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  1. no what I mean is that I have it plugged in as a storage drive and I am able to use it as a separate drive but not as a boot drive
  2. I can use it as a storage drive but not as a boot drive, so does I don't even know if it is a dead drive or does it have something to do with drivers or windows 10
  3. I have it as optimized and yes I am sure because it's a evga card so the graphics card isn't oc and the processor isn't oc since I reverted back to optimized.
  4. So previously my computer would crash/hang for no reason, now after spending some time reformatting and updating windows it's still crashing butnot as quickly. I have samsung 3.1 driver downloaded and have the latest updates for windows 10, nvidia drivers, and asus motherboard drivers. I don't have the Samsung magician driver, not sure if that would be a problem I don't know what to do anymore. I ran some test and it says drive is healthy. I CAN USE THIS AS A STORAGE DRIVE
  5. I can't find the older version. And the newer version freezes
  6. I heard that the latest samsung driver v.3.1 has problems so I am not sure
  7. It's both it hangs and the mouse moves really slow, screen freezes and than bsod
  8. no sata cables need to plug in since it's a nvme, m.2 drive. Also I haven't installed any drivers besides the drivers from intel
  9. I did over 20 times in the past month which is why I think it's the nvme
  10. I have a samsung 970 evo and it would constantly hang and freeze. I thought it was the os until. I force shut down the pc and removed the nvme and replug it in. It would work for between 1 min and 30 mins. Then, proceeds to repeat. Is this normal and are there any solutions to this problem.
  11. Hopefully I didn't forget to change any other passwords and malwarebytesand it said no threats found
  12. orignally this person scammed me for $100 than today he was blackmailing me for $50
  13. I should have trusted my gut but didn't. I feel like I should have known better. Since I reformated my computer is there anyway that he will have remote access or keylogger on my computer anymore