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  1. Acer because it has Full HD display. It's better for Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign.
  2. Downloading because you cannot rely on your internet always.
  3. Raspberry Pi has long been on the market and has a large community. It's better than new unknown product.
  4. Looks like a software problem. Check the drivers, frameworks, Visual C++.
  5. Ask how many OS's they know. or What is APU? http://www.downloadmoreram.com
  6. Nickname of the main character from TV show Scrubs.
  7. Started learning web development on my slow 8 year old PC, realised that it was painful using that slow machine and bought budget range used laptop. But for SSD did not have enough money and stuck with 5400RPM HDD. That's why i need SSD.