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  1. Wanted to get a second opinion on whether I should upgrade to my cpu. Gpu is a 1080ti and screen is 1440p (144hz). Civ 6, destiny 2, vermintide 2, POE, Diablo 3, company of heroes 2 are the main games I play.
  2. Hei, so ive got a ryzen 1600x along with AB350 gigabyte motherboard. Mine did exactly the same thing after i overclocked my ram (to its specifications). In fact mine would just do the blinking until I forced it to use the back-up bios. I got so annoyed by it that i ended up shorting my primary bios with a piece of wire. Thereby taking the risk of ruining my motherboard completely. Now it only tries the broken bios after it has lost all power and will rather quickly (in 10-20 sec) revert back to the back-up bios. Thus, if its anything like mine, its a currupt bios. If it still posts, try overwriting it. Mine wouldn't post so i couldnt overwrite it.
  3. Well euros, but we are going to Japan in October for 2 weeks, so vacation is also kinda covered.
  4. Thanks to all! I'll try to find something other than a new phone for now. reasoning as follows: - She's got an ipad (last birthday :D). - the 3 weeks away from next iphone release is quite the problem indeed. - also you're right, the iphone se isn't really showing its age, but I mean the touch id is slower than on the newer models. - the lockin to the apple ecosystem is real. All of our families have iphones and we live in different countries. Thus, imessage groups are a thing. Also shes got like 2 macbook airs - 1 personal 1 for work. - the main problem atm is that i need a gift in 3 days. might for for like a toaster or something... perhaps build her a gaming pc cause that costs about the same as a new iphone xs. She doesn't game, but perhaps there is a chance :o?
  5. It's my wife's birthday this weekend and I need a present. I could have thought about this during the 3 week vacation that i just had, but I had to play video games. I think it was unavoidable. In any case, currently, she has an iphone se and it's starting to show its age - she claims it doesn't but i need a gift. From the looks of it she very much likes the smallish size of the SE. Thus, my question is, what would be a good replacement. Was thinking of the iphone xs simply cause it seems to be ever so slightly smaller than the Xr. If neither of them is a good option i'm also open to other gift ideas. In terms of phones, we are utterly locked into the apple ecosystem thus it pretty much has to be an iphone.
  6. Regarding the 1600x vs 7700k, based on the video from Hardware unboxed, it makes little sense to get a 7700k for 1440p gaming when compared to the 1600x. Benchmarks put the 7700k only 1-2% ahead of the 1600x, with significantly higher cost. In fact, for the price difference, you could get a much better gpu, putting the 1600x ahead at the same price point.
  7. The aim of competition law is to, in essence, keep capitalism in check. In the EU, this means ensuring that if a new company wants to come on the market with a better product, it can do so. However, if intel was left unchecked, any company trying to come on the cpu market would simply go bankrupt, since no system builder would be allowed to use the products of the competitor. First time this happens, intel loses some money to the rebates. At the same time it sends a message that if you want to come and compete with intel, be prepared to suffer a loss until Intel runs out of money. the result is that it is no longer plausible for most companies to enter the market, since entering it would mean suffering a loss, even if their product could potentially be better. This in turn means that intel would no longer lose market share and consequently, no longer has to invest money into RnD since it has no competitors. It can simply price its products higher without providing anything new to the consumer.
  8. Intel stalling may be accurate, I'm sure that at least the lawyers are happy. Regarding AMD, the opposing side here is the EU Commission. AMD can be considered an interested 3rd party, but that does not oblige them to actually submit any arguments. However, the lack of a final verdict is harmful to AMD indirectly. Mostly, because before claiming damages from Intel for its "allegedly" abusive conduct, AMD will likely need to wait a final verdict on whether Intel is or is not guilty. In the alternative, AMD could open separate proceedings against intel. There it would need to prove that intel was a bad boy on its own, since there is no final verdict from the current proceedings. However, since its is nearly impossible to get access to intel's confidential documents which provide its abuse, the proceedings would likely stall until the the current proceedings end. Lastly, due to legal certainty, its difficult to claim damages for conduct which happened more than 10 years ago. Thus, if intel can delay it a bit more, it can indirectly reduce the damages it would need to pay AMD. Note that I dont actually know if they have opened up separate proceedings or not.
  9. I wanted to elaborate a bit more on the ruling. SpaceGhost got it more or less correct. Basically what the EU Commission had done was first assess the rebates and then assess the damage to competition through what they call an "as efficient competitor test". This then ended up in a fine. What the general court (lower court) did was assess the rebates and note that the AEC wasn't necessary so the quality of the AEC test wasn't assessed. It was in particular this argumentation that was overturned (since intel had argued that there were mistakes in the AEC test). So the current judgement still in essence says that if "bad" rebates are identified, they are per se illegal and no AEC test is necessary. However if the Commission has already gone through the trouble of doing an AEC test, then the test should also be assessed by the lower court, since it obviously formed a basis for identifying whether the rebates were bad. The end result is that this does nothing to the fine. Furthermore, since the AEC is an economic test, where the Commission has a very large margin of discretion, the courts generally can do very little there. Thus, this judgement is not actually beneficial for intel, since it simply extends the uncertainty arising from this case. And this case alone doesn't contain any argumentations that would allow for a reduced fine.
  10. I can assure you that once a word document gets longer than 200 pages and has some tables in it, which are connected to excel, or if you're editing the document in track changes, a dual core is not nearly enough. After 400 pages MS word is just a piece of junk that eats up CPU power like crazy. Work laptop has an i5-6200U, (2C/4T at 2.3 - i know its a laptop but still) and simple typing pushes the cpu to about 40%, scrolling is around 80% and any formatting changes or show/hide track changes pushes it to 100% and freezes word for a while.
  11. The 1700 and the 7700k were in principle also within the price range, but for some reason we never really considered them. Mainly due to both the 7700k and the 1600x delivering "similar" performance and meeting our baseline of what we'd consider acceptable and the 7700k being in essence like 100 eur more than the 1600x, (even more if the cost of the mobo is considered). Also partially because as we understand, the 7700k shines due to the over-clocks it can achieve. However we don't plan on overclocking. Thus, the performance difference between them is less than the price difference, making the 1600x better for us.
  12. Thank you all, the feedback has been incredibly helpful. We'll likely upgrade to ryzen then and keep our options open on the 1600x vs 1600 aspect.
  13. My friend and I are in the process of upgrading our slightly outdated computers and wanted final clarity on the upgrade path. The goal is to in essence upgrade the entire system, including eventually the screen (currently we're using some junk 1080p 60hz screens) So far we both upgraded our old r9 280x gpu's to an Asus strix 1080ti, which is still paired with our old cpus, I'm running a FX 8320 and he is running an i5-2500k (both on stock, my 8320 needs a small up in voltage just to run stable without an overclock and he simply doesn't care about overclocking). It would ("totally surprisingly") seem that we're experiencing some bottle-necking from the CPU side. As in the fans on the gpu are generally not running (excellent silent gaming by the way). So the next step is to upgrade the cpu's. Our use scenario is generally gaming, with a ton of other things running at the same time on the second screen - e.g. skype, youtube for music, twitch (currently no intention to stream) etc. It is our understanding that for that particular use scenario the ryzen 1600x would be preferable to the i5 7600, or at least more future proof. The logic being that while for "pure" gaming the i5 would be better, the use of other programs in parallel would push the ryzen ahead. Is this understanding correct? Subsequently we're thinking of getting new screens. The question is either 4k 60hz or 1440p 144hz. Currently we're leaning slightly towards the 1440hz simply because of the claimed responsiveness. Would this affected the cpu choice in any way?
  14. I got bored and did a clean install of windows on a new ssd I had laying around. seems to be fixed. thank you. (this had been going on for a few months now and psu seemed to be fine)
  15. So basically windows will hang randomly, usually when I e.g. try to access some website. What will happen is that it won't load and will gradually lock up. The mouse and keyboard remain responsive and if I have a game open (lets say diablo 3) then it I can continue to play it until the rest of the pc unhangs itself. I can also switch between programs, but if i do it more than 1-2 times, those will lock up as well. One thing that i've noticed is that my C drive activity goes to 0 for the duration of the hang (other hard drives have continued working), due to which I'm suspecting that its the C drive that's being special. So what do you guys think? Should i go and get a new hard drive?