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  1. my parents have a HP 550-a17c after the windows 10 1903. The Broadcom 43142 WiFi card is not giving any signal and not showing the router information. I tried reinstalling drivers rolling back drivers to no luck. do you guys/girls have a fix?
  2. Thank you for going the extra mile and informing me of the best way to go about this I didn't not know there was another thread that goes more in depth about this whole thing. Thank you.
  3. I really appreciate all of your help I think i'm going to try a xeon X5690
  4. What would be the best xeon for this socket I'm not to familiar with them.
  5. My Friend game me so 24G of DDR-3 ecc memory I was wondering if i can use it in my asus P6T motherboard.
  6. As far as i know she uses gmail and microsoft 365
  7. I just got in contact with him, I gave him the information you all provided for me and he just wants me to upgrade the pc.