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  1. Somehow I found the problem. My PC would intermittently establish connection up to 200 IPs at once. I use TCPView to monitor the connections and somehow System Process connects to these IPs suddenly. It happens when I'm playing some game, browsing youtube, or just idling. After awhile, these connections were dropped and resource monitor shows everything back to normal. Below are the 2 pictures containing 4 sets of sudden TCP connection. What is going on here?
  2. I agree if CheesusFreak would actually let the connection goes through, the number of connections would be small though. By the way, he/forbes article claimed 5500 connections were made. That guy should make another test with numbers of connections that went through.
  3. Look, I don't claim it is my article. I just share it from Forbes and summarized it. Where there is now a debunk article, I will gladly read it. HOWEVER, what about the connection to Non-Private IPs? What about the rest of the 2100 connections that the article didn't "debunk"? We need Microsoft to be more transparent about this. I am trying to be neutral here hoping there are 2 sides of argument discussed constructively. Cheers.
  4. 1. 2. Even though I'm a new to the forum, I know what it's like to be on informative forum and follow the guideline. The topic I posted here is an update to what we discussed 4 months ago. Ergo, I mentioned it has been proven in November last year but we didn't know how much or how constantly the telemetry is. 5500 times is a big number in only 8 hours period. 3. Pretty much I feel that this telemetry is the same feature we agreed upon with Google and Facebook. However, due to it being on OS level and the lack of transparency from Microsoft in divulging the information, I wonder if it is seem ethical or even invasive to do so.
  5. I would prefer to keep the comments civil and constructive on this topic since we are discussing tin-foil worthy information. For me, I believe this serves similarly to anonymous stats uploading of many software that we agreed upon at. However, the reluctance of Microsoft to divulge further information or transparency on this topic has doubt me so.
  6. Does hen tai considered normal? If it doesn't I have to delete them tentacles.
  7. So that's why they have been pushing out Windows 10 for free *Puts on tinfoil hat* It has been proven that on last November, even after disabling the 3 tracking pages in Windows 10 setup, the operating system's extensive telemetry (or ‘spying’ as it has been labelled) cannot be stopped. A guy named CheesusCrust on Voat conducted an extensive investigation which found Windows 10 contacts Microsoft and Non-Private IP over 5500 times in 8 hour period. After enabling third party tool DisableWinTracking, the number has been reduced to 2758 times to 30 different IP address in 30 hour period. CheesusCrust tested it on clean install Windows 10 Enterprise which should provide the most control over all version of Windows 10. In November, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore argued: As of now, Microsoft has only been able to reply with, "I’m afraid we are not able to provide a comment on this." This situation somehow reminds me of Skynet from Terminator. What do you guys think of this so-called "extensive telemetry"? EDIT1: Feel free to post your opinion here and discuss constructively. I would like this topic stays neutral and the comments are about the upside and the downside of this implementation. EDIT2: We now have an article from ZDNet challenging this as pointed out by user ManIkWeet, http://www.zdnet.com/article/when-it-comes-to-windows-10-privacy-dont-trust-amateur-analysts/ Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2016/02/09/windows-10-data-tracking-spying-levels/#1398ad7b7aa9 https://voat.co/v/technology/comments/835741
  8. Well contacting my ISP is a bit of a heck to mess, I will do that a little bit later. WinMTR helps me with packet loss, is there a way to measure my packet count and no. of connections?
  9. Basically past few days, my home internet would intermittenly stop responding or you could say, becomes super laggy with packet drops. Every website I clicked takes awhile to load or even fails with DNS_Probe error (I'm using google dns btw). At first I suspect it was a router/splitter issue, but changing my LAN port from the splitter to the router and the problem still persist. So I checked my resource monitor and noticed that my TCP connections jumped to 100 instead of normal under 50. I opened cmd and netstat -a and found out that there are multiple connection going through port 58000 to 59000 to and fro of my PC. I am still baffled whether this is a DDOS attack or router issue or simply ISP issue. Is there a way I can check how many connection made through IP/IPs? I ran multiple dedicated servers on multiple machines seperated from my network so I guess the motive to DDOS me is possible?
  10. Cat, LTT Lead Web Designer. That would be cool business card.
  11. Forbes did the same. I seem to miss any backlash against Forbes. They offers user who whitelisted their site to only display light advertisement for 30 days trial. Well now the sponsored content is upon us. THE ADS ARE GETTING SMARTER!
  12. My Windows is currently stuck in my 60 gb SSD that I bought few years back when the technology was still new. Ran out of space even with running Windows Update. Then I got creative and Symbolic Link delivers! Using link shell extension to move and create junction of my Program Files and Application Data, I can now update my Windows again. Unlocker helps too to unlock those pesky explorer locked files. Would be awesome, and I stress AWESOME if I could get my hand on dem DANKIEST Panther SSD. My 2nd SSD is almost full and I blame Battlefield 4 for that. Panther SSD is endorsed by Black Panther in the upcoming Civil War movie. jk