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  1. Yes this should work as long as the host hardware for the VM is similar to the computers you'll be imaging to. I know windows deployment services has a way you can convert an image and apply it to a machine so Microsoft supports it.
  2. Start without touching voltage, increase core clock and run some kind of stress test (prime95 works well for me). Rinse and repeat until you start crashing. Watch your temps and if you find your temps are too high then lower your voltage slowly.
  3. https://www.samsung.com/in/support/model/NP300E5V-S02IN/ VGA(Graphics)AMD Grab that driver, uninstall your current one, then install this one.
  4. AMD's old switchable graphics are a pain in the ass to get working, you need to make sure you're using the most recent OEM approved drivers. That means go to your laptop manufacturer's website and download the gpu drivers for your model laptop there. It'll probably be a 15.x driver, from there you can set your switchable graphics preferences between your integrated graphics and rendering chip. What brand/model laptop do you have?
  5. Internally certificates signed from your own CA work fine and many businesses employ them simply by deploying the CA cert through GPOs, so I don't see why that wouldn't work on the WAN. The only real purpose of a trusted CA is so you don't have to manually install certificates before someone can access your webpage.
  6. If PIA works while this is happening the problem is definitely either the router or your ISP, I'd call your ISP and complain to them to see if they can eliminate the problem.
  7. Ye I'd say it's an Xfinity problem, if it's the same deal on multiple machines then definitely is. If you connect to say Netflix after a couple of attempts and then you refresh the page does it reconnect right away or does it recreate the problem? Seems like comcast either messed up their static routes or there's some TLS problem.
  8. This is exactly what should be done. Talk to your sysadmin and have him make you a DHCP reservation on those networks. Even if you can only get 1 reservation then you can reconfigure to not use APIPA and set a static IP address when a DHCP server isn't in range.
  9. I think you're misinterpreting the question, he's looking for a 4G router so he can get off his current network. Unfortunately it seems that price range is what those routers will run you nowadays, I'd wait for them to catch on a little more and let the price lower.
  10. Can you screenshot the error? It may be the Apache service doesn't have permission to access your web directory.
  11. Come on people, this poor man just wants to play with a NAS and figure out how it works. Power to you. One thing about FreeNAS is it likes having it's own disk to boot off of and it's own disks for storage. Once you got your prereqs boot into the shell interface and run "ifconfig". That'll get you your ip info. Now you can log into your FreeNAS server via http or https (recommended). Your default username should be root and the password is what you set. After you're in, Storage -> Pools to create a storage pool and Sharing -> SMB shares to create a share. Edit: OP, if you have more questions just quote me. I recently finished building a FreeNAS server so all the info is fresh in my head ?
  12. Not to mention if you install windows yourself the manufacturer can't install a ton of bloat-ware. Given windows 10 already does this to an extent...
  13. VNC is a universal protocol that works on Windows Mac and Linux Mac has a built in VNC server. You can read about how to enable it here.
  14. That should work perfectly.
  15. Typically white noise on a mic is caused by the noise inside your machine before it's converted to a digital signal. I'd recommend getting (if you don't have one already) a cheap external USB sound card. The card will convert to digital before sending it to the cpu. I've had great success with this and my modmic 4.