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  1. For some reason my NB voltage is on auto and it is 1.4000V so i dialed it down to 1.2000.Doing this brings my CPU temps even lower,so that's great i guess. I think 1866 is the way to go for me cuz 2133 is making the system somewhat less responsive idk why. My ram is just some generic Samsung 1600Mhz 2x8 sticks. But a great overclocker as i see. Never had issues like BSOD when overclocking memory. It's rated speed is 1600mhz but i've never ran it at that speed anyway. 1866 seems to be the sweetspot. And i personally installed those aftermarket coolers on my ram cuz it didn't have any and it was just staying there being ugly so i couldn't resist not to put some fancy coolers and the other + is cooling
  2. I'm still thinking about the Ram speed tho. 2133mhz gives me about 5-10points in Cibebench R15,but i lost my initial FC5 Benchmarks and i don't know the exact fps that i got so i can compare 1866 to 2133mhz. I do have installed aftermarket Coolers on my memory sticks and they don't get hot . not even warm even. i managed to run them at 2133 with slightly higher timings . Like 13 13 13 34 and it is perfectly stable. I don't know what's the difference between DDR4 and DDR3,but when i compare them it seems like the DDR4 has a lot higher timings so i guess +2 +2 +2 +8~9 on the timings wont brake the performance.. My bios D.O.C.P has also 2400mhz profile,but i guess that would be totally pointless.
  3. Thanks for the info and the advice. I was able to get stable 4.8Ghz overclock using Multiplier with 1.43~V,but with LLC on High it wasn't dropping below 1.440. The temps was a little bit on the High side tho.. Which was due to my Case being particularly bad at providing good airflow. I fixed that tho by buying Cooler Master MasterCase H500 with 2x 200mm fans at front. Now with the same settings in the bios CPU doesn't go over 55degrees and package never goes over 48-49 which is perfect,but for some reason 4.8Ghz doesn't give me the performance i was looking for idk why. In FC5 4.8Ghz gives me about 71fps average and 66low and that's at max settings with 1.1 res scale,but when i apply the 4.6Ghz 1.3400V FC5 stays at 75-76 average and 70low which is strange at best. So i decided to leave it at 4.6Ghz and i also upgraded my GPU from R9 290X to RX580 which is not being bottlenecked which is more than good. And i'm curious if i should leave my ram at 2133mhz>< I'm using DDR3 1600mhz sticks with 9-9-9-24 timings,but when i'm using D.O.C.P. 2133 they go to 11-11-11-36 so i guess i should leave them in the middle 1866Mhz 9-9-9-24.
  4. I bought this board and cpu year ago from a friend which was using Custom water loop and 5ghz with 1.4800V with no problem whatsoever. I can easily just ramp up the voltage,but i have a cooling bottleneck.. So i wan't something like 4.7 4.8 at around 1.4000-1.4250V max.
  5. People are using this exact board for LN2 overclocking 8Ghz+ with no problem. Chipset has nothing to do with the power delivery and that board has some of the finest and the only better board is the Sabertooth. Although 990FX chipset has support for SLI/CF this 970 board has official support for that too. So there isn't really downsides. And a very poorly made 970 board like Asrock or MSi ones are probably going to throttle even a 4.5ghz overclock because of the Power delivery and poor vrms.
  6. it passed Cinebench R15 with 750 points at 4.8 ghz at 1.416V. 24x200 multiplier 2133 ram 2400 NB and 2400 HT. Will look forward in to it with some gaming and see what will happen. maybe the bus speed was causing some instability issues.
  7. I've been monitoring my VRM temps they are not even hot to the touch. My NB on the other side is burning hot,but i think that is pretty normal cuz everyone is experiencing this and i managed to put a small 80mm fan on top of it and now it's barely warm. I'll try using the Multiplier to overclock it now and see what will happen. I'll let u know.
  8. Hey guys i have an old Fx8350 and Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura and i'm trying to get it to 4.8ghz stable. I'm using fsb to overclock. Right now is on 18.5x255 and running at 4.7Ghz with HT Link at 2814mhz and NB at 2302mhz. My Ram speed is at 1702mhz. It is pretty much stable at 1.404V,but no matter what i do i just can't get a stable 4.8. I'm using Deepcool Gammaxx 240 AIO cooler and my temps are getting to like 52 53 so i have a small headroom there to like 62. I tried with 1.450V and P95 and Cinebench R15 are good but when gaming and using my second monitor for Facebook&Youtube the system will hardlock almost every time. Any more voltage will raise the temps to near 62 degrees which i don't know if it's the maximum or not but it's certainly not in my comfortable range. I have LLC to High as well as NB LLC to high. CPU current capability is at 130% And the powerphase control is on Asus Optimized. NB voltage i'm using is 1.20000 and i also don't know if that's enough or not. Can somebody tell me where is the problem? Before i got the AIO i was using BeQuiet Pure Rock 120 and was running solid on 4.6Ghz at 1.335V and P95 Running for like 1-2hours no crash. Any tips would be perfect and if somebody is still using that CPU please let me know what settings are you running it on as it could help me a lot Also i saw that my motherboard can be and it is used for LN2 Overclocking so it's a very stable board from what i saw and what i've experienced.
  9. HristoBB

    Strange behavior from RX580

    Nope i'm not that stupid i already ran a couple of tests. Playing games running benchmarks stress tests,but nothing worked. It only shows 8x And i have Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB with clock speed of 1411 and mem speed of 2000mhz,but i have overclocked it to 1440 and 2200 stable with no problems. But it doesn't matter if it is clocked or not it only shows up as 8x 2.0
  10. HristoBB

    Strange behavior from RX580

    Hey guys! Recently i bought an RX580 GPU and installed it in my Computer which has Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura mobo and and FX8350 CPU clocked to 4.7Ghz. I have M.2 SSD and 2 Sata III SSD's . But when i open GPU-Z my gpu only shows that it is running at 8x 2.0 PCI-E speeds.I do understand that AMD chipsets doesn't support PCI-E 3.0 but my old R9 280x was working at 16x 2.0 speeds and the Rx580 is working at only 8x. Not that my performance is bad i can play almost every game at maxed out settings at 1080p. Anyone knows what's the reason?
  11. HristoBB

    R9 280x strange behavior

    2 Days later the same problems came back while using the 2 dvi outputs from my video card..
  12. HristoBB

    R9 280x strange behavior

    I'll see if there is a problem with using both DVI's but so far it seems to be good maybe a couple of days it will come back to being glitchy idk we'll see i guess
  13. HristoBB

    R9 280x strange behavior

    For some reason i always get to experience only the strangest things regarding building/using computers..
  14. HristoBB

    R9 280x strange behavior

    Also for some reason after changing from HDMI to DVI via HDMI to DVI connector my card started idling at 300mhz instead of 500mhz which idk if it's related but it never did that before and also the temps are normal now sitting at around 34 at idle where before it never came down from 45..
  15. HristoBB

    R9 280x strange behavior

    Also the TV that i'm using have Gaming and PC mode where all the features of the Tv are disabled and it starts to operate like a monitor with 1ms of reaction time and autoswitching on when i turn on my pc .