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  1. I have this weird thing going on. It shows on startup that I need to press F2/DEL to go into BIOS/UEFI but when I do that my screen goes black and nothing happens. Ive tried all ports on my graphics card. (Palit RTX 2070 Super X) Neither the 3 Displayport or the one HDMI port works. (Obviously I switched between the sources on my monitor Asus PG279Q) But it boots into Windows just fine and I do not have any issues. Mainboard is -> Asrock Fatal1ty b450 gaming-itx/ac
  2. Yeah you have a point there. Do you happen to know if the 2070s or the 5700xt is louder under the same conditions?
  3. I want to make a SFF Build and I bought everything exept an graphics card. My budget is around 500 Euros and it should run VR games. On my other PC I have an GTX 980Ti and VR is working flawlessly but I need this new computer for my living room. The case I am using is the Fractal Design Node 202 so I have a few restrictions regarding the size of the card. GPU max dimensions (LxHxD) -> 310x145x47 mm Below you will find the cards I chose and why I chose them. If you have other suggestions let me have them. Please note that the pricings below are austrian prices and I dont want to buy my card anywhere else. I dont want to wait for another 2 months till it will be shipped or something like that. Those are the options: 1. Palit GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER X, 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP (NE6207S019P2-180F) | 530 Euro -> Blower Style Cooler for the SFF build. I will also put two extra 120mm fans into the case facing to the card. It is the cheapest RTX 2070 Super card I could find. But since it is a blower type cooler it will be most likely louder. It is also slightly over my budget but I can cope with that. 2. Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Windforce 2X 8G [Rev. 3.0], 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP (GV-N2070WF2-8GD) | 430 Euro -> Not a RTX Super card and it is a open air cooler. So the hot air will have to be ventilated via the top vent (possibly hotter overall temps). But its much cheaper and possibly quieter (if I can dissipate the heat from the case) 3. PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT, 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP (AXRX 5700 XT 8GBD6-3DH) | 392 Euro -> It is also a blower style cooler, so it will be better for the case temps but it will be louder then a open air one. I also never had a Radeon card before. I read many times in different forums that the AMD drivers arent that great and are very buggy. That is why I am so hesitant to buy them. Also who knows if I get the version with the upgraded BIOS? And if I get a model which was on the shelf a long time and I upgrade the BIOS myself. I honestly do not know if this voids my warranty.
  4. Uff, I did not even consider it to build it that small but, I like that form factor a lot. Furthermore its really portable! At this point I have to ask. Do you have to upgrade the Bios on this board too? Because as written at the Asrock homepage the Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 needs one to be able to handle the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. Is this the case with this Motherboard as well? I would also like put two Fractal Design Venturi HP-12 PWM 120mm Fans in too, to keep a positive air pressure inside the case. Do you have experience with the Sabrent Rocket NVME SSDs? I dont know this brand. Yeah the 970 Evo is really expensive, so I will definitely drop it. I am very interested in the build boggy77 posted though. It could be a challenge to build but dayum that is a small PC.
  5. Hey there, I wanted to ask you what you think about my hardware configuration? I want to play VR Games in my living room, so I need a PC which does not take up much space. Here is the link to my setup (if somebody does not want to klick on this link for whatever reason I have also included a screenshot): https://geizhals.at/?cat=WL-1466412 I am from Austria so the prizes may be a little higher than somewhere else. Furthermore I chose the Asrock B450 Steel Legend as my mainboard but the availability in my country is not great (would have to wait 2-3 weeks till shipment). Maybe you have an alternative? I do not want to get over 1300 Euro for this build if i can avoid it.
  6. Ah I see. Well it just started to do these weird things. I have not touched the hardware. And Software wise I only installed and deinstalled some games recently. I have the Be Quiet Straight 11 650W power supply. I have made 2 different threads about this already so I was only wondering if the VRAM is the issue here. If you are interested here are those two threads. And with this it will be my last thread regarding that matter. I griefed to much already because of that graphics card ;D
  7. My GTX980Ti is misbehaving badly these days and I wanted to know why (solid color while gaming, blue screens, videocard shutting of but sound and windows is still running etc). I have run Memtest CL to see If I have any VRAM issues and after just 50 passes it got 1452605 errors in total. Is there a method to minimize those errors? Or is MemtestCL not really trustworthy? How do you test your graphics card for errors? Test summary: ----------------------------------------- 50 iterations over 128 MiB of memory on device GeForce GTX 980 Ti Moving inversions (ones and zeros): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Memtest86 walking 8-bit: 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) True walking zeros (8-bit): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) True walking ones (8-bit): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Moving inversions (random): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) True walking zeros (32-bit): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) True walking ones (32-bit): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Random blocks: 50 failed iterations (1452605 total incorrect bits) Memtest86 Modulo-20: 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Integer logic: 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Integer logic (4 loops): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Integer logic (local memory): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Integer logic (4 loops, local memory): 0 failed iterations (0 total incorrect bits) Final error count: 50 test iterations with at least one error; 1452605 errors total
  8. It probably is a stupid question, but the PSU I have has 2 PCIE connectors (well where I can plug the cable with the double 8 pin connectors into). As of now I am using the PCIE1 connector on the PSU. Should I switch to the second one? Would that make a difference?
  9. Oh sorry I forgot to write it. Yes I installed multiple older drivers I know they worked before too after DDUing (2 or 3 from September and one from October). But it did not work. I got the same issue. Hmm, could be but would the computer not just shut off immediately if the PSU failed? And I am not talking about BSODs or such but about hardcore *PLOP* everything is black scenario.
  10. Yep I followed the instructions and DDUed the drivers and downloaded them directly from the nvidia page and installed them again. Sadly that did not work. Until now there were only the solid colors but Windows did not crash, now I get the BSOD sometimes after starting a game or when playing it a little while.
  11. Sorry that was a typo. Fixed it. Thanks^^ Well I have no other graphics card to double check. But I did everything I could to solve that problem. Here is the link to the forum thread regarding exact that problem. So I can only assume that the problem is the graphics card: If my current graphics card fails completely before the new gen is released than I suppose will buy the RTX 2070 Super
  12. As I mentioned in my title I need a replacement for my current graphics card. I would like to play in 2560x1440p and 165Hz (with G Sync would be ideal) in high to ultra quality if possible. As of late I need to overvolt and/or underclock the graphics card to funktion properly but now even with that there are now BSODs when starting a game. Can someone please suggest an resonable priced graphics card for that mentioned replacement or should I wait till my current one dies completely? I mean I could wait a little while, it is not like the card is failing all the time. I could have a budget of around 1000 bucks but I would have to wait till next month . But I dont think buying such a expansive graphics card would benefit my system or am I wrong? Right now it would be a little bit over 700 Euro what I can smack on the counter at the shop. System: Windows 10 64 bit CPU: i7- 8700k RAM: GSKILL 2x8 GB DDR4 2133Mhz (Dual Channel) Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 980TI FTW PSU: BeQuiet Straight Power 11 650 W Monitor: ROG SWIFT PG279Q
  13. Since yesterday I get a BSOD when starting or playing a game. dxgmms2.sys system thread exception not handled Even with overvolting or/and downclocking like 100Mhz. I think I need a new graphics card... Here is the dxdiag file if anyone is interested:
  14. So after a little bit of testing the period until the games crash is extended a lot when I overvolt my craphics card by +10 mV and reduce to core clock speed by -10 MHz. Those games are now somewhat playable now. I would love to know what causes it though.
  15. I have the BeQuiet Straight Power 11 650W power supply. I will now conduct experiments with increments of +5mV after each crash until I get to like +20mV. After that I will reset the Voltage and then try to downclocking. If that does not help I will call an exorcist.