  11. you don't have a choice for having bloatware it's their wether you like it or not thats why i got a nexus 5x, stock without much crap i don't need and still updated to this day (currently running android beta and android 8 is good, but i liked the dark theme in 7)
  12. yes, if you want to stream games, just use OBS (free) or xsplit (paid) https://obsproject.com/ https://www.xsplit.com/ they work find and xsplit has hardware acceleration support (will take advantage of your GPU and use it to process frames) but OSB has plugins that provide extra functionality look at their pros and cons and decide which one would work for your setup
  13. (cough cough) https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/tag/steam-machine/ i have a streaming setup with a pi zero, runs perfectly fine no problems or "doesn't happen"
  14. more efficient kernels are better at this but, some OS's designed for this (unRAID) don't handle the virtual OS's data and allows it restricted access to the hardware in RAM's case, the host OS sets lets say 2gb for this example; of RAM, it "partitions" the selection (i know it's not the right term, i don't care) and send info the to virtual OS saying the system has 2gb RAM when in reality it may have more the CPU is more complicated to explain but simply the host says the system only has these two cores available virtualisation software works like this, but they have to deal with other programs and the host OS takes care of the resource allocation, if the host OS is the software, this allows the OS to more efficiently allocate the resources but some software (Hyper-V is the only example i know of) can talk to the OS because it's got the same code, the OS allows the software to allocate the resources itself allowing it to do itself instead of the OS doing it, allowing for more efficient resource allocation
  15. @Slick @LinusTech @nicklmg @CPotter please put this into WAN show news? please?
  16. yea, ISP's are dicks generally. they do this stuff to force us prosumers to upgrade to a more expansive plan that removes these restrictions... if you live in australia the best ISP i know is optus, they don't do this sh*t and allow users to port-forward and use their public IP for whatever they want.. the only one i know of in the us that doesn't have these restrictions is google fiber, i don't live in the us but changing plans or using multiple plans is prob going to be more common their with ISP's being like this i understand if you can't change due to it being to expensive or you having a contract with your current one but always read the fine print as by law, they have to state what restrictions comes with your plan and what they allow and don't allow with your conection
  17. been out for a few days because of this:



    tried installing it 4 times on vmware workstation 12, nothing it always fails when i try to partition the drive and install the GRUB loader. if i can't get it to work, how can i learn it? it's an endless cycle!

    i even looked up tutorials and any i tried always failed with GRUB!

    i'm going to try and get it up and running on a physical system and see if i can get it to work...

  18. PEOPLE, REMEMBER THE WORD "STARTING" AT THE START OF THE SENTENCE prob will be a quad core i5 with 8gb (non-ECC) ram and 256 SSD lets see if other people have made better systems... (google's hackintoshes) YEP! and only for $1000 USD! 25% of the cost is the actual machine, the rest (75%) is the logo and name of the system soo, 25% of $5000, $1250, the rest $3750 1250 + 3750 = 5000 my logic is impeccable!
  19. system would of died because their wasn't enough power, the CPU needs a minimum amount of power to function i think for skylake it's 1.5-1.6 volts hmm..... try a different compatible CPU and see if you get the same results (if you can, i know some people don't have spare parts laying around)
  20. reset your plex client and server settings it's most liky that you have changed something and plex won't play files as a result also check your source files, i have had it when plex won't play a file due to a damaged file