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  1. I don't see any reason why you couldn't do it, but by the time you rewire everything and have it configured I think you'll find that multiple pcs with some shared storage might be better, even in terms of cost-to-performance. Once I get back to school I plan to have a big rig build, a MacBook or similar for mobile stuff, and a nas to tie it all together. Until wireless HDMI dongles become mainstream, there's just no replacement for a desktop imo.
  2. Most of my college-age friends have been hoping for something like this for months... Although I'm personally not sold quite yet, I can attest that it's not just appealing to kids.
  3. @kaiju_wars @Nowak I would find it strange that it would have no gyro if they advertise it alongside BoTW... I played the game mostly off the dock solely because the tilt controls felt better for arrows. Similar to the "no hd rumble", it doesn't mean no rumble but it does mean it's gonna be inferior *if it's there.
  4. Other names were considered, such as: Nintendo Fuse Nintendo Repeater Nintendo Stuck-Closed Switch Nintendo Short Etc.
  5. Well if you're brave enough then anything's a di... Nevermind.
  6. Name 5 Vita exclusives that are worth my time. Also, this console is designed to carry the legacy of both the Wii and 3ds line, and it's about as well executed as a first gen console could be imo. The 3ds alone would be a better choice in the Vita weight class (no contest though).
  7. Why did my brain snap to NERV instead of CERN...
  8. Given that 1 sounds like as much as a fire hazard as Chernobyl, I'd go with 2. Only because I've had a psu catch fire on me in the past and if I hadn't unplugged it I'd probably be homeless rn.
  9. Nope, the only thing you're getting flack for is not trimming that monstrosity of a reply for us mobile users.
  10. Maximize your self. Every day, expand your existence. You determine what that means, and it's not necessary a dream job or ideal spouse or maximum wealth. Do everything you can to prove to yourself that you are present and real, which can only be done in terms of your relationships. Being completely isolated makes any achievement meaningless. Learn to love everyone, so you can learn from them the things you lack in both information and goodness. Do that habitually, and you'll have fun not only eventually but also in the present. If you're not living to get better, you're no different than an animal. Imho
  11. *cough*ᵉᵛᵃⁿᵍᵉˡᶦᵒⁿ
  12. @DrMacintosh @SenpaiKaplan I think I may have fatally misinterpreted something... Did the supreme Court decide that the supreme Court would hear the case, or did the supreme Court decide that lower courts would have to hear the case as opposed to it being blocked?
  13. For sure. I think in the future I'm going to move my sensitive internet usage to a separate untracked machine, but for convenience's sake I don't mind tracking whatever I browse casually on my Android. I think the trade of convenience for data is fine in most cases as long as users have control over it, but in effect I think companies should be able to cut some (keyword: some) services from users that disable tracking.
  14. I'll note that internet access is not since ethereal human right and that the only reason it exists is because corporations can profit from it. Telling them not to track your data is as good as saying that, at your whim, they lose a big chunk of revenue. (Not that they're not completely oversaturated with cash, however...)