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    i5 7600k
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    Gigabyte Z270 HD-3 Ultra Durable
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    Ballistix DDR4 8gb
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX-1060 3gb VRAM
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  1. Si my friend just ordered a bunch of new parts for his PC. He upgraded the PSU mobo and CPU. He has an r9 200, ryzen 3 1200 and gigabyte a320m-s2h mobo. He says he has everything connected correctly but he is getting a no signal. The mobo clearly has power because the heatsink turns on, all of his fans spin, his Hard drive spins. Everything seems to be okay, but nothing shows up on the monitor. He says his friend looked at everything and it was all connected correctly. What can I do to help him get something to display on his screen? Thanks guys.
  2. So my friend has an r9 200 and an fx4300 processor. He says his processor seems to be holding him back in some games. He wants to get a new PSU, SSD, and CPU. Should he go with a better FX processor or change his mobo to get an older used intel processor. In my opinion he'd get way more performance for the money doing it that way. His budget is about 150$ not including the other stuff. He also wants to do video editing. I personally think an i5 2400 or maybe a 4690k would be good with a used mobo, maybe even an i3 6100 if he upgrades his RAM and mobo. I just wanna hear some opinions. 150$ is his absolute max so I just want to hear some options. Thanks guys.
  3. So my steam workshop takes up about 50 gigabytes when I want to play Arma 3 exile from those mods alone. I am curious, can I change the location of this folder, and If I do, will it negate the faster load time that my ssd is supposed to give? I'd like to have the game on my SSD for faster loading, and my mods on the 1TB HDD so I can save space on the SSD.
  4. Thats the thing. I have no mods installed. I also just cleared the download cache and uninstalled all the games from my pc, but they still somehow appear when I scan the disk using treesize.
  5. So I only have 3 games installed on my SSD. Rust, GTA V, and Arma 3. It says those games take up 132gb of space. On the other hand I have a few games on my HDD (like 3 or 4 right now). My steam workshop folder is taking up 50gbs of space and I'm not sure why. Does anyone have any idea? I don't know how the workshop works.
  6. So the only stuff i want installed on my ssd is GTA, Rust, and Arma 3. All that added together should be 136 gb. (Gta is 85 gigs). Im just confused because with my storage sense on windows it says apps and games are 144 gbs and "other" is 50 gbs. The only folder in other is my steam library folder with those three games on it. So why are these things listed twice? And since I posted this topic, my SSD is now completely full and I havent installed anything else but portal 2 on my other HDD and TF2 on my HDD.
  7. Okay well whats confusing me, is that my games are appearing in the steam library folder and my apps and games section. My apps and games take up 109 gb and the steam library takes up 32? Im not sure how this is the case though because gta v is 65 gb. The only games installed on my C drive are rust (21gb), gta v (65gb), and arma (20gb)
  8. I've already got my downloads, documents, pictures, etc moved to my D drive
  9. Is there any way I can make windows dump all its crap onto my HDD instead?
  10. Well I'm a bit confused because I should only have 3 games installed onto my SSD, yet it had only 50 gb left and it is a 240gb SSD. Gta V is 65 gigs, Arma 3 is 20ish, Apex is supposed to be installed onto my D drive but thats 20 gigs, rust is about 21, and windows is 20 something. So why is my SSD so full now? I do have spotify, origin, steam, discord, chrome, and NZXT Cam installed but theres no way all that equals enough storage to make a difference.
  11. So I currently am using my ssd as my boot drive and my 1tb HDD as storage. I have installed all my really slow games on the SSD and the ones that don't have loading issues onto my HDD. I keep getting extra stuff downloading to my C drive however that I don't want. Under my Appdata games are being installed onto my HDD and my SSD. I think APEX legends might be installed in two places but I cant figure out where. Im super confused how all this works.
  12. So I just moved, and just got my pc setup. I installed a new HDD and SSD. I just noticed, however, my blue snowball is unusually echoey. I didn't change the setting at all, and I'm not sure why it is doing this. Even when I get right up next to the mic, it sounds like I'm in an empty room. IN fact this new room has a thicker carpet and a way lower ceiling. Could my mic just be completely broken?
  13. and just to be clear, it does boot. This screen shows up after my mobo splash screen and before the windows 10 logo
  14. I just installed Windows to my ssd and have made my other 1tb HDD a storage device. I am however experiencing a weird black screen with a white underscore cursor thing that moves down before going to the windows logo screen. It is a bit odd and id like to get rid of it. How do I do this? Is it something to do with my boot options?It's not a problem, just annoying and makes me feel like my PC is broken lol.