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  1. Does anyone know what site the tickets are going to be sold on?
  2. You would probably have to buy tickets I assume. Maybe they can work something out though?
  3. Shit, I don't have any tape! Now I gotta macgyver something! EDIT: Have to go to bed soon. There is no way I am gonna be able to sleep before LTX
  4. Same here! I'm getting about a 40 minute drive to the center from here. I plan on arriving pretty early aswell.
  5. @CPotter How many tickets did you guys sell? What are the rules on food items? Where is the Dennis Dunk Tank? So many questions! (But serously, I do want to know the first two)
  6. Yay! Think you will make it to LTX tomorrow? EDIT: Have Nice Flight Dont Die
  7. Got an update for us? Looks good if it got delayed by 2 hours, then 1. Why can't you check into your airbnb late? Also, saw the quantum computer and got pictures. Shiny!
  8. Dude that sucks! I would love to help out but sadly only have a single room and single bed (almost too smal for two people). Maybe you could get a cheap hotel somewhere? I'll ask about rides to and from though!
  9. Roger That. Can't open your fancy iOS Beta files files... Sounds cool though. Anything else there that I should check out? Headed there now.
  10. Not sure how I'm gonna hold myself over until LTX! Gotta find something to do!
  11. Someone set up a CCTV camera for when the big crash happens! Anyone got ideas?
  12. Finally in Canada! Now I have to try and get some sleep tonight (god knows I won't) and actually wake up in time to make it to LTX! H Y P E D!
  13. Flight leaves in less than 15 hours, i'm hyped! I'll hopefully see you all there!
  14. @CPotter Do we get a spin on the 16K Gaming setup?