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    Overclocking, Virtualization, Networking, Information Security, PC Hardware, Server Systems, Data Centers, Digital Photography, and Music.
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    i3-2120 @ 3.30GHz
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    Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3
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    8 GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHz
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    AMD Radeon HD 5870
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    Fractal Arc Mini R2
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    Samsung EVO 840 120GB, WD Caviar Blue 500 GB
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    Seasonic G550
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    BenQ GW2250
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    Corsair H60
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    Logitech K100
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    Logitech M100
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    Edifier X600 2.1
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    Windows 7 Professional

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  1. Closing this topic now. Thanks for all your help. We found a used Dell Poweredge R310 server with Xeon E3-E5507 and 4GB RAM and already bought it. I hope we made the right decision and hope it will serve us well and not to die soon enough.
  2. Main reason is I need to regulate our bandwidth usage by implementing web filter rules and to set up dedicated bandwidth per network using QoS. Second is VPN for our partners' remote access because I don't like using third party VPN software, and so I could troubleshoot at home. . Other reason is IDS/IPS and Gateway Antivirus. I forgot to include captive portal above, the management wants to give WiFi access to our clients. In my previous office I'm using Fortinet and Cyberoam UTM appliances but my current employer can't afford any commercial UTM right now and I don't know any cheaper alternative. I only know of pfSense and Untangle. I'm also aware that it won't be able to compete with the commercial UTM's feature and performance, but it's better to have it than nothing. It's an upgrade to our current production setup (DD-WRT, Yes I know). I'm currently looking for reviews on Mikrotik devices, and also considering your suggestion as another option if it fit my requirements. :lol: Thank You!
  3. Hi, I am planning to build a pfSense box for a small business environment. I would like to know if the AMD Athlon 5350 2.05GHz Quad-Core is a good choice for our environment, if not kindly suggest me a better processor or possibly a better build. The budget allocated for this project is just $270 only. Also, please consider the following details for your reference: Workstations = 40 Internal Servers = 5 Servers in DMZ = 2 OpenVPN = Max of 5 sessions. Webfilter = Yes Snort = Yes ClamAV = Maybe? Internal Routing = No, our layer 3 switch handles the routing in our internal network except going to the DMZ. NAT = YES Thank You!
  4. Hi, Has anyone of you tried using this appliance? I'm new to systems/storage admin job and I need to access the RAID controller of this in order to check its RAID Config and physical drives. The problem I am seeing is that there is no display port in this appliance, the only available port is iSCSI and CRT (RJ45) port. Storage appliance is connected via iSCSI cable to another server, the only thing I can see on that server is the logical drive not the physical drives and raid config. Haven't tried via CRT though. Hope someone can help me to access its RAID Controller. Thank you!
  5. Very clean shot, deep black and nice focusing on the moon 9/10 Here's mine. I'm using Finepix s4200 and I'm new to photography scene
  6. I'm planning to get a WD Caviar Green for storage purposes only. I've read all around the internet that the Green one has a head parking issue which degrades the drives lifespan. How about the newer WD Green (EZRX), does it still have the same issue or they already applied a permanent fix for that without using the wdidle utility? Thanks! :lol:
  7. Wow, thanks for giving me a detailed guide. Currently it has a 2GB DDR2 RAM dunno about its frequency, it's still on Windows XP Home Ed., I downgraded it from Windows Vista Home Basic, I thought that the high CPU Utilization could be an OS problem.
  8. I think it's not? Lol, I'm just gonna check it again Yeah, it is a Mobile Express 4 Chipset I still got my Tuniq-TX4 laying around :lol: . and, If heat would be an issue, are external cooling pads a big help? :huh: Thanks for the responses.
  9. Hello guys, are there any of you which had experiences in upgrading a laptop's CPU? I had an Inspiron 1545 Laptop which has a Celeron 900 (45nm Penryn, Socket P) 1C/1T @ 2.20GHz. I gave it already to my mom for web surfing and video streaming, now I noticed that when she uses it for streaming any web videos (youtube, etc.) the browser's CPU usage goes to 90%-99% which generates stuttering. I found a Core 2 T6xxx around the internet for sale, the socket and architecture is similar to the current CPU my laptop has. In case I bought the Core 2 Duo CPU, do you think some issues will surface, or will it work right away once I installed it? Thank You! :lol:
  10. My issue has been resolved. I've replaced my PSU with a Seasonic G550. Thanks everyone for the feedbacks.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, that's what I'm planning to propose.
  12. Hi guys, I'm wondering if there is a similar feature like creating a snapshots in Virtual Machines in windows using a software. My current office station has lot of applications needed to be open because it is used for systems and resource monitoring. Now, there are instances that this computer crashes, and it's a pain in the arse re-opening those things again. Is there anyway I could save the current working state, and when it crashes again I could just recover the recent working state to avoid re-opening the applications again? Thank You! :lol: :lol:
  13. Somehow I finally figured out how to make the exported image identical from my LR. I just changed the color space from sRGB to my monitor's color space. Now, I wonder how does my image looks like on other monitors.
  14. Hello, I am having a problem right now when my Video Card is inserted, my system hangs, displays went off randomly, and GPU fans started spinning at 100%. However this doesn't happen when GPU is not inserted. I checked the 12v Rails of my PSU using a multimeter and below are the results. Without my GPU inserted: 12V1 = 11.73V, 12V2 = 11.72V With GPU inserted: 12V1 = 11.57V 12V2 = 10.8V Do you think that my PSU is causing the problem? BTW, I got an HD 5870, and a AcBEL CE2 500 PSU. Specs of my PSU below Thanks Thanks! :lol:
  15. Hi, thanks for informing about broken links. I've updated it now, and should be working by now.