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  1. I am not sure, all Razer said was it will be an updated model, but no details really. Could be just the 12 sidekey version with RGB and the optical sensor or a trinity. I personally hope for the trinity as I'd like to use the hex module.
  2. Looking at a lot of comments regarding this all over the internet, most folks are rather negative about it, and asking why this is a thing to begin with, or comments like "just use your right hand". I guess it's just people in general who are being awful. I for one think Razer is doing a good service with this, but rarely anyone can appreciate a good deed. They either dislike Razer for some reason or don't understand the situation, rather sad tbh.
  3. Yeah I wish I had done the same back when I started with computer, would have made my life easier, now it is too late to change, I tried, I can't. When I started using computer in the late 90's all mice where ambidextrous, most had 3 buttons, not even a mouse wheel yet. Then for about 5-ish year all gaming mice where ambidextrous as well. Like the Razer Diamondback I had, it was way later that the first ergonomic gaming mice came to market, but back then it was some devices, now most devices are shaped for the right hand, even office mice like the Logitech MX Master etc. Today most mice are right handed, and if you're left-handed you are rather likely to start using your right hand when starting out as you have no other option anymore. But then, more importantly then my choice, is accessibility, in software accessibility features are one of the biggest trends, in hardware not so much. Razer is the only one remaining doing left-handed mice, although this might be the very last one. And then we have Microsoft with their accessibility controller, and that's about it in terms of mainstream hardware.
  4. By that logic I assume you're not using any product of the big name companies, right? That's all major league mainstream. SteelSeries Logitech Razer Corsair Logitech Roccat Cooler Master HyperX Gigabyte ---------------------------- In general: I really don't understand where all that Razer hate comes from? Is it simply because you have choosen that another manufacturer is better? I personally use Razer since the early 2000, I switched from my Microsoft Intelli mouse to the Razer Diamondback, back then not knowing anything about Razer, or any company really. Since then I have been on/off Razer, Corsair and Logitech, they all make good products, its just a matter of preference in style. Razer quality, I personally never had a single issue with Razer hardware in my 15-20 years using their gear, I also never had an issue with Microsoft, Logitech or Corsair hardware. But I have friends who had issues with every single manufacturer on that list above, nothing is perfect. Why do I go Razer? Easy, Razer is the only vendor providing ergonomic left-handed devices, for now. And since I don't want to install different software for mouse and keyboard I also use a Razer keyboard along my mouse. In terms of software, regardless of Razer, Corsair or Logitech, it's all awful in my opinion, however the new Synapse 3 which is in beta for 2 years now is not that bad actually.
  5. That was months back, by now its open to public, the Facebook group was closed and has now been opened and he asked to spared the word.
  6. How about appreciating a company doing something good instead of bashing it right away? You might not like 12 side buttons or the brand, but the actual thing they do is good and should be appreciated regardless of brand association. Frankly I would love to see other brands doing this as well, Logitech, Corsair you name it, but for now there is only one.
  7. I use the mouse in my left hand, I also know some other left-handed people who use the mouse in their left hand. Apart from "normal" left handed folks, there are also people who have no motor controls in their right hand, an under developed right hand or don't have a right hand to begin with, so this is also good for accessibility reasons, not only for the "normal" left-handed person. Also in some situations I find being left-handed actually better, playing with the right hand on the numpad for gaming, resting the right hand near the enter and delete button for work, binding copy/past via macros to the mouse side buttons. The keyboard is right in the middle instead of offset to the left. It has pros and cons, the biggest con is the lack of available hardware.
  8. Edited post to comply with news format. Also added several sources.
  9. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan opened a Facebook group to get another Left-Handed Edition of the Razer Naga going. Razer also made a video about it: Official Razer Left-Handed Naga YouTube Video PC Gamer covered this story as well: PC Gamer Are you in need of a left-handed mouse, for gaming or any sort of productivity? Razer will have you covered, a 12 side button mouse made for us left-handed people. Sadly this will be the last attempt for Razer to deliver on a left-handed mouse, unless the demand gets way up. So please join the Left Handed Naga Group and declare your interest. Also tell your friends, or anyone really, the word needs to get around. There are 800 million left-handed people on this planet, more then enough to turn a profit, a lot of profit, but most left-handed people don't know that this product exists, so please help us spread the word. Please Join: Left Handed Naga Group Sources: Quote PC Gamer Official Razer Left-Handed Naga YouTube Video Official LH Naga Campaign LH Naga Facebook Group, created by Razer
  10. I could add the missing quote I forgot to add, otherwise it meets the guidelines, I have read the guidelines before posting, I simply forgot to add a quote.
  11. Hello LLT Community, Min-Liang Tan posted on Facebook that Razer would consider making a Left-Handed Naga Trinity, which would be amazing as the market for Left-Handed mice is extremely limited. Sadly this is not a done-deal just yet, Min-Liang Tan is looking for demand, and would like to see 10K likes on his Facebook post. However, 10K likes alone won't make the LH Razer Naga Trinity a reality. After 10K likes are reached, Razer will start a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign for the LH Razer Naga Trinity, and only if the goal of 10K orders will be met the LH dream would become a reality. Min-Liang Tan: Link to the original post on Facebook. Min-Liang Tan post on Facebook promoting the possibility of a Left-Handed Naga Trinity Regards, MiLeX
  12. UPDATE: Not sure about changing the main board after I've done some tests after all. So the main board is rated for 77 watts on the CPU, so as long as I stay under the 77 watts everything should be fine, right? I did four tests, three benchmarks and one real wold test, playing a game. Test 1: Diablo 3 = CPU at 47 watts at the highest, mostly below 40 watts. Test 2: 3D Mark Fire Storm: 42 watts max, mostly at 34 watts Test 3: CPU-Z Multi-core Stress test, all 8 cores at 100%: 59 watts at most, also going as low as 48 watts. Test 4: Cinebench R15 CPU: Score 564, max 65 watt, did not fall below 62 watt during the benchmark. EDIT: Added Cinebench R15, and adjusted the text to 4 tests. Pictures attached. Considering all the above, is there still a power issue? I think it is just theoretical at this point. Tools: Intel Power Gadget 3.0 CPU-Z GPU-Z Cinebench R15 Windows Task Manager (Performance Tab) 3D Mark Diablo 3
  13. Thank you all! @byalexandr Thank you, good point, the VRMs and mosfets are not cooled at all. Spending money on some custom cooling in hope it will last makes no sense. I have 14 days of return, I will sent the board back and get another one. Thanks all for your comments, helped a lot! Milex
  14. Hello LTT Community, This is my first post in the forum, but I am watching LTT for a long long time already. I am a German guy living in Ireland, just as a small intro. To my "issue": My old MB crashed and I was looking for a cheap replacement until my next big upgrade. Current Setup: i7-2600k Asus H61M-F (Replacement Part) the broken one was a GA-Z68XP-UD4 16GB Kingston 1866 DDR3 GTX 970 G1 When I was shopping for the cheap replacement I stumbled upon the Asus H61M-F, I wasn't checking the supported CPU list, just checked general support for 2nd/3rd Gen i7/i5/i3 support and LGA 1155, which is displayed on the general overview on the Asus website. The Board arrived, I put everything together, current BIOS "0702" was already on it, CPU not supported, yay. So I tried every other BIOS version Asus had available for download, but no luck. Flashed back to the current version 0702, this time I forgot to set the RAM manually to 1866, it was on "AUTO" and with that set to 1333, to my surprise I was able to boot into Windows. POST was ok, then the message CPU not supported, but instead of prompting me to go to the BIOS, I had the option to press F1 to continue, so I pressed F1 and Windows booted. (disabled the F1 requirement for errors in the BIOS, normal boot now.) As soon as I set my RAM manually to it's 1866 it won't boot and sent me to the BIOS. I am happy and can perfectly live with the 1333. At least the system is running again. But my actual question is: Is it a longterm problem that my BIOS does not officially support my CPU? Can it damage something? Windows, Games and Benchmarks are running perfectly fine so far. Thank you all in advance, Milex.