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  1. I also have my 2 front 200m fans connected to the card so they don't spin at all until the card hits 55 degrees and they work flawlessly . They are Cooler master MF200R fans. i think they are rated for 0.3 amps but i'm not sure. In Cm's site they say Fan safety current 0.3 amp. Card supports up to 1 Amp per 4pin fan header.
  2. Just buy contact cleaner and spray all over the card. It should remove most of the smell and also clean and protect the contacts from future corrosion .
  3. Hey there guys. Recently i bought a 1070Ti Asus Strix and so far it's doing great. Games are running smoothly at 120+ fps no prob. temps are pretty good too. Recently i discovered that when at idle the center fan is spinning at it's lowest speed but it is not registered by HW monitor. There it says 0Rpm. When i run a game they ramp up at around 57 58 degrees and everything is normal ,but i think when at idle they should all stop spinning. What do u think about this?
  4. Jesus that's terrible actually i've never had such a problem before with Nvidia,but i guess i'll have to live with it. I guess that it for this topic... Thank you
  5. I don't think that's true because when i disconnect my HDMI cable Memory speed goes back to 300mhz and core temp is going down to 37-38 instead of 50.
  6. Yes and that's keeping the GPU temps at 50 degrees when they can be at 37-38 if the ram is defaulting at 300mhz. Not that it's a big problem,but if it can be resolved why not?
  7. I've changed my thermal paste recently since i have this card for almost 1 year now,but didn't notice any improvements. It wouldn't go to 80 degrees in the 1st place. Max i've seen is 72 to 73 and with a custom fan profile it never goes over 65 and stays pretty quiet aswell. And with memory of 2100 and memory timings at level 2 i'm getting 5 to 10 fps more in most game.
  8. Hey there guys. I have a slight problem with my RX 580 Sapphire Nitro +. The problem is that the memory clock always stays at 2000mhz which is the stock max clock for the memory. I'm also using overclock profile for 2100mhz which will sometime trigger the fans and they will ramp up for a couple seconds and then stop. My case is well ventilated,but still my GPU is staying at around 50 to 53 degrees at idle with fans stopped which is a little bit high knowing that i have direct airflow with 200mm fan on it. I'm currently using 2 monitors. 27 inch asus 144hz 1ms 1080p and 21 inch Philips 60 hz for monitoring temps and facebook. Asus is connected through HDMI and the Philips through DVI. Whenever i disconnect the HDMI cable and leaving only the second monitor on the memory clocks will return to normal idle state at 300mz and the GPU temp will drop to around 37 to 40 degrees. (The cooling block is also making contact with the memory modules so when they heat up it heats the gpu even tho it is not used) I've tried lowering the refresh rate although that if it even works it's not a permanent solution cuz i'm not willing to sacrifice 144hz,but it didn't work. For now only completely removing the HDMI cable from the Video Card works. Any ideas? Should i switch to display port instead? And i've just bought the Asus monitor,but before that i was using Panasonic 32 inch TV and the clocks were the same 2000mhz all the time... also using the HDMI for it. So maybe it is the HDMI that's causing this problem after all?
  9. So how can u achieve stable 1560 ?
  10. Hey guys i have a Sapphire Nitro + RX 580 which i currently run with a Sapphire Limited Edition BIOS which bumps my core clocks to 1450Mhz and it's rock stable with 1.180V. I tried to compare the Bios from RX590 and there's just no difference between the two of them. Just the Clock speed is 1560. Also a little tighter ram timings. AMD Says that 590 uses a 12nm silicone,but both 590 and 580 has 232mm die's and both have 5700mil transistors. Also TDP is the same so we can't speak of lithography difference here. Soooo yeaaah. My RX580 has Dual bios and i'm not concerned about bricking my card and i tried to flash RX590 bios ... AAAnd voila it worked ! The PC rebooted fine . I didn't even had to reinstall drivers. Checking in GPU-Z it still says i have RX580 series,but the default clock is now 1560Mhz. So it worked it's stable in windows,but as u can guess it is clearly not stable in games although i can now bump the voltage to 1.212 now instead of 1.200 which makes the card stable at 1500mhz and no more. This gave me about 5 to 10% percent in Far Cry 5 benchmark over the Sapphire Limited Edition 1450mhz Core and overclocked memory to 2100 with mem timing on Lvl 2. Temps are not that much higher. I have custom profile which won't let the core go over 65 degrees. What do u think about it ?
  11. This guy is getting 80k + with same ram speed and little bit lower latency. Also different CPU,but i don't know if that's making the difference. There were even 100k + scores with 3600Mhz DDR4 ram. I don't know if mine is good or not. Never did this test before.
  12. Hey there guys. Today i tried the AIDA64 Memory test and i think the numbers that i'm getting are little bit on the low side. My PC has: Asus X99 Deluxe I7 5820K 4.2 Ghz 4.0Ghz cache 32GB 4x8 Mushkin RedLine 3200Mhz DDR4 16 18 18 36 1.35V RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ Limited Edition FSP 750W 80+ Silver Adata SX6000NP NVMe. Samsung 850Evo SATA III Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200Rpm 64mb cache HDD . I'm running X.M.P. Profile so my memory is running at it's rated 3200Mhz speed and in AIDA64 i'm only getting aroud 62 000mb read and write speeds. Is this normal? I've seen some pictures of Qaud Channel DDR3 that are gettinh higher numbers than mine. Also i tried manually adjusting my memory speeds to 3200 with latency of 15 17 17 35 which was stable throughout the test and results were pretty much 1:1 .
  13. Do u remember what voltage do u use ? I've managed to lower my voltage to 1.16V and it's stable at 4.2 Ghz.. Temps never going above 62 degrees and the PC is dead quiet.